The Cosmology of Consciousness, Miracles, and New Co-Created Possibilities


This is Part I of my hypothesis and/or theory about the Cosmology of Consciousness, Miracles, and New Co-Created Possibilities.  It is my humble offering and prayer that this article helps to flatten the learning curve by which each of us and society become more fully inspired and empowered to understand why our souls take human form and how, as a result, we can more consciously and responsibly co-create a more loving, kind, compassionate, and peaceful world through more attentively expressed thoughts, spoken words, and actions.  This article is excerpted, expanded upon and synthesized from my book “The Power of Choice, Success, and Your Life Purpose.”

Like a musical note seeking union with the harmony of itself, the soul returns to human form, to earth, in order to heal and integrate into a more perfect remembrance of the Divinity of love it already is. The soul, on this plane of reality, innocently expresses itself through the lens of the body’s DNA. This crystalline prism holds the harmonic records of our soul’s evolutionary journey towards enlightenment.  In Sanskrit and ancient Hindu teachings, this soul record or blueprint is known as the Akashic Records.

“Consciousness is somehow a by-product of the simultaneous, high-frequency firing of neurons in different parts of the brain. It’s the meshing of the frequencies that generate consciousness, just as tones from individual instruments produces the rich, complex, and seamless sounds of a symphony orchestra.” – Francis Crick, co-discoverer of DNA

Image result for crystal in a radio transmitter

Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of DNA, likened DNA to a crystal.  Interesting, in the early stages of the invention of the radio, it was referred to as a Crystal-Set.  The reason for this was that there was a literal small crystal embedded within the circuitry of the radio that served to electronically capture/receive the broadcasted or transmitted radio frequencies.

         Hubble Telescope image of the Cat Eye Nebula

Various religious and spiritual texts purport that the cosmology from which the Divine transmits its perpetual loving guidance is known by the term of “Music of the Spheres”.  It is understood and believed that the aim of this transmission is to serve and guide both individual and collective consciousness towards a greater state of enlightenment.   Respective to one’s belief and faith in such religious promises it is interesting to note that the Upanishads, the oldest recorded spiritual text on the planet, actually translates into “The Last Song”. And, the Bhagavad-Gita, the world’s second oldest spiritual text translates into “Song Celestial” or “Song of the Lord”.  Finally, in the Bible, the word the “Word” literally translates into “Primary Harmony.”

“In the beginning was the word,” (the “word” translates into “primary harmony”, according to John the Evangelist of the first century A.D.) “and the word was with God,” says John 1:1. “Then God said, Let there be light,” says Genesis 1:3. Buddhists call the primary harmony “OM.”

Hubble Telescope image


Respectively as such, it stands to reason that all thoughts and actions, loving or fearful, would be recorded onto the soul’s DNA record.   Imagine this Akashic Record, if you will, as your soul’s cosmic cloud memory. Each and every thought, action, and experience of your past and present life is recorded, becomes imprinted, and integrated into your DNA.  As our thoughts advance towards a greater integrity of love or into a more integrated state of the I AM (realized enlightenment), so does the DNA (the soul’s physical antenna), helixes back and forth in correlation to this awareness and in direct connection with the Divine’s transmission.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

The purer the intent of our heart, mind, soul, and actions to reflect and mirror our true self, the I AM,  the greater, more directly, and clearly our DNA antenna receives and computes the Divine’s message of our life purpose and how to achieve it on this plane of reality.   The greater our conscious intent to awarely choose from the integrity of our soul’s life mission the greater our ability to witness miracles.

“As a MAN (“man” is a Sanskrit word meaning “Consciousness”) thinketh in his heart, so is he”. King Solomon, The Bible


Miracles are a naturally occurring state as they define how the Universe is ordained to work.    Our ability to see and/or witness miracles relates to and is a function of what the Course In Miracles refers to the ability to shift awareness from “perception” (seeing through the eyes of the ego mind, the illusion of fear, lack, and reaction) into a state of having “Vision” which entails seeing through the eyes of the Christ Consciousness as defined through love, peace, compassion, and forgiveness.

Miracles collapse the gaps of time and space as defined by attachments to fear, drama, and their related obstacles and a newly envisioned outcome as called forth through a prayer that brings into form a more loving reality.   Therefore, the more we use our inner discernment to align our consciousness with the loving inner truth of our I AM, the more the attached and illusionary veils fall away so that we can witness the miracle that is already there.

To the contrary, the more fearfully unconscious and distracted we choose to BE through allowing unloving thoughts to blind inner awareness and outer actions then the more drama we co-create in terms of people, situations, and circumstances.    In truth, unconscious thoughts and drama serve to bend our DNA antenna out of alignment with its direct, clear and true transmission of the Divine’s loving life mission lessons.  In other words, in fearful and distracted states of awareness, we will only receive statically scrambled transmissions that result in mental errors, mistakes and/or actions that could also be termed “sin.”  Respectively, keep in mind that the word “Sin” is simply an ancient archery term that means “to miss the mark” or miss the bulls-eye, or if you will, to BE and act out of tune or sync with the Divine’s transmission.

“The ancestor of every action is thought” – Emerson


At present, science describes our human anatomy as first developing from a single cell, which then divides into the complicated matrix of the body vessel we currently occupy.  This methodically orchestrated process of creation is hardly magic though most seem to hold it as so.  On a physiological level and from birth, our consciousness is hard-wired to hear and to listen.  Among the first bones to develop in the human fetus is the ear bone, hearing is the first sense to develop in the fetus and it is also the last sense to go when we die is also hearing.  

The cochlea, part of the inner ear, looks like the shell of a snail.  In it, there are some 60,000 hair cells, each of which resonates like a microscopic tuning fork, to a specific frequency or sound.  As one of these specific hair cells resonates, a corresponding neurological impulse is sent to the brain, causing the release of neuropeptides, or what is called “communicator molecules.”  Music is the only art form where both right and left hemispheres of the brain work simultaneously.  MIT has shown through PET scans that the penial gland, or what mystics refer to as the “third-eye, is the area of the brain the processes music.

My suggested hypothesis is, from a spiritual and physiological perspective, that the cosmological blueprint of consciousness and our body is brought into form as a primary function of the Music of the Spheres, OM, Amen, Christ, Buddha, Muhammad, or Krishna Consciousness being transmitting through our body’s DNA.  Our body’s DNA crystal radio receiver is a hybrid continuum and corollary of our collective soul awareness, that of our parent’s consciousness and the gene pool of all of our descendants and their experiences.

Respectively, I suggest that our DNA is the physical expression of our soul’s Akashic records in this particular time and space coordinate.  It is the blueprint by which the physiology of our body is formulated and all of our respective mental, athletic and creative talents are given foundation.  Ultimately, the process of taking human form serves the purpose of bringing our consciousness back online so that the present life mission work can bring us ever closer to atonement, or, our realized enlightenment.


In other words, imagine if you will that at the moment of conception your DNA antenna gets turned on.    Now and at this time, the Divine’s perpetual and continuous transmission love begins to port through our activated DNA.  This signal transmission now begins to naturally fragment into the respective bandwidths of consciousness that reflect the residues of thought-form and beliefs that we remain attached to and that spiritually separate us from the realized Divinity of the I AM that we already are.  Now online, this spiritual baseline serves to empower how we can receive, transmit, interact with, and navigate the overall matrix of the Music of the Spheres.

Visualize this process if you will, by imagining your DNA as a physical crystal prism that has a white light (enlightenment) running through it.   From the point of entry into our DNA and out from the opposite side of this prism the white light (or again, as we metaphorically reference this as “Divine Truth”) now becomes fractured into each of the respective color attributes of this light; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.  Note that each of these colors also varies within the scope and reach of their bandwidth.

Let’s say each of these color elements metaphorically define aspects of our soul awareness. As an aggregate, they reflect fearfully fragmented, attached and unhealed aspects of our consciousness that we have returned to earth to work on.   See the rainbow spectrum of colors and each subtle point of separation as one of the veils of illusion (or what the Hindu’s call “Maya”) that now separates us from the Divinity of the I AM we already are.  Similarly, these same color aspects of separation can be seen, from Buddha’s perspective, as demarcations that define our soul’s fearful attachments that cause our suffering.


So imagine if you will, that with each step of our consciously chosen journey back to our true soul self (the I AM) we serve to transform, transmute and collapse the fractured veils of our illusions into an integrated singular beam of light.  In this state of awareness, the light of our soul’s DNA now reflects an integrated singularity of consciousness that mirrors our atonement or enlightenment.

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought” – Buddha

Respectively and simply put, I suggest that the purpose to our life’s journey here on planet earth is to discover the veils of illusion that we have fearfully attached us to and separate us from the truth of our I Am and then consciously and courageously collapse them so that we can return to the light and become fully integrated as Holy vessels.   As we consciously choose more lovingly empowered thoughts our attachments dissolve and the veils of separation fall away so that we witness the miracle that we are.  In this state of being fully healed and loving we transcend any and all fearful limitations.  In this state, we can better understand our role and take action on our unique life mission of contributing to ever greater love, peace, and joy in our world.

Certain spiritual texts remind us that the Divine, Music of the Spheres, or the Kingdom of Heaven, is within each of us. They remind us that we may not enter this Kingdom of Heaven until we become as a child, a metaphorical reference to a consciousness of innocence. In such innocence, we are able to find stillness from which we can know the creative power of our God-self within.


Towards this ultimate state of enlightened awareness, here is another way to imagine this, if you will: Your soul’s record is literally imprinted onto an old vinyl record. From birth, the needle of our awareness is dropped (gently or otherwise) on the outer edge of the soul record of this particular time and space reality. The needle both plays and records each note of our life’s symphony. Like all records of this type, the needle tracks from the larger/outer radius of our heart song toward the inevitably smaller/center of our radical enlightenment.  It is interesting to note that the word “radical” actually means “closest to the center”.

Through love and gratitude, we become aware of the rhythmic flow of our soul’s grand melody. Through fear and judgment, we find the needle sinks into a groove of disharmony, unpleasantness, and discordant notes that painfully repeat over and over again. In Sanskrit, such grooves in consciousness are called “Samskaras”.

Stuck in these self-created grooves, the needle of our awareness digs ever painfully and deeper into the record of our subconscious. The ego mind ensures that we become attached to disharmony, begin to suffer and adjust to the discordant notes as being normal. Attached in this unconsciousness and suffering, our heart ever longs for the true melody of our soul’s joy.


This crossroad of unconsciousness and joyful longing marks the awakening of our intent to rejoin the symphony of our life song, our life purpose. Mindful of the disharmony of fear and lesson of greater love, we can choose to drop the awareness pebble of the Ho’oponopono into the groove to interrupt the monotony of discordance and pain.

The Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian process of reconciliation and forgiveness. At its mystical core are the elements of mental cleansing, putting things right and rectifying errors. Attending with this awareness activation is the recognition that we are always 100% at cause and responsible for any problem. Similarly, it is defined that we are also 100% capable of rectifying any and all errors. Four short phrases activate the process of this healing process and release us from the groove of suffering: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Through the melody of these words, we can transmute and transcend the error of attached and fearful thoughts and choose instead to co-create an inspired new heart song.

Now, as the needle begins to track back through the old groove of unpleasantness the pebble now serves to bump the needle back onto the record surface.  From here, a new and ever more gorgeous melody begins to play. Our heart feels lifted and we are inspired by a song of new possibilities.

Frail in this new moment, the needle runs ever close to the edge of our old groove or patterns and the ear is tempted by the discord we were once trained to find familiar. If our resolve is weak, the needle is pulled back into the groove and with this, the depth and darkness of our experiences will grow in strength. If our courage is strong the needle will continue towards our radical center and float on angelic notes that proclaim the symphony of our harmonic enlightenment.


Each moment of the day, nanosecond after nanosecond, we are co-creating a reality from which we are either conscious or unconscious. To the degree we are conscious, lovingly paying attention to the moment, our co-creativity tends to reflect a flow of ease and grace in our experiences. To the degree we are unconscious, we reactively and retrospectively discover the fearful hand that has scripted the dramatic sequences of our existence.

Curiously, we wonder how it is that certain people, places, and circumstances show up in our lives. Some of these experiences show up and bring peace, joy, and prosperity into our lives. Other experiences seem to bring sadness, anger, and poverty.   For the most part, these experiences appear as a random series of events which seem to suggest we have either little or no control over things.  As a result, we choose to feel either lucky or like a victim.  The greater truth of the matter is that we are always co-creating whether we are conscious of it or not.


Each of us has the ability to call matter; people, situations, things, and circumstances into form.  In the story of Alladin’s lamp, an impoverished young man is tricked by a sorcerer to retrieve a magical lamp from behind a mystically hidden cave door.  The lamp is legended to be able to grant its owner any wish they have.  In order to open the cave door and get to the lamp, Alladin is to say the words “Open Sesame“.   The larger metaphor of this story is that the possession of a magic lamp (one’s inner power) enables its owner to create anything they desire.  I also encourage you to slowly say Open Sesame to your self until it reveals the words …Open Says Me! 

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” – Matthew 7:7 

You see our thoughts and spoken words are constantly opening new possibilities, co-creating and calling matter into form.  The reason for this is our thoughts and spoken words are really prayers, spells, incantations, and/or mantras.   Like the knob on a radio or an old TV set, our thoughts and words reflect and serve as the tuning device of our consciousness and our soul’s ability to connect most directly with the Divine’s signal of love.  Lovingly conscious thoughts keep us clearly tuned into guiding messages of inspiration and empowerment.  The Quakers refer to such messages as “the small still voice within”.  Unconsciously unloving thoughts scramble our ability to receive the Divine’s wise signal and thus creates states of mental confusion, fear, and drama.

“In the beginning was the WORD,” (the word the “WORD” translates into “Primary Harmony,” according to John the Evangelist of the first century A.D.) “and the word was with God,” says John 1:1. “Then God SAID, Let there be light,” says Genesis 1:3.


Specifically, the ultimate point to bring awareness to is that every word is made of letters and every letter has its own specific phonetic sound based on whether it is a consonant or a vowel. Therefore, when we combine various letters into words and speak these words, it is analogous to striking several keys on a piano, as an example,  to create combinations of notes that form a musical cord.   In essence,  our thoughts create certain frequencies of causation and when these same thoughts are spoken this serves to amplify and/or accelerate matter (people, situations, and circumstances) into coming to form.

Certain words,  based on their etymology (the word’s originally intended and/or created root origin) and by their very definition, have high intention vibrations while others are lower. As we bring deeper awareness into our lives, consciousness tends to transition from a passive state of hearing into an active, and participatory level of listening and paying attention. As a result, we become more sensitive to how things feel, such as our own thoughts or those of other people.   We begin to pay attention to the words we select to communicate, how they impact how we and other people feel, and we listen to how the communication of other people affects our emotions, psyche, and thought process.

“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” – Matthew 21:22 

Respectively, it’s relatively easy to feel an attraction, uplifted and trusting of someone who is thinking and speaking with lovingly kind and empowering words.  Similarly, it is easy to notice a repulsion, negativity, and distrust from someone who is both thinking and speaking in a negative, demeaning, judgemental way or using vulgar curse words.  Simply put, high-frequency words attract, inspire and empower and low-frequency words repel, depress, and disempower.   High-frequency words of caring and loving kindness encourage closeness, attract and promote growth in relationships.  Low-frequency words do the exact and corollary opposite.

Again, Buddha reminds us, “All that we are is a result of what we have thought”.  King Solomon said “As a MAN (“man” means “consciousness” in Sanskrit) thinketh in his heart, so is he.”  Emerson wisely stated, “The ancestor of every action is thought”.


With this new awareness, we suddenly find it paradoxically curious when a friend responds to an invitation to participate in something we thought they would value, by saying “NO, I would love to do that,” or “NO, that’s a great idea” or “NO, I agree with you.”  Similarly, we begin to feel a drain around a reactively proclaimed goal of “I NEED to create more money,” or “I SHOULD have a better job or career,” or “I HAVE TO,” or I MUST do… (whatever the subject might be).” Occasionally, we feel a sense of joyful empowerment around someone excitingly proclaiming “I will create more money,” or “I choose to create a better job or career,” or “I want to,” or “I desire to… (whatever the subject might be).”

To further clarify let me explain the litmus test of Divine Congruency.   When some replies to one of your given statements, a question or an invitation by saying “NO, I agree with you” or “NO, I would love to go to the movies or dinner with you”, ask yourself are these responses closer to being congruent or incongruent.  The answer, when examined objectively, is obviously, incongruent.   In the ultimate litmus test of discernment, the ego mind can only respond incongruently, from a time-space perspective of the past or future and/or with thoughts, motivation and/or words of fear, lack, and reaction.

So as a result and example let us examine the following:  You and a close friend meet and later agree to go see a movie that night.  During the conversation your friend suggests calling another friend, Jim, to invite him to join you both.  Your friend is extremely busy so they ask if you would be willing to call Jim to extend the invitation.  You agree and later call him to ask if he will join you both to see this movie, at this theater and at this time.  Jim replies, “NO, I would love to do that.”  You hang up the phone and go about your day.  Later in the evening you and your friend arrive at the theater and wait for Jim to show up.


After a long wait and just minutes before the film is about to start it is obvious Jim won’t make it.   Next, your friend turns and asks,  “When you called Jim and what did he say”? You reply, “Yes, I called Jim and he said he would love to join us.”  Again and in reality of the conversation you actually had with Jim he actually responded, “NO, I would love to do that.”  In this example, Jim communicated a mixed or incongruent and/or self-sabotaging message.   Now, imagine a similar scenario, however, in this version when Jim is asked if he would like to join you both at the movies he instead says, “YES, I would love to do that.”  In the ultimate end results of this ask and differing response, you can almost take it to the bank that Jim will, in fact, show up and attend the movie.

Now, similarly, ask yourself if someone replies to one of these same statements, a question or invitations with “NO, I don’t agree with you” or YES, I agree with you” or NO, I would love to but can not this time” or “YES, I would love to go to movies or dinner with you”, are these responses closer to congruent or incongruent.  The answer is obviously, congruent.  The true self, God-self or I AM only responds congruently and motivates only through thoughts and/or words of love, peace, forgiveness, and compassion, and from the empowered time-space perspective of the present moment.

Additionally, consider the following discerning and differentiating reality of paying close attention to the words we or others think and/or speak.  As an example, let us consider the frequently used word of “need.” When you think of the word “need,” does it feel closer to the definition of abundance or lack? If as most, you conclude that it feels closer to lack, then let us ask next: If the word “need” is closer to a definition of lack, does this word “lack” feel closer to the definition of love or fear? If you conclude fear, as do most, then next ask does the word “fear” feel closer to a definition of responding or reacting? Again, if you are like most, you will conclude that the word “fear” feels closer to a reaction.

This process of logical deduction and the granulation of words’ core definitions ultimately empower the understanding that anytime we or someone thinks and then speaks the word “need” (or other similar words like: “should”, “have to”, or “must”) within the context of an intended and core creative command, then it is known that the only future possibility that can be co-created and/or called into form is a reality of fear, lack, reaction or a bottom line reality of drama. This paradox can become frustrating apparent in the face of someone we know who continually asks for or commands for a more positive and future reality thru using the words patterns of fear, lack, and reaction.  In doing so and in essence, this same person will frequently proclaim themselves and failures as falling victim to various and unrelated circumstances.  To them, the carrot of their most desired outcome always seems perpetually out of reach even though they pray for and proclaim (through thoughts, words, and actions of fear, lack, and reaction) for new loving and prosperous realities more loudly and forcefully.

Simply put, words that define fear, lack, and a reaction can only create similar and corollary outcomes.  In other words, from the basic physics, we know that like energies attract like.  The reality is that the ego-mind (our fearfully chosen states of consciousness) can only use the vernacular of words that are based in fear, lack, and reaction and a time and space perspective of the past or future.  The ego-mind is always and perpetually limited to fearful words, emotions, manipulative motivations and/or phrases.  Under no circumstances, whatsoever, can it ever use the loving, empowering and present time tense of the words of the Divine.

The reason for this is because the Divine or Music of the Sphere’s transmission continually offers our consciousness the means by to delineate and differentiate false guidance from that of the loving guidance of the truth.  Simply put, the Divine and God-Self guidance only operates and motivates from the present moment of complete empowerment and uses only words of love, inspiration, and compassion.    Similarly, the ego-mind or fearful self only motivates from a past or future time frame and can only ever use motivating thoughts or words of fear, lack, and reaction.  Think of the logic behind this.  If the ego mind ever had access to the words of the Divine, we would be in a state of total confusion about how to differentiate information that is lovingly intended (from our God-self or I AM) to serve our spiritual growth versus information, from the ego mind, that was intended to harm us, keep us in suffering and/or sabotage the self’s spiritual growth and our positively intended dreams.


Now for a moment, let us consider four new command words such as will, choose, want, or desire (or, you could even use the word “that’s required”). When you think of using these words to call forth a future possibility, ask yourself,  do they feel closer to a state of abundance or lack? If you feel them closer to abundance next ask does the word abundance feel closer to a definition of love or fear? If you conclude that it feels closer to love, then ask does the word love feel closer to a definition of responding or reacting?  The obvious answer is responding.  Therefore by choosing command words that reflect the authority of self-realized empowerment (I AM) and an intent to co-create from a state of abundance, love, and response from our present state awareness, then we will create the same.  Again, like energies attract.

Choosing command words that proclaim self-empowerment and authentic choices ultimately reflect the wise intent of co-creating from the end goal of what one DOES WANT to create. Ultimately, this clear volition is likened to the hero’s journey as described by Joseph Campbell.  In this archetypal story, the hero decides to leave the village of conformity in pursuit of their dream (slay the dragon, retrieve the holy grail, or otherwise).  Along with this journey, their faith and the courage of their conviction will be tested over and over again.  Finally, nearing the end of their journey, they are presented with one final and grand test, “the bridge of no return”.

Only true heroes are deemed with the inner strength and courage to pass this test and cross this bridge.  These brave hearts who do make it to bridge’s other side are inwardly and ritually then instructed to turn back to the bridge and to burn it to the ground.  In so doing, the hero removes any and all temptations from ever retreating back from their goal.  The only option they completely commit and resolve to is to fulfill the goal they originally set out to achieve.  In other words, success is their only option.


In contradiction to the actions of a true hero, the process of unconsciously choosing from command words which are based on fear, lack and reaction reflect the awareness of someone who is choosing to co-create from what they DON’T WANT to create.  The example of an unawakened and unrealized hero reflects a person has failed to ever ask the larger question about what their life mission might be.  For the moment and in this sleepwalking state they choose to live a complacent life and desire, as a result, little more than feeding their most basic and immediate of personal and egotistical desires.   This state of unrealized potential precludes this person, or anyone, from dreaming unrealized possibilities and/or ever taking the first step(s) towards their inevitable hero’s journey.

Respectively, humanity appears to be at a pivotal time where we can choose to transition consciousness from the “Persona”, which in Latin means to “pump air through one’s mask” (the mask of the ego mind) into a more enlightened state of becoming the “heretic”, which in Latin means “the person who knows that they can choose”.  When we choose to listen carefully to our truest inner self, our I AM or God-Self and also speak from the present moment of our most empowered envisioned goal then we will call new possibilities into form and witness the reality of our heart’s greatest dreams come true.


Remember, the Jesus figure said in Psalms 82:6 “You are gods, And all of you are sons of the Most High”.  He would later go on to say “Even the least among you can do what I have done and greater things” ~ John 14:12.   How else can one rationally interpret this quote other than  “I did it (enlightenment), you can do it and even go further than I.”  Later Jesus infers that this is possible if you first find: “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”~Luke 17:21.  Jesus later states this is attainable by: “Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children (attain a metaphorical state of spiritual innocence), ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.”~Matthew 18:3

Then, and only through this state of aligned child-like innocence (or what the Buddhist call “egoless” or what Christians might term a state of “surrender” or “atonement”) with God’s Will, can we be awakened to integrate into the state of being as referred to in Psalms 46:10: “BE still, and know that I AM God”.

Only then and from this cognized state of awareness can we know and BE  “And God SAID (spoke the “Word” which means “the primary creative harmony”) let there be light.” (Genesis 1:3). From this more awakened state we will know as it says in John 1:14 “And the Word (again the “Word” translates into “Primary Harmony”) was made flesh, and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.” Hence, we can understand and witness what Einstein said in his famous equation of E=MC2 that “Energy and Mass are different forms of the same thing.”


Interestingly, when Einstein would come home from school his mother apparently never asked him if he made good grades, instead, she said, “Did you ask good questions?”

To further realize your most empowered possibilities I encourage you ask of your innermost BEING to understand and realize the most wise words of Patañjali, the compiler of the Yoga Sutras (Sanskrit: 150 BCE): “When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”

“If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.” John 15:7 

In conclusion, I believe the biggest issue we, as individuals, and humanity face is one that the Jesus figure brought to light in his profound quote, “Love thy neighbor, as thy self”.  And, this quote literally misunderstood and acted on from our current and collective state of consciousness and perspective,  I believe, is at the root cause all of our planet’s great horrors to date…  And, this is because we are literally loving our neighbors exactly how we love ourselves…and that is ‘we love ourselves horribly’.  

In truth, it is a short distance to our own heart and yet I can be a very long journey to get there. The process of healing the self and humanity will result from each of us being more fully authentic and reverently loving of the self and/or establishing, in modern terms, a healthy sense of self-esteem.  This as proposed, and for those less informed and poised to react, is the exact opposite of the definition of narcissism.

 “The healing of ourselves is the healing of the whole nation.” – Buddhist poet Thich Nhat Han

You see, one person cannot give to another what he or she does not first have for themselves.  If you have not first found inner peace, love, kindness, compassion, and care for yourself then the only thing you are capable of sharing, projecting, offering and acting on, in regards to other people, animals, and mother earth, is the opposite of this.  The truth be told, if you have anything less than a state of loving reverence for yourself then you will only project this on to “The Others” and act from your inner state of suffering as expressed through the attributes of self-hatred, distrust, agitation/impatience, cruelty, intolerance, and indifference.

I believe that all of humanity is lovingly connected and part of God’s unified family.  As such, I pray that each of you when you look into the mirror each day, always remember and reflect on the reality that your life, and those of your fellow brothers and sisters, is the expression of God’s living miracle here on planet earth…that your purpose and that of all humanity is to further the teachings of loving-kindness, compassion, forgiveness, serve in the reverent stewardship of all nature so that we collectively bring manifest a true and lasting peace on earth.  This is the true miracle you and we are here to bring forth.  This is the new co-created possibility that you and we are destined to manifest.

“The solution to the problem of the day is the awakening of the consciousness of humanity to the divinity within.” Hazrat Inayat Khan, 14th century.

 As such,  please allow Lesson 186 of A Course in Miracles to remind you every waking moment of each day:  “The Salvation of the world depends on me.”


The Cosmology of Consciousness, Part II

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  1. I think the term ‘asleep” is used because it comes up from folks like you who at some point, decide to let go of facts, and dissolve belief or knowledge, and simply follow the intuition, and a more open interpretation of surroundings. Upon doing this, those who find new experiences and a dimension to live previously not experienced, refer to it as,.. awake. So, it is a term, naturally derived , not an assigned label.
    Science is information slowed down, and art is information sped up. To examine the life of a nematode requires cautious and slow focused processes, whereas finding a quarter in the grass of a yard while blindfolded requires a fluid process unrestrained by logic or attention to “acceptable” process. Just find the quarter. In creation, there is the place where what has been created is examined, and the place where it is happening. I bet plenty of people you consider stupid would find the quarter before yourself. happens all the time..

  2. Glad you agree with the intention. The method I’m proposing…try it out and see if it works. I have for over thirty years. I believe, perhaps like you, that the Creator Energy…God…or by whatever name we refer to him/her, operates with love, care, trustworthiness, precision, consistency, orderly and methodically … and to suggest otherwise would offer a world of constant and utter chaos. Though at times our world appears to show up this way, I believe and have proven to myself that there are means by which we collaboratively co-create with our creator. Discovering that there is an order to the process of life is one step, discerning the formula for how and why things are showing up in our life’s journey, requires great courage and diligence. Test yourself out and see how many times you use the word “need” during the day. I’m not suggesting that what I’ve offered throws rose petals at your feet…its a pathway to step around some of the potholes we have unconsciously chosen to step in.

  3. Hello Steve, just wanted to tell you, could not find anything in this article I can disagree with. Years and years ago what started my path to truth was Christ’s words, you too can do this, of course paraphrasing here…this is not new age, it is spiritual truths. It is up to us individually to learn. and it appears most are so stuck in fear, they can not do this. Humanity, or Sapiens are infantile in the cosmic knowledge, they are very ego driven. It all is so simple, is it not? At least to me now it is. Conscience, Conscience Conscience.there lies our escape. Thank You

  4. Raising the bar , …of expectation or actual content ,.. would be inflammatory beyond what exchanges are being had here. The mere suggestion that plants have consciousness sends people into a tizzy, much less that people if reincarnating must come from animals due to basic mathematics.
    So that is where I would start if raising the bar, is furthering the discussion, that in order for any human to reincarnate, mathematically, many must be alive that have not done so as humans before.
    Also I would raise the bar by stating, many people of many faiths (not religions) can and have worked with weather , such that rain comes or goes, and wind responds, but the science of this is never talked about, particularly by the folks who do it. And what does it mean to have your ears open or your eyes open ?

    • The public discussion of spirituality has given a very soft ear to religions and those affected by them. It hit a plateau back in the 1800’s and has stayed there. Vagary and secrets has enveloped the discussion for over a century. Working with the invisible and understanding spirit, has become a taboo topic and largely the conversations are watered down to placate the religious. The topic, particularly where it concerns veterans , protectors, and world safety, needs to address what religion does to a society and honestly deal with the negative ramifications vs the positive effects. For me, it is a no brainer. Religion does not positively affect any society, because it begins with a false assertion. That, ‘here are some people that actually lived and here are their stories”.

    • My wife and I met, in a very obscure place, away from any bustling society. But on very ancient ground. She had a dream that compelled her to make a thing, and to pursue a certain person to give it to. She traveled over 1000 miles to get there and was alone, bewildered but determined and confident in her knowing. The thing she made was illegal, and I would elaborate but it is an unnecessary risk. I traveled there to bring a certain individual my work to share, but also had information that a woman would be there, and I would recognize her by two distinct characteristics, her eyes, and what she carried. I traveled 2,500 miles to get there.

    • The day I met her, I awoke before sunrise and wept at the sight of it, and repeatedly murmured to myself, how many years how many years. I went and met the man I intended, and he questioned me and did not trust me. I told him I knew a person who is from there, and that she was actually my sergeant in the military. He took his phone and hit a speed dial number, and when she answered, he just said someone here says they know you, and handed me the phone. Of course she knew me and we talked of old times, and hung up. He accepted my information. Shortly after, I met my wife, and she had a thing. I suspected she was who I was looking for but did not know for sure. When she whipped out the thing, I said, that is the person. It was made in a shape, that is undeniable. A specific shape that had been shown to me in that mornings meditation.

    • I went to meet the man a second time to discuss his reaction to the information. My wife was now with me, and she had an issue with her legs. She asked for a healing from the man if he knew anyone. He did, and he and the other man did a thing, and healed her legs. We were married 3 days later in a stream. She came back with me after I traveled again 3000 miles to fetch her and explain to her family. We lived together 7 years and after that she decided to search her genealogy. She found that her relatives, nearly all of them, had founded a small town , very small, and were buried, 2 miles from where I was born, in another very small town. 300 people when everyone is home.

    • This peaked my curiosity to say the least and we dug further. Both our ancestors are also from the same area in England according to immigration records and names. And we dug deeper, and it went before that. And many times in history we have found, that her family had married into my family and had settled and traveled from country to country and place to place together. A man we met the day after we met happened to give us a song, and he said, this is for you, and we were out in the middle of nowhere, and I say that as a woodsman and a hunter and traveler. It was this song.
      Clannad_I WIll Find You (Love Theme from Last Of The Mohicans) To this day, we are peas and carrots and it continues……

    • And don’t even get me started on the information and followup, and the phone call where you thought I might be someone with money or influence, but was not, and hardly ready, for what was actually happening. Raise the bar indeed. I needn’t much encouragement. The day of the ears is not the day of the mouth. Even as I type this the day of the keepers of the line comes. In the week of the path. I go as far as the authors go,.
      Please keep climbing. Maybe we’ll even get to the proof. And that very well may be thousands of stories of similar accounts. The sleeping bear, inside the internet of things. Squabbles are trivial, and the layers are where the meat is,.and nobody is talking about them,. but ears are not in short supply. Mouths are.

  5. Martisva,

    Your suggestion that the article is nothing but reincarnation and New Age and that I don’t know scripture clearly indicates that you’ve missed the major omission of the doctrine of reincarnation in the Bible. From the traditional Christian narrative of …. you come to earth to have one shot at getting the life mission correct…ie…to become fully loving…or go to hell for eternity is I believe most laughable to the Creator of our Universe… who could never be so irrational and foolish to create such a reality for humans to learn from. If she, he or it is…please eject me out of this plane of reality to a more sane place. In the bigger picture of evolving towards a greater consciousness of love and coming back over and over again until the soul is provided these opportunities to become perfected makes much more sense to me… Think about this and perhaps, re-read the article.

  6. I’m on a rubber floaty in the lake of fire, with a margerita in one hand, and a cigarette in the other.
    How’s your place there, under the bridge ?

  7. The modern medicine man, taught by chemistry, attempts to encompass all, but it is futile. Specialty must be understood before entering, the realm of consciousness and study of who should be doing what.
    I have even seen people who specialize in simply being a calming influence in their community. The answers from, divine that are most often sought is , ‘what should I do ? ” And the answer to that is quite similar to a doctor answering a person whom just found out they have cancer,…. It is relative to the services available.
    The services available have been greatly hampered by war and destruction according to belief, so excuse us if we don’t have the facilities or resources to serve your special needs. See: bombed hospital. 2000 years worth.

  8. A comparable study in modern day, would be, what would you look for if you wanted to find a journalist ?

    What would you look for, if you wanted to find, a spiritual teacher ?

    What would you look for, if you wanted to find,.. a leader ?

    These are all separate things, not likely to be found together. Indeed they should be sought separately.

  9. This is a common request from scientists. And a just request. The problem is, if a single person recounts their experiences in detail, it is considered ridiculous. If a scientist accompanies a group of spiritual people, on a journey, and sees a spiral cloud form above the ceremony, he discounts it as random, and nobody in the group speaks of it or attempts to point it out. Also, very many elders or people who experience things from the periphery do not speak of it, and it is commonly known that experiences are not to be spoken of. It is considered personal. Thus the scientist who seeks proof , nearly all the time, finds none, but the proof is present , and the proof is not vague. But because the rational mind seeks rational answers beyond what it is actually capable of. it finds none. But yes, I have done this numerous times with scientists from many schools of orientation. It is astounding they do not see it, and from this observation, I agree with others, that it is best to not speak of or try to elucidate particular things, as the scientist has no base of reference. Therefore it is a study suited to few, but desired by many, like cooking.

  10. Lot’s of people fly, but hardly anyone could fix the engine. Not every study is suitable for all people.
    But, if you are going to study the deeper meaning of things, or written text left behind regarding the science of spirit, it is often conveyed in symbology or vague terms. If the straight forward answers were even possible, they could not be conveyed in a straight forward way, if the intent is to reach the masses.
    Even speaking directly to a highly qualified teacher one on one, is an exercise in decipherment. A straight answer, is worthless, because the question is seldom clearly asked. I find that scientists often demand more evidence from others than they do from themselves. Lot’s of people want to be considered good cooks, but very few actually are. Still, we massage the ego, to keep the peace. If everyone went Gordon Ramsey on spiritual teachings, it would incite a religious war based in banality, immediately.

  11. Good read & it’s chock full of esoteric Gnoostic/Kabbalah/Freemasonry theory & terms. I suspect as we trek & meander through this sea change & past the rubicon & ‘molt’ into this new conscious awareness. Some people’s Cosmic Serpent (Kundalini rising) will become sentient other’s won’t make it past the simulacrum of Plato’s Cave. It will be interesting if we actually do see a cultural paradigm shift of who makes connection to the Axis Mundi.

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