You might have thought that, with Omicron, China threatening Taiwan and Russia’s armed forces poised to gloriously crush the Ukraine, that the British media might have had more to talk about than a party. However it’s party time as far as the media are concerned. They are obsessed with the Christmas party held at Number 10 on December 18th last year.

The only other topics of conversation this week were a small party held in November by Carrie (Mrs Boris) to celebrate the forcing out of poor Dominic Cummings and a virtual Christmas quiz. The devastation in Mayfield Kentucky has hardly got a look-in, let alone a serious discussion about weather weapons.

It’s quite clear that there was a party, despite Number 10’s denials. Several dozen people appear to have attended and drink was taken. There were also party snacks, although sadly not from Fortnum and Mason. Given the strenuous denials that there was a party at all, it is reasonable to infer that either Boris or Carrie, or both, attended at some point.

The virtual quiz allegation isn’t gaining much traction, precisely because it was virtual. It’s far from clear that the rules would have been breached even if they had applied to Downing St. The groups gathered around computer screens don’t appear to have numbered more than six.

The really toxic allegation is over the party on the 18th. At a time when people were dying, because the NHS refused to treat them, and were unable to see their loved ones, the sight of Downing St staff having a party is not going down well. Support for Boris is draining away by the hour.

The law

Number 10 Downing Street

The Metropolitan Police have very sensibly abandoned their criminal investigation, no doubt having been advised by the Cabinet Secretary, to whom the Met report, that the rules don’t apply to Downing St. The point was first picked up by Steven Barrett, a learned friend.

As Steven pointed out in an article in the Spectator the Covid regulations imposing tiered restrictions did not apply to Crown land, defined as the Crown Estate, or government departments. That is because of the effect of section 73 of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984.

It is possible for a government department to agree with the relevant local authority that the act should apply but so far as is known no agreement was ever reached between the Prime Minister’s Office and Westminster Council. Therefore, no law was broken.

The optics of this are not good however. When Downing St said that no rules were broken what they meant to say was that the rules would have been broken had they applied to Number 10, but they didn’t, so it was party time. Boomps-a-daisy!

The North Shropshire By-Election

Owen Paterson

The Prime Minister’s woes are about to increase. The by-election following that nice man Owen Paterson’s resignation is being held on Thursday. It looks like the Tories are going to lose, probably to the Lib Dems.

For the Lib Dems to complain about sleaze is a bit like Max Verstappen complaining about reckless driving, no offense intended, or the Nazis complaining about weaknesses in another party’s equality and diversity policy, their own policy of course suffering from a number of deficiencies. They may not know it, but the Lib Dems owe their middle initial to a Nazi front organisation, Konrad Henlein’s Sudetendeutsche Partei. The SdP of course agitated for the incorporation of the Sudetenland into the Third Reich.

Allow me to explain. When the German agent Roy Jenkins set up a new centrist party, committed to permanently crushing the UK under the yoke of EU membership, the SdP’s initials were revived, with a capital ‘D’ this time. After it failed to prevent my old friend Margaret Thatcher from winning the 1987 General Election the SDP merged with the Liberal Party to form the Liberal Democrats.

Howling Laud Hope, the Monster Raving Loony candidate for North Shropshire

The Reform Party (the renamed Brexit Party) have a strong candidate, but are clearly trailing the Lib Dems. In a protest vote like this the electorate normally swing behind the candidate most likely to unseat the incumbent party. I anticipate that the result will be Lib Dems first, Tories second, Labour third and Reform fourth, with the rest losing their deposits.

There are the usual loony candidates, of course, from the likes of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party and the Green Party, who are banging on about global warming. There’s even a candidate from the Rejoin EU Party, who are even loonier than the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, no offense intended. An Official Monster Raving Loony Party would be superfluous in the States of course, given that you already have the Democratic Party, no offense intended.


My heart goes to the people of Mayfield, KY, which has been devastated by powerful tornadoes. Given that one of the HAARP ground stations is in the Ukraine, near Chernobyl (not by accident), and that both the Germans and the Ukrainians want the Biden Administration to extend the Article 5 NATO guarantee to Ukraine, the question inevitably arises as to whether the HAARP scalar high-energy weapons system was used.

Four points to start with:

Michael Shrimpton’s page turner. In Spyhunter, the system, with several ground stations, is called SHEWS (Scalar High Energy Weapons Systems).

(1)    HAARP is not the official name of the system and is not my preferred choice. It’s just the cover designation for the ground station in Alaska. However it’s come to be used as the designation for the entire system and is a convenient form of shorthand.

(2)    We are dealing with high-energy physics here. Entry level IQ for a serious discussion about HAARP is probably about 175. If you’re reading this and you’re in a profession which does not call for high intelligence (a journalist, for example, or a Cabinet Minister, or the Chief Medical Officer) then please be kind enough to defer to those with sufficiently high intelligence to do the intellectual heavy-lifting on what is a very serious topic indeed. I might add those with the necessary humanity as well. They are doing their best to save lives and property, get this system dismantled and all scalar high-energy weapons banned as Weapons of Mass Destruction, and

(3)     As with any other field of intelligence scientific intelligence lays huge emphasis on verification and rightly so. Scalar high-energy systems operate in a fairly limited part of the electromagnetic spectrum and leave traces. These can not only be monitored by the National Security Agency, who by the way get a copy of my column each week, but can be jammed, although the energy input required for successful jamming is high. That is why HAARP attacks tend these days to be of limited duration, and

(4)     If established beyond a moral certainty Ukrainian participation in the attack on Mayfield would provide the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus with just casus belli for a declaration of total conventional war on the Ukraine on the precedent of NATO combat operations in the Balkans. At no stage did Serbia, for example, mount an armed attack on a NATO country. NATO intervention in, for example, Kosovo was however justified on humanitarian grounds. Any doubts about Ukrainian participation could be settled by capturing the Ukrainian ground station and allowing international inspectors in. The Laws of War do not require a Ukrainian attack upon a Russian target, nor would US neutrality in any war be a relevant factor. Russia and Belarus would be acting on behalf of the whole of humanity.

It would be interesting to learn if cellphone based warning systems failed in Kentucky, or if there was widespread interference with cellphone reception. Cellphone interference is a known indice of the HAARP system. Those nice people the GRU in Moscow, who as it happens also get a copy of this column each week, via a means which need not be described, will be doing an analysis of these tornadoes, which were unusually severe and fell outside naturally-occurring weather patterns, a warning sign for HAARP. They would undoubtedly be assisted by reports of cellphone performance in the Mayfield area.

For those who do not know them, the GRU are serious intelligence professionals, with high ethical standards – far higher for example than Thames Valley Police. Like all serious intelligence professionals they are only interested in getting it right. Decisions on how to handle the product are left to Russia’s elected leaders.

Marshal Zhukov

There is nothing new by the way in Anglo-Russian collaboration. I once had the great privilege of meeting one of Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Arthur Harris’s daughters, a charming lady, as one would expect. Her father, a lovely man by all accounts, and a great hammerer of the dastardly Hun, no offense intended, got on like a house on fire with that other great commander and hammerer of the Hun, Marshal Georgy Zhukov. Watch this space, especially once ground conditions firm up sufficiently in northern and eastern Ukraine to allow freedom of maneuver for massed armored formations.

My understanding of the Russian war plan by the way is that it’s one of which Marshal Zhukov would have approved. I do not expect the Russians to p..s about with tiny little armored thrusts or light artillery. Unlike England Captain Joe Root in the First Test Match at Brisbane Moscow has a serious plan of campaign.

The Murder of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

The British public have been stunned by yet another brutal child murder, which could have been prevented had social services and the police only got their act together. I am speaking of course of the murder of poor little Arthur Labinjo-Hughes in June 2020 by Emma Tustin, under the noses of social services.

The Prime Minister (at least at the time of writing), Boris Johnson, has promised that no stone will be left unturned in the search for the truth. What he meant by that was that stones will only be unturned if the official inquiry has first made sure that there’s nothing beneath them.

The inquiry will actually be conducted by officials, just national officials reporting to the Cabinet Office, not local officials. It will be the usual whitewash, I’m afraid.

Emma Tustin

The only answer is to bring back capital punishment for murder, which will need a new Cabinet Secretary as well as a new PM. If you encourage murder with soft sentences of course you are going to get more murders, sadly.

Ironically enough, at the same time as encouraging murder with soft sentences, the government are continuing to underfund the Prison Service. Emma Tustin has already been both attacked and poisoned in prison. Put another way the government does believe in capital punishment for child murder. It just hasn’t got the guts to carry out the sentence itself and prefers to leave the job to prisoners, who I don’t suppose will send for the prison chaplain before bumping evil Emma off.

I mean the bit about the chaplain by the way. If you are going to execute someone they are entitled to the spiritual comfort of a chaplain in their final moments. Never mind that they may not have shown much Christian charity in their life. At the hour of their death they may wish to show remorse for their conduct and even if they don’t they are entitled not to have to make their last walk alone. It’s called common humanity.

There is no one so evil that they are not entitled to a chaplain at the end. If they have no religion put them down as Church of England. Not even Cabinet Secretaries should be executed without the comfort of a chaplain.

Geronimo, the fluffy alpaca


Speaking of executions it now turns out, to no one’s particular surprise, that the Civil Service put Geronimo, the nice, fluffy alpaca, to death needlessly. The autopsy findings are in. The poor little thing didn’t have bovine TB at all.

The tests which said he had were as useless as the Chief Veterinary Officer, no offense intended. The episode shows up the feebleness of judicial review as a remedy as well as the arrogance of the Civil Service.

It’s not good news for the government. Having one of your own MPs murdered on your watch is bad enough for a Prime Minister. Having a fluffy alpaca put to death for no reason at all is a different order of magnitude altogether.

Frankly it would probably be kinder to have the Chief Veterinary Officer put down, but there would be letters in the Guardian. Sadly you can’t have army vets chasing the Chief Veterinary Officer around her office with large hypodermics.


Some US readers may have been puzzled by my reference last week to Benidorm. It’s a wickedly funny British sitcom, set in the tacky, eponymous Spanish resort, broadcast for ten seasons from 2007. It’s as tasteless as it’s funny (one of the characters is called ‘Baby Jesus’ for example), but it’s the only sitcom I’ve ever watched which featured a tribute act to one of the great composers (Meatloaf).


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  1. Your point # 1, “HAARP is not the official name…” Indeed. HAARP is the acronym for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, the figleaf that covers the real program. In Spyhunter, the system, with several ground stations, is called SHEWS (Scalar High Energy Weapons Systems). Now there’s a good name, but you won’t find it in a Google search as you once could.

  2. massed armored formations… ???

    Boris will blok the straights – restrict the arispace…. drive straight to the main attractions..

  3. Who knows, but I like Mr. Shrimton’s articles.
    Yes, I have read articles about the new British propaganda of Russophobia, against the Russian Federation and terrible attack scenarios against Ukraine in the spirit of Hitler during WWII. The dog barks – the caravan is coming. There is even a long-standing joke in Russia: “British scientists have reported that….”. This automatically means that this idiocy cannot be believed a bit, initially.
    Russia is not going to attack Ukraine. In any case, this is not done in the modern world. Troops do not concentrate at the border and dig in trenches there for months under the all-seeing eye of spy satellites. It’s stupid. It’s not necessary. The blow is applied pointwise, from the air. It makes no sense to arrange battles in the spirit of Napoleon 1812. We will work with Ukraine with soft power. And with good intentions. The British are not bad people, but the Russians have a very developed ability to recognize falsehood and lies. We have a very developed inner sense of justice.
    p. s. The British in pubs are drinking worse than the Russians, to a bestial state. This is a fact.

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