Essential Things That Should Be In Your First Aid Kit


If you are like most people who enjoy an active lifestyle, then it is highly likely you will find yourself in a situation where your first aid kit comes in handy. Even if you are not particularly sporty or adventurous, there’s always a chance that something could happen to see you need some form of medical attention.

For this reason, it is essential to have specific items on hand at all times! They include:

1. Sugar-tong Splint

The forearm and wrist injuries are very common, and a sugar-tong splint can help treat these injuries. It is better to buy this item than trying to make one yourself because it will fit your forearm perfectly, which you cannot do on your own without proper equipment. As mentioned at, getting a proper splint is crucial to healing properly. They come with instructions, but it’s also helpful to read up on using one before an emergency arises.

2. Bandages of Different Sizes

Bandages are essential in any kit. You should have different sizes to cover a variety of wounds. Make sure you have enough bandages for minor cuts and scrapes, as well as more extensive injuries. Also, bandages with adhesive pads are great for blisters.

3. A disposable cold pack/Instant Cold Compress

Having a way to reduce the swelling on an injury is always essential for helping it heal faster while decreasing pain levels. A reusable ice pack would work great, but unfortunately, they are not exactly cheap (not even mentioning that you need somewhere to store them when they aren’t in use). These instant packs will allow you to quickly cool down the skin around any injuries without taking up room or costing too much money. While these can be used once, there isn’t anything wrong with tossing one out after using it (and if you happen to get hurt during your travels, then having extras wouldn’t hurt either).

4. A pair of scissors and Tweezers

It might seem silly, but having these two items can make life so much easier when removing debris from an injury without causing any more pain than necessary. Scissors would work great for cutting off clothing, while tweezers could get out some smaller particles found within small nooks and crannies.

5. Pain Relievers

Pain relievers are also essential in your first aid kid.
Ibuprofen is the best choice for pain relievers within this family of drugs. However, they are not available to buy without a prescription. If you have ibuprofen, then it’s good to place some into your kit because that can bring down swelling and decrease fever by reducing inflammation.

6. Disposable Sterile Gloves

When attending to a patient, there is almost always going to be times when you have to touch them. While your hands are clean, the patient’s skin can still cause things like bacteria and viruses from entering your body if it gets near open wounds or cuts on yourself. These gloves will help prevent that while giving you peace of mind knowing that you aren’t putting yourself at risk for catching something nasty (and potentially deadly).

Having a first aid kit is essential for anyone with a family, pets, or even if you go hiking.
It’s best to check that the first aid kit is kept in an easy-to-find place to easily access when needed and have everything turned over at least once per year. If using expired supplies, replace them as soon as possible – remember this could save someone’s life!


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