Aleister Crowley, Loki’s Brood & the Fury of Hell, Part 1

by Jack Heart & Orage

First published 8 October 2018

“The chains pulled taut around the casts and jerked me back down into the hospital bed as if I had been levitating in my sleep. I was drenched in sweat and for a moment I did not know who or where I was.

The combined restraints of my injuries and the manacles had frozen my body to the bed and I felt a claustrophobic panic beginning to overwhelm me. I forced myself to concentrate and evaluate my situation. My memories suddenly came flooding back as if some great spigot had opened up a subterranean torrent of strange images and swirling sorrow.

I had been dreaming. I was in Aleister Crowley’s Boleskine House overlooking Loch Ness. There was a cavernous opening in a wall. It looked like some kind of vault. Within the vault was a gateway which was guarded by a male and a female child. The children were about twelve years old and of oriental descent. They were both wearing flowing silk robes and they did not speak but somehow I knew that Crowley had used them to carry out the instructions given in S.L. MacGregor Mather’s translation of The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage.

Crowley had secured the house by the lake and undergone all the purification rituals prescribed in the manuscript. At the moment when the ritual is supposed to culminate with the appearance of an Angel who will transmit, through a prepubescent child, the sublime revelations that can transform a man into a God Crowley added his own little twist to the ritual. He slit the throat of each of the children and opted to forgo the ungainly intermediary’s in favor of the knowledge being delivered directly to him.

The children now stood as eternal sentinels to the portal he had opened up. They gestured for me to enter, and when I did I saw that Crowley had unleashed three great demons into the world. Two of the dark Gods had already insinuated themselves into the collective soul of the human race, but the third still lurked on the bottom of the lake. I saw them in their unimaginable vastness and all of the corruption they had brought upon the earth, now reeking with filth.

Suddenly I realized they were aware of my presence, as was the one that was dormant on the bottom of the lake. The one on the bottom of the lake was the most powerful and maybe because I could not see it the most sinister. It rose up to meet me and I was griped with fear. I took flight over an endless roiling sea hurtling faster and faster through the grey and angry sky. The terror at my heels took the form of construction dumpsters and I could hear them clanging together as they pursued me. I flew faster and faster till my momentum hurled me across the dreams event horizon and I crashed down into the hospital bed…” – Jack Heart, Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan

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It was just a dream, or was it? I know more about Aleister Crowley than any human being will ever live to know. I have been taught all his most secret traditions but the very first thing I was taught is never, never ever, read anything about Crowley that was not written by either himself or Israel Regardie, one of the few men Crowley ever let get to really know him. 

Even with all that he wrote and he was a prodigious writer, Crowley has been quoted out of context more often than not. He was the ultimate narcissist and with better reasons than any mere king or queen. Crowley frequently took multiple paragraphs just to say good morning, spraying sentences like a Vickers Machine Gun belching out bullets in WW I, of which he was the primary instigator. There is basically nothing Crowley didn’t say at one time or another…

By the end of March 1933 with the passage of the Enabling Act, the National Socialists had attained absolute power in Germany and by June of that year, Crowley could no longer contain his enthusiasm. In the first of a three-part series of articles for the London Sunday Dispatch Crowley gloats; “At birth I had three of the distinguishing marks of a Buddha. I was tongue-tied, I had a characteristic membrane which necessitated an operation, and over the centre of my heart I had four hairs curling from left to right in the exact form of a Swastika. Before Hitler was, I am.” (1The I Am part means he is not just the power behind National Socialism he is its God…

To the fishmongers in the marketplace and barely literate factory workers reading the Dispatch, this may have sounded like idle boasting but to the kings and queens of the earth also reading, those that rule from behind the West’s democratic façade from high atop the pinnacle of synarchy, it sounded like a fact. It had always been their greatest fear, the sum of all fear; Crowley was going rogue and he was taking the German people with him.

Although he’d been telling the scions of synarchy, those that knew he could perform any of the miracles attributed to Jesus and so many more, that he was here to usher in a New Aeon; Crowley had but one categorical imperative and that was to kill God. Toward that end he would stop at nothing; which he spells out for the dense with his occult name; Frater Perdurabo, meaning in Latin: “I Will endure to the end…”

Crowley had been born to kill God; and if I engaged in conjecture, I would say Friedrich Nietzsche wrote The Anti Christ as a Bar Mitzvah present to him. Crowley was turning thirteen when Nietzsche penned it. Although he had memorized the bible by the time he was seven years old, Crowley rejected his rigid Plymouth Brethren upbringing almost from birth. He knew he was the Beast of Revelations the first time he ever heard of it. Famed mountaineer, chess master and saint of the Gnostic Church Crowley was a self-described dope fiend and had an intellect that could rival even Nietzsche. He set about the task at hand with an inhuman single-mindedness of purpose.

After spending a few years at the turn of the twentieth century under the tutelage of the formidable occultists of the Golden Dawn, an organization laden with England’s aristocracy and their gurus, Crowley made his play for the throne. He believed himself to be in contact with the long-awaited Horus the Avenger through his spirit medium Aiwaz, whom he said had dictated The Book of the Law to him through his wife Rose Kelly.

According to Crowley, Rose had become possessed by Aiwaz while spending the night with him in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza in 1904. The Book of the Law, outlining the Aeon of Horus, would not be published for general consumption till 1909. Those that read it then were advised to destroy it after reading because only those to come have the right to study it.

Giza pyramids

In the oral traditions, I have been taught Crowley had the ability to alter time and be in two places at once. He could kill a man or a supernatural entity with just a look, and all the ‘Illuminati’ feared the glare of his evil eye which amounted to no less than an inevitable death sentence.

He had performed miracle upon miracle witnessed by Europe’s aristocracy and America’s industrial tycoons. Famed military strategist and inventor of the blitzkrieg, Major-General John Fuller gave a written account of how Crowley turned a beautiful young temptress into a shriveled old hag right in front of him. Crowley told him she was a vampire feeding on the life force of his followers.

Moonchild is one of two novels written by Crowley, the other ostensibly being about his lifelong struggles with drug addiction. Crowley opens Moonchild with an author’s note that ends: “Need I add that, as the book itself demonstrates beyond all doubt, all persons and incidents are purely the figment of a disordered imagination?” 

As hinted at by the question mark at the end of the sentence this was probably the biggest lie Crowley ever told and Crowley sometimes made a sport of lying, a demonstration of his disdain for the human race. The book that made the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) decide he was a God is aptly titled The Book Of Lies. In Germany, the OTO was the metaphysical equivalent of the Golden Dawn for the Germanic aristocracy.

After publication of The Book Of Lies in 1912, the Germans immediately embraced Crowley and turned control of the OTO over to him but he ended up having to use a pistol to persuade the more skeptical high priests of the Golden Dawn that he was the prophet of Horus. Perhaps because of his complete rejection of the bible outside of Revelations and therefore Anglo-Israelism, men like W. B. Yeats, A. E. Waite and MacGregor Mathers were not prepared to accept Crowley’s plans for engineering a new aeon.

The secondary purpose of Crowley’s publication of Moonchild, which Crowley claimed he penned in 1917 but did not publish till 1929, was to mock Yeats vain attempts to pull off the Great Work singlehandedly. Yeats chronicles all this in a collection of poems titled Michael Robartes and the Dancer published in 1921. In Moonchild, Crowley gives a detailed description as to how he trapped the soul of the Moon in the womb of Lisa la Giuffria a friend and constant companion of the famous Lavinia King. Crowley introduces King in his first chapter as “the most famous dancer in all the world.” Later in the book Crowley introduces Yeats as Gates a bumbling poet with dirty fingernails.

There are in actuality no fictitious characters in the book. If the reader knows enough about the occult they will recognize every character in Moonchild which Crowley uses as a platform to slander his enemy’s and flatter his friends. Allan Bennett, an Eastern mystic and Crowley’s friend, becomes Simon Iffe a cross between David Carradine’s character in the Kung Fu television series and Jesus. Crowley’s enemies are dealt with savagely. The pompous MacGregor Mathers becomes a black magician who pimps out his wife. The overly verbose Waite chokes to death on his own tongue and the bumbling Yeats is killed with a tarot card…

As the only man who ever attained the exalted rank of Ipsissimus, Crowley –and it was a well-known fact throughout Europe’s most elite secret societies– was officially a contender to challenge for the throne of Heaven itself. The Magi and even God himself were obligated by the divine imperative of the Holy Spirit to divulge their most arcane secrets to him. Moonchild is nothing less than a partial account of Crowley’s construction of his own Tower of Babel, his attempt to kill God and seize his throne.

Crowley delighted in taunting his enemies. The secondary purpose of Moonchild was to taunt Yeats but its primary purpose was to taunt all that would oppose him. By the time he wrote the book, he knew he’d won and it all was just a foregone conclusion…

Crowley performed the Amalantrah Working in the spring of 1918 on Esopus Island in the Hudson River in New York. He had performed the rites of Abramelin the Mage long before that in the Boleskine House overlooking Loch NessWhen the exhaustive ritual on the Hudson River concluded, Crowley had retired to Montauk Point on Long Island supposedly for some rest and relaxation. It was during this time spent in New York in the closing stages of WWI that Crowley opened the portals that would bring about either Ragnarök or a new aeon, or both…

The picture Crowley drew of his guide during the Amalantrah Working has become the prototype image for what is now called a Grey. What had been done could never be undone, but Crowley could not be sure the Great Work would ever be consummated. He himself had tried during the Amalantrah Working and failed. He blamed his sexual partner or Scarlet Woman for the failure saying that she let her feminine instincts get the better of her.

The culmination of plan A would have to wait until he was disincarnate, but like any great strategist Crowley had a plan B. Plan B would be reckless to the point of madness but Crowley never did let either fear or human empathy get in his way. Crowley pioneered the sport of free climbing, that is climbing mountains without safety ropes… and he demonstrated his lack of remorse for the entire world to see back in 1905.

He had led an expedition up the then unscaled Kangchenjunga in the Himalayas; the third highest peak in the world. A few thousand feet shy of the summit, some of his men had decided to turn back and ended up being buried by an avalanche. Crowley waited a day before going down to lend assistance, by which time they were already dead. Crowley’s remark to the world press afterward was “This is precisely the sort of thing with which I have no sympathy whatsoever.”


The Book of the Law is just as revered by Crowley’s followers as the Talmud and Bible are by Judaism and Christianity respectively. The Book of Lies made him a God among the German nobility and he was effectively running Germany by the opening bell for WW I. The Astrum Argentum (A.A.) became the inner order of the OTO. The A.A. would in turn along with the Thule Society become the Vril Society and the fledgling Nazi Party; Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or DAP.

In the Saxon Civil War, Crowley was and still is the sublime soul of National Socialism. Just like Otto Rahn, who is its physical intellect, Crowley was one of the hidden masters of the SS testified to by Miguel Serrano. Ian Fleming, intelligence agent extraordinaire and creator of James Bond, pointed Crowley out to the British admiralty when Rudolph Hess, the second highest ranking Nazi behind Hitler, inexplicably checked out of WWII by parachuting into England in its early stages, muttering about the occult. By then, Crowley had already denounced Hitler as a sellout and a Black Magician…

Crowley had his own doomsday scenario. Kill the faithful and their God and everything that God stands for will die with them. He would incarnate the Moonchild; Hecate the ancient three-faced Titan that not even the Gods ever dared face. And he would incarnate her in the wickedest and most malevolent of her three forms; Hecate the Crone. Others like Guido von List had tried and failed, some even say Hitler was there when he did, but they were not Aleister Crowley…

In Moonchild, Crowley’s lovechild is put on a boat to New York City under the care of Cremers, a thinly disguised foul mouth caricature of Annie Besant; the renowned British Theosophist, champion of women’s rights and political activist.  This baby girl of supreme Magickal birth and the bloodline she bears is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. According to Moonchild, physically she is “no ordinary child either. She was a beautifully made baby, with deep blue eyes; and she was born with four teeth, and with hair six inches long, so fair as to be silvery white. Like a tattoo mark, just above the heart, was a faint blue crescent.” (2) 

As the Cathars knew full well since they retained their Gnostic roots, sex is the trap the God of this world uses to keep souls bound to him.

That’s why Catholic priests who are for all intents and purposes professional Magi are celibate, in theory at least…  When Cathar men and woman reached forty they practiced abstinence. But orgasmic energy, or Orgone energy as Wilhelm Reich called it, can also be used as a devastating weapon. The human orgasm and the sexual arousal that leads to it are a bridge, a Pontifex as in Pontifex Maximus, to the sublime, to ecstasy, to euphoria, and to the positive current that animates this world. That is why in sex humans find pleasure and fulfillment at once with the method that allows for procreation and continuation of human existence.

Death and fear tap into the negative current that animates this world, the source of its endless pain and sorrow. Always there are alternating currents, Black and White Magick, the same as the alternating currents that run household appliances. Both positive and negative can be used to open the portals of time. Crowley used them to unleash the Old Ones, the Titans, the three offspring of Loki; Hell mistress of the dead, the Midgard Serpent a euphemism for the constellation of Draco and the Fenris Wolf a euphemism for the three-star system of Sīrius, all the metaphorical spawn of H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu.

“This is the star Sirius early in the morning. I used a high ISO and 1/320 shutter speed. The colour flashes are picked up by the camera as the atmosphere splits the light from the star. No color enhancements were made to this image. This is how the camera picked up the colors.” wrote Amanda Cross of Euxton, Lancs, UK, after catching these images on 11 December 2017 of Sirius, the brightest star in Earth’s sky, sometimes called the Dog Star. The colors aren’t intrinsic to the star, but instead result from atmospheric refraction, which splits starlight into the colors of the rainbow.

They have watched from the inaccessible recesses of the night firmament since time out of mind, existing here only in the darkest corridors of man’s collective unconscious for eons untold, awaiting their inevitable return for a reckoning with this God, his angels, his world, his priesthood and all their followers; waiting for what the Norse called Ragnarök, the end of the Powers…

Crowley wielded these antecedent currents like Musashi Miyamoto wielded a sword. He brought the tyrannical God of Abraham, the God he and the Egyptians called Ptah, to the brink of oblivion. But he was unable to deliver the coup de grâce because he did not yet have the “proper substance” with which to do it.

In The Psychology of the Transference C. G. Jung illustrates eleven stages, perhaps in deference to the Sepher Yetzirah, of the original twenty of what is called the Royal Art or Rosarium philosophorum. The Royal Art is nothing less than the much-talked-about-never-explained Great Work of the “Illuminati” intended to liberate man, or at least themselves, from their parasitical gods. He uses full pages reproduced from the second volume of De Alchimia opuscula complura veterum philosophorum, published in Frankfurt in 1550.

In Figure 1 of Rosarium philosophorum, occupying the position that the Crown of God would occupy in the Sepher Yetzirah there is a two-headed snarling beast whose respective heads spew forth the left and the right pillars.

In the Sepher Yetzirah, all of the Sephiroth including the Sun and the Moon are interconnected by twenty-two paths. In Rosarium philosophorum the Sun is between the pillar of severity and the middle pillar, and the Moon is between the pillar of mercy and the middle pillar.

They each stand alone and separate from the beast, in actuality a six-pointed star that has imprisoned them by encircling them with the world it has vomited forth.  They are gazing down below at the mercurial fountain, the only way out. But Jung gives the caption as a warning: “I make both rich and poor both whole and sick. For healthful can I be and poisonous.” (3) 

In Figure 2, the king and queen grasp each other’s left hand, and the dove descends on the left side. As Jung notes, Rosarium philosophorum begins as a work of the left-hand path. It is in this second stage the practitioner is warned against making the same mistake that has been made by all the others who tried before.

Jung gives the text: “Wherefore all error in the art arises because men do not begin with the proper substance and for this reason you should employ venerable nature, because from her through her and in her is our art born and in naught else: and so our magisterium is the work of Nature and not the worker.” (4)

Only the Holy Spirit, symbolized by the dove, can sanction the sacred marriage. Rosarium philosophorum is not a Magickal working that can be performed without actually having the two incarnated gods acting as its subject. The dove expresses sanctioning of the operation by the highest power, by a thing beyond good and evil.

Rosarium philosophorum is far more than an operation; it is an act in accordance with the will of the Supreme Being that takes precedence over everything there is.

The text warns the practitioner of this most preeminent of all Magickal workings to fear God and be pure because God can see what kind of man he is and may strike him dead at any moment. Those who would dare meddle in such an operation should expect no less.

In Figure 3 the king and queen now stand before each other stripped naked, and the dove descends directly between them. In the banners, the king of souls asks her hand in marriage, and the queen of souls replies that she cannot refuse him.

In Figure 4 the king and queen are shown immersed naked together in a bath. In the text the practitioner is told: “Our stone is to be extracted from the nature of the two bodies…”(5)

For the fifth stage Jung gives two illustrations. In Figure 5 the king and queen copulate immersed in the great sea, what Jung calls the maternal sea, making it synonymous with Binah, the third Sephiroth in the Sepher Yetzirah at the top of the Pillar of Severity.

In verse 20 of The Book of Concealed Mystery, we are told by the children of Ptah that in the beginning the world “was formless and void, and darkness upon the face of the deep, and the Spirit of the Elohim vibrating upon the face of the waters.” But beneath the waters there are worlds upon worlds “under the form of a vast serpent extending this way and that.” This is from a translation by S. L. MacGregor Mathers from Latin to English of Christian Knorr von Rosenroth’s The Kabbalah Unveiled published in 1684.

Figure 5

Mathers continues with vitriolic deist extrapolations of the original Hebrew text which he could not even read himself. Some of the vitriol, in the square brackets, is his. Some, in parentheses, is Rosenroth’s, another deist and one of the original apostles of Anglo-Israelism.

Since the days of John Dee, a contemporary of Rosenroth, Anglo-Israelism has been the unseen current driving the tides of blood and war that have swept first England and the Netherlands then America to world hegemony. It is the fanatical belief by the elite among the Anglo-Saxons, the Frisians, and their progeny that they are the lineal descendants of the Israelites and that the throne of England through the Order of the Garter can be traced back to the House of David in the Bible. Therefore, the Anglo-Saxons and their Frisian allies are Yahweh’s chosen people.

The Book of Concealed Mystery continues about Leviathan to about verse 29…

“And this dragon hath been castrated since his crest (or membrum genitale), together with his mate, have been repressed, and thence have been formed four hundred desirable worlds. And this dragon hath in his head a nostril (after the manner of whales) in order that he may receive influence, and in himself he containeth all other dragons, concerning which it is said: ‘Thou hast broken the heads of the dragons upon the waters’ (Ps. lxxiv. 13).”

What Mathers and Rosenroth, together with the lice-ridden rabbis who composed the Zohar, neglect to tell their readers is what it says next in Ps. lxxiv. 14: “You broke the heads of Leviathan in pieces, and gave him as food to the people inhabiting the wilderness.” It is a Judaic tradition that the righteous, which they call Zedeks, will be given a banquet in the afterlife in which the main course will be Leviathan.

In the Talmud it is speculated that the feasting will be on the female Leviathan which God has salted and preserved in anticipation of the occasion. The Rashba and the Maharal of Prague, the two greatest rabbis of this millennium, both taught that Leviathan is a spiritual force. The Rashba taught that the feast in the afterlife is necessary to establish an eternal and unbreakable bond between the soul and the physical world.

Undeterred by what the most relevant Jews think about Judaism, Mathers and Rosenroth, the two Jewish Vikings, continue with their botched interpretation of this most evil little book:

“There are swellings in his scales (that is, like as in a crocodile; because great in him is the heaping together of judgments). His crest keepeth its own place (that is, there is in him no further power of hastening to things beyond in the Outer). [There is in the destroyer no “hastening to the outer,” because he is centripetal and not centrifugal.]”

The tail of the male Leviathan “is in his head (that is, he holdeth his tail in his mouth, in order that he may form a circle, since he is said to encompass holiness). He transferreth his head to behind the shoulders (that is, he raiseth his head at the back of the bride of Microprosopus, where is the place of most severe judgments), and he is despised (since in him is the extremity of judgments and severities, whence wrath is the attribute of his forms). He watcheth (that is, he accurately searcheth out and seeketh in what place he may gain an entry into holiness. And he is concealed (as if laying traps; since he insinuateth himself into the inferiors, by whose sins he hath access to the holy grades, where the carrying out of judgments is committed to him.) He is manifested in one of the thousand shorter days.”

None of the parties responsible for The Book of Concealed Mystery seems to be able to decide whether the female Leviathan is dead or just out of luck because the male has been castrated. What is certain is the male and female Leviathan must never come together “lest they should seek to multiply judgments…” Mathers would die abruptly in 1918 at the age of 64, perhaps another notch on Crowley’s evil eye.

Jung gives his translation of the poem in Figure 5 of Rosarium philosophorum:

“O Luna Folded in my sweet embrace /Be you as strong as I, as fair of face.O Sol, brightest of all lights known to men /And yet you need me, as the cock the hen.”

Jung, no doubt more proficient in Latin than either Mathers or Rosenroth or anybody they may have known, gives his translation of the unseen text below the poem: “Then Beya [the maternal sea] rose up over Gabricus and enclosed him in her womb, so that nothing more of him was to be seen. And she embraced Gabricus with so much love that she absorbed him completely into her own nature, and absorbed him into atoms.” Jung then provides the Latin text of some verses by Merculinus, a common pseudonym for medieval alchemists, quoted next and not appearing in his illustration. He then gives his translation of the Latin verses below in parentheses: “

(White-skinned lady, lovingly joined to her ruddy limbed husband, Wrapped in each other’s arms in the bliss of connubial union, Merge and dissolve as they come to the goal of perfection: They that were two are made one, as though of one body.)” (6)

Rosarium sequence – The woodcuttings as they were illustrated in the second edition of De Alchimia opuscula complura veterum philosophorum
Figure 5a

For Figure 5a Jung used what is really illustration 11 in the second volume of De Alchimia opuscula complura veterum philosophorum.

The pictures were originally woodcuttings that dated well before 1550 and had no text. They were meditation devices.

The text was added by a German fraternity, in all likelihood the forerunners of the Rosicrucian’s.

Illustrations 11- 20 constitute a far darker ethereal inversion of Rosarium philosophorum in another world.

A parallel world, a negative world is entirely in keeping with the present toroidal nature of the interactive hologram impersonating a universe that is being used to incarcerate the human soul.

“I make both rich and poor both whole and sick. For healthful can I be and poisonous,” and poisonous it shall be if the switch is pulled at stage 4 in the hot tub and stage 11 is carried out in the ethereal realm without the sanction of the Holy Spirit, without ever doing the ritual properly in the flesh. If the king and queen of souls are not ready to die for it, both of them together in the flesh, Rosarium philosophorum produces a lie just like the one currently endured by man, an abomination called Christianity that has led to a place called Hell…

Jung incorrectly interprets the ethereal copulation depicted in Figure 5a as occurring simultaneously with the copulation taking place in Figure 5, mistaking what is actually Figure 11 for a subconscious representation of Figure 5. He notes the king and queen are frequently depicted as “two birds fighting or winged and wingless dragons.”

For the Dragons, he cites the title page of Francesco Colonna’s Le Songe de Poliphile, or in Latin Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, an enigmatic and priceless sixteenth-century book about a man’s surrealistic pursuit of his lover through a fantastically illustrated dreamscape. Hypnerotomachia Poliphili predates De Alchimia opuscula complura veterum philosophorum by half a century.

Le Songe de Poliphile was first printed by Aldus Manutius in Venice in December 1499. Its author is unknown even though it has been dubiously attributed to Francesco Colonna, highly doubtful since he was a Franciscan monk. Le Songe de Poliphile was in all likelihood written by a courtesan, someone more than just a little familiar with royal etiquette. It’s been speculatively attributed to various Roman noblemen including Aldus Manutius himself. At the time Venice was a seething cauldron of political intrigue and Magick, the very birthplace of Synarchism and some say National Socialism itself.

In 1510 Antonia Contenta, a Roman noblewoman with the secret backing of the Venetian doge, along with leading Venetian and German merchants, founded the Ordo Bucintoro, an aristocratic trans-generational conspiracy dedicated to bringing about a new aeon and a unified German-Roman Empire. Antonia Contenta, aside from being a Roman patrician by birth, traced her pedigree back to Geoffroy de Saint-Omer. He was tied to her bloodline by her marriage to a nobleman from Burgundy. At the dawn of the 12th century, Burgundy was ground zero for the secrets of the very Cistercians who would establish the Knights Templar.  Geoffroy de Saint-Omer was one of the Templars nine founding members.

Julietta Montefeltro

According to the lore, Julietta Montefeltro was the high priestess of the order from 1516-1562. No one knows what happened to her after that, but it is said that during that span she never aged a single day. Men were afraid to look at her because to see her was to become enchanted by her beauty. For half a century she inspired fear and fascination in Europe’s aristocracy. Everyone knew she was a sorceress.

She came and went from the Doge’s palace like she owned it. She could be in Rome and Madrid on the same day she was seen being carried on a litter, escorted by two armed men, through the Piazza San Marco.

In spite of the family prominence in European history, documentation on Julietta Montefeltro is nonexistent. Her real name was probably Livia Loredan, which is denied in the order’s written lore, but her name is sometimes used interchangeably with Montefeltro and sometimes as her successor. Loredan was said to be in possession of “Spiritus Eros,” the occult doctrines of the order. Leonardo Loredan was the doge of Venice from 1501-1521. There would be two more Venetian doges from the House of Loredan in the ensuing years when Venice would be the seat of western power…

Figure 6

Figure 6 shows that both the king and queen have died, their orgasm culminated by the ultimate act of submission, the submission of self. In death their bodies have fused together and are now interred in their sarcophagus as one, floating lifeless upon the water.

To quote Aleister Crowley: “The most favourable death is that occurring during the orgasm, and is called Mors Justi. As it is written: Let me die the death of the Righteous, and let my last end be like his!” (7)  

Figure 7

Jung interprets the verse in the caption: “Here the King and Queen are lying dead / In great distress the soul has sped.” But he notes, “The picture is also entitled ‘Conceptio.’” Death is but a transitional state, the seed of something new germinating in the womb of its own putrefaction. Death is conception.  “No new life can arise, says the alchemist, without the death of the old.” (8)   

Figure 7 shows the corpse of the king and queen, still interred in their sarcophagus and floating dead upon the water. The positions of the heads have switched with the king’s now on the left and the queen’s on the right, the opposite of how they were depicted in Figure 6. A little man ascends into the clouds. Jung gives the caption: “Here is the division of the four elements / As from the lifeless corpse the soul ascends.” (9)

Figure 8

In Figure 8, to say anything more than what is said in the caption would be conjecture. Jung gives the interpretation of the text: “Here falls the heavenly dew, to lave / The soiled black body in the grave.” (10)  

In Figure 9 a little man descends from the clouds as the corpse of the king and the queen still drift aimlessly atop the water in the sarcophagus. Two crows emerge from the depths of the earth and Jung gives the text.  “Here the soul descending from on high / to quick the corpse we strove to purify.” (10) 

Figure 9

Failing to grasp the significance of the crows, both Jung and all the moldy old alchemical texts that he consulted for his psychological exegesis of Rosarium philosophorum simply ignore them.

The soul is descending from Heaven but the crows which are a symbol of resurrection and the dead are ascending from Hell.

This Rosarium philosophorum, this Resurrection has been sanctioned by both the powers of Heaven and Hell…

Figure 10

In Figure 10 is the Resurrection. The king and queen live again joined as one, crowned astride the Moon, a winged hermaphroditeThey are complete and the Dragons head has broken through the waters. It is the end of all the old powers that drove the creation and the beginning of a new one; theirs.

In their left hand they hold aloft the crested serpent over a cockerel, symbolic of the Morning Star. In their right they hold aloft a chalice filled with three crested serpents over a tree from which grow thirteen severed heads, the judgment of the Magi upon the God of Abraham. 

The Great Seal of the United States

There are thirteen stars in The Great Seal of the United States of America. They are arranged in an occult formula for ascertaining the true names of the Old Testament God. Yahweh and Jehovah are just two of the four-letter anagrams, called a Tetragrammaton by mystics, denoting the God of AbrahamThey are false, for it is forbidden to use the correct ones.

There are twelve Tetragrammatons, one for each of the moon’s cycles within the year. They are read right to left: HVHY (Jehovah), HHVY (Yahweh), YHVH, HYVH, YHHV, HVYH, VYHH, YVHH, YHHV, HVYH, HHYV, and HYHV.

The Zohar says: “Two names of the Tetragrammaton for the first is indeed a perfect name, but the latter is thoroughly and completely perfect.” The two names are due to the toroidal nature of this universe, expansion and contraction, or as the Zohar says, “The living creatures rush forth and return.”

Much of the Zohar is devoted to the nature of God’s beard which is said to be thirteen-fold and must “ascendeth and descendeth.” This is represented by the interlocking triangles on the Star of David and the arrangement of the stars on the Great Seal of the United States of America.

Interlocking triangles

Each of the thirteen stars that form the interlocking triangle on the Great Seal symbolizes a Hebrew letter; each of the letters has a numeric value: Y = 10, H = 5, V = 6.

According to Manly Hall’s The Secret Teachings of All Ages, “By arranging the four letters of the Great Name I, H, V, and H in the form of the Pythagorean Tetractys, the seventy-two powers of the Great Name of God are manifested.”

Only ten letters are placed within Hall’s Tetractys which is a triangle sitting on its base, but the Zohar is quite clear that the nature of God’s beard is thirteen-fold and must “ascendeth and descendeth.”

Pythagorean Tetractys

When the triangles are interlocked, the beard “ascendeth and descendeth,” and three missing letters must be added to fill in the three empty points on what becomes a six-pointed star.

When the letters are arranged according to the rules established by Hall’s Pythagorean Tetractys using the full contingent of thirteen letters of the twelve possible combinations read right to left, only HHYV (6-10-5-5) and HYHV (6-5-10-5), when placed in the base of the Pythagorean Tetractys and expanded into thirteen letters, will add up to seventy-two.

In Hebrew, AChD means unity and AHBH means love. The value of both in Gematria, the most often used Qabalistic code, is thirteen. For this reason, it is often said that thirteen is the number of God in Hebrew.

Figure 10

Jung gives the text for Figure 10 in actuality the first four lines of a much longer poem in “German, evidently written about the same time it was printed in the 1550 Rosarium, explaining the nature of the Hermaphroditus as follows:

Here is born the Empress of all honour /The philosophers name her their daughter. She multiples / bears children ever again /They are incorruptibly pure and without stain…” (12) 

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