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Trump Lawyers Need Lawyers: 45 Aide Admits to Fake Electors Plot, Giuliani Led It

…from MSNBC

[ Editor’s Note: January 2022 is turning out like I had hoped, with the J6 Committee revealing some victories.

My biggest hope was that the Supreme Court would not drag out a decision to release the Archives records to later in the Spring, as the momentum from then is clearly needed now.

To get insiders to flip, they need to clearly see that the Trump ship is going down, so they must decide to either go down with it, or jump ship. Criminal prosecutors always prefer taking their case to the jury after insiders have confirmed the crime.

Ari is packing a ton of material into this clip. For some background, I had watched Boris Epshteyn’s interview the previous day when he was trying to show how smart and tough he was.

Then out it came. He gave up Rudy Giuliani as heading up the fake electors scam to be ‘available’. Ari was surprised enough to get him to repeat it, so he had it twice on the air, so Boris could not claim later that he was confused.

The video of Pence reading the part during the certification is also critical, as Pence had advisors arrange to have the Parliamentarian adjust the normal certification mantra to add in that the electors received by the States would be the only ones to be certified, thus blocking a motion from the floor that another set was in contention.

I hope the Justice Train keeps rolling. We are hearing now that the J6 public hearings may be in March.

The committee wants to digest all the Archives material they can get now and be able to talk to more witnesses. Trump has slid through two impeachments, and the Committee does not want to be his third escape… Jim W. Dean ]

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First aired January 24, 2022

Former Trump campaign advisor Boris Epshteyn, who has been subpoenaed by the Jan. 6 committee, admitted to his involvement with Trump’s multi-state bid to steal the 2020 presidential election on “The Beat.”

Speaking to MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber, he also confirmed that Rudy Giuliani led the plot.


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  1. In Rudy’s first act stepping into the limelight of NY legal fights, was fixing an election.
    People who get drunk on fame, will return the first well they drank from over and over.

  2. Does no one see an issue with this guy admitting this to an MSM bot? Is he really this stupid or is something else in play? Why would he give this interview in the first place? Is backing oneself into a corner a viable ploy? The show goes on.

    • Trump will not really respond other than his rants, so it looks like his has deployed sacrificial lambs to do the media, but they are in already over their heads, so having them talking is a no lose kind of thing. You have to talk to people to get information, as being hunkered down does nothing but make you look weak.

  3. “… thus blocking a motion from the floor that another set was in contention”. This alone shows that not only Giuliani and others in Trump’s circle conspired to commit fraud, regarding fake elector certificates, but also members in the relevant state legislatures, and GOP senators and representatives in the chamber that day. It also shows that Pence had foreknowledge of it. The fact that Pence even had to “ask around” if he had the power to suspend the certification, in consideration of these fake certificates, only serves further to impugn his character.

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