“Omicron Isn’t Working?! Unleash the Plague Monkeys!” (FFWN with Cynthia McKinney)


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By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

6-term US Representative (D-GA) and Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney, editor of the COVID classic When China Sneezes, joins me on False Flag Weekly News to break down the week’s top 30 stories.

The two biggest involved protests against vaccine mandates:

*30,000 people gathered in Washington DC to hear RFK Jr. say: “We have witnessed over the last 20 months a coup d’état against democracy, and the controlled demolition of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights starting with the censorship…” (Wait a minute, did you say “controlled demolition”?)

*The 11,000-truck 93-mile-long Freedom Convoy of truckers left British Columbia on January 23 heading eastwards, garnering massive public support along the way, and just arrived in the national capital, Ottawa.

We also raised other questions including:

*Is omicron unstoppable?

*Will Ron Paul succeed in unveiling the origin of COVID as a US bioweapon?

*Is RFK Jr. right that it’s harder to escape government oppression now than it was in Nazi-occupied countries?

*Why do people hate Anthony Fauci?

*Is Eric Clapton right about “mass formation hypnosis”?

*Will Spotify remove “uncensored Joe Rogan” or “pro-censorship Neil Young”?

*Will NATO remove its nukes from Russia’s doorstep, or will the Russians have to do it themselves?

*Why did Alex Jones plead the 5th over 100 times?

*Did Giuliani plot to overthrow the 2020 elections?

*Did the USG overreach in charging nonviolent Jan. 6 protestors?

* Is Iran beating back COVID with non-MRNA vaccines?

and finally,

*Are the 100 lab monkeys who escaped from the truck crash in Pennsylvania carrying something worse than COVID?

Watch the show and enjoy a front-row seat at the apocalypse!


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  1. It looks like omnicron is natures way of exposing the lab created Covid-19 virus. The reason there is no vaccine for the cold or the flu is its fluid mutation ability.

    You’re idolizing rock stars do expose your predisposition toward misogyny. sure they all delve into it. Both sides kind of thing.

    Rogan is very intelligent, his comments on racism where extremely ignorant. He deserves a swift kick in the nuts and a little beat down as well

    Mandatory Vaccination for Covid is a huge mistake. How ever the resistance to vaccination masking and performing common sense efforts, essentially Time, distance and shielding has been promoted politically and encouraged the insane spread of this virus. The chicken pox party mentality or herd immunity exceleration is retarded in dealing with this virus as well.

    I keep thinking the lastest false flag event will expose the corruption of our government, the courts and the media however I believe the innate base survival drives of humans is as strong as it is in animals our ‘intelligence’ just goes a long way to disguise it. We can be divided and controlled and concurred now in the same way as we have been through out history.

  2. I read the mRNA article. Gee it almost sounds like the Bush/Clinton admin and NAFTA, but just the opposite. A hard-liner comes in and almost immediately the western vaccines flooded in, when a ‘moderate’ couldn’t get it done…although it was set up by the ‘moderate’. Then they are worried about Omicron, the same rhetoric as heard in the west..OMG,OMG, what do we do? weekly jabs?…as the least lethal version spreads, experts are claiming immunity coming from it and the west is dumping restrictions. Now they get to experience the same vaccine related issues, which is not mentioned even once. Great, the western pharmas got their way and without a shot fired…and people think this shit is organic and not planned. This was a lovely piece from the AP, proffered by NPR. The ‘staggering’ numbers? 132,000 died (in toto)…out of 84 million. One has to wonder what they used to diagnose, PCR? At least now everyone knows it’s all on the level, as even the Iranians (who hate everything western) wanted and needed it, right? This is an example of their logic “Drastic infection surges among the inoculated from the United States to Russia have revealed the vaccine’s declining defenses against infection even as its protection against hospitalization and death remains strong. Meanwhile, Iranians have received doses more recently and are feeling off the hook with their immunity still robust”. Was this not the goal…the same as in the west?

    • PS…Thank you, Cynthia McKinney, for your service and speaking the truth to the public. I’m surprised you’re alive, but glad.

    • There is no logic. Never has been, never will be. Most of the stays are being pulled out of dead people’s rectums. But, we’ll all be safer just taking more and more drugs. Uh huh. Dat right!

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