Author’s note: Other than what Orage, myself, Beau, and Phil have written I have never fully endorsed any man’s writing. I’m endorsing this. Nobody ever did or will say it better than Bob Dylan in Tangled Up in Blue.

“Then she up a book of poems
and handed it to me
Written by an Italian poet
From the thirteenth century
And every one of them words rang true
And glowed like burning coal
pouring off of every page
Like it was written in my soul”

It’s your play Francis, Mike tells me you too were once a bouncer. Life’s funny, isn’t it? Or is it just her sense of humor? Go on Francis, let’s see how tough you are. Don’t let me down… Jack Heart]

Over the centuries, humanity has been terrorized by those of its ilk who would rule them. Hapless mankind has been repeatedly subject to genocide, slavery, and spiritual devastation. Humanity is derided as beasts of burden, farm animals, by misanthropic religions, so-called intellectuals, and the self-described important classes.

Famously, the mouthpiece of the western world has recently announced to the people it despises, that you will return to serfdom. Like the dispossessed of old, you will have, and be nothing. This devastation is the old devastation rebranded, where an undeserving group of vicious psychopaths uses their ability to inflict harm, as the energy for their soulless search for significance and control.

Such is imprinted in the genuine history of the western world since the times of the implacable rise of Rome. Yet this is but part of the story.

There has always been a current in the world that is beyond the jaded evil of the oppressors. It never has visited the halls of power, in any vein other than to display its truth.

It is never available to the depravity of the rulers, despite their wish-fulfillment fantasies, and it never will. The genocides, smears, and murders launched to prop up the self-described important people have always been omitted from the attention of this current.

Like a stream that winds its way through the most parched of places, it sparks amazing greenery of life wherever it goes. Perhaps the most enduring of these streams, those which never fade from the memory of unforsaken dignity, are the times when the Goddess returns…  … …

We begin with the first question, one which is never asked; why was Portugal the place, where the Goddess appeared?

For this, one must understand the Templars, the mystery of Baphomet, and the Gnostic path. Suffice it to say, that as a group, the Templars honored the Goddess. They made for her a place of welcome that echoed beyond time and joined with a much more ancient path.

This was upheld, in a moment of astounding courage, by the King of Portugal. Portugal bears an extremely important ancient link to the numinous. Ice age characters here, inscribed in stone, are strongly antecedent to later Runic Futhark, including the script linked to the Cistercians. Remnants of the pre-Roman temples still stand in remote places, where dreams and visions occurred, as the means to divine communication.

By all accounts, the people here had a powerful connexion to the Goddess, and for those who understand manifestation as overflowing into time, all this is the reason for her appearance at Fatima. In addition, we remember that Portugal, after the Arab expulsion, remained a place of unity for different races, creeds, and beliefs. It is home to the largest examples of Templar survival, from facades to art, and it was home to Henry the Navigator, who, like Isis, wandered across the world.

Many studies have been done, by both good and excellent authors, documenting the ascendancy of Mary from Gnostic disciple to Christian Mother Goddess. Recent work, by particularly gifted scholars, brings to this the ancient religion of the Bear. The Bear Religion spans from Neanderthal times, linking directly with European man’s emergence in the East, in what is today Russia and Ukraine. From Mother Bear to Mother Mary, the link, through Artio the Bear Goddess, is a line of transmission spanning vast measures of time.

Fatima cannot be discussed without including Russia. Fatima cannot be understood without the historic context and the spiritual primacy of place. The appearance of the Goddess as a mother figure to three humble children cannot be understood without the knowledge that the power of the Mother Bear, the number three, and her ancient religion, lies in the oldest recesses of European memory.

Snow Queen riding with three horses

Before we go further and explore the depths of the mysteries, an important point must be made. European man did not originate in Africa. The hypothesis referred to as “out of Africa” is appealing to intellectuals who exist to rob you of your true heritage. All Europeans carry a percentage of Neanderthal DNA. Africans who come from uncrossed bloodlines have no Neanderthal DNA. No Neanderthal remains have ever been recovered from Africa, nor is there any evidence remotely suggesting that Neanderthal ancestry involves any other race of mankind.

All the ancient lore, the stories of the Aryans, of the Indo-Europeans, of the Norse, the Celts, your ancestors, all agree on Eastern origins. The oldest known European ancestor is found in Russia, fully formed, from 40,000 years ago. If one might believe that the effort to pit the West against Russia and the east is a strategy to divide European man and set him against himself, one is left with the conclusion that such division is made with a purpose in mind, and indeed it is so.

The lies are both great and many. To disenfranchise Europeans of their genuine lineage, and to provide a corrupted and limping ersatz history where they are the villains of their own story, is in every way the goal. Those who promote this changeling history hope Europeans never wake up enough to feel the fangs in their neck. They bombard their targets with hateful dystopian nightmares and laugh as their victims stumble around inside them. The fashion themselves as somehow chosen for a better destiny, as they destroy their targets’ dreams.

This is why our Lady appeared to those three humble children, to remind us all that spiritual tradition is genuine, and it lives…

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  1. Which leads us back to Arkaim and Ekaterinburg. It is no coincidence that the Romanovs where sacrificed on the land that birthed the Europeans.

    The Lady of the Light, The White Goddess, The Lady of the Woods, The Silver Maiden, to the Nothern tribes Freya… the spirit of the birch tree where the spirit of the bear roams freely. It is her branches that carried our family in her bosom during the great deluge and brought us to the distant shores of our ancestors. Our mother, the winter sun, who brings forth the sun’s warmth when there is no sun. She is calling her children to remember, her children blinded – knives at each other’s throat, to remember who it is that they are. Calling her children to once again sit beside each other by the fire as brothers and sisters. Can you not hear your mother’s call?

    • Jack.
      You can not steal what is freely given. This was a brief glimpse into a vision recieved during Jultid. I merely set logic to what was given to me. And it was, is still in pieces, like gathering blowing leaves on the forest floor to make sense of the forest. The words freely given in the article above gave form to what was formless in my thoughts. For instance the form of the björk spirit had eluded me, but clearly she is the manifestation of the energy known as the Princess of the Disks, the earthly power of the Earth.

      Her presence is felt in the northern forests of Europe, the last unhindered refuge after the last Aeon. There are pockets still in southern Europe but the energies there are like caged animals, driven mad and desperate by their isolation. You can smell their voices/song through the terpenes as they vibrate within you. You need only to walk through nature and listen.

      What is your opinion on the matter? Is the Lady of the Light the Princess of the Disks?

    • I think she is the Princess of Disks, Wands, Swords and Cups depending on her mood and what the circumstances are, I am very impressed with your knowledge of the occult Sweden, you should subscribe for free to our Substack page, nothing already written is going behind the paywall unless we had to do something special with it in the editing and that’s only the Otto Rahn one where we had to track down the video which no doubt was removed by the “intell” people after it was published, I would enjoy reading your commentary on our stuff

  2. The editor took me at the first lines but as a Portuguese who live´s at 100 miles from Fátima, ain´t what i´m going to wait to see the things fixed. Even portuguese chuch went for Fatima but only saw the commercial issue of it.

  3. “Russian Snow Queen” depicted here is an illustration by Elena Ringo, and is, in fact, a fairy tale “Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish author, first published in 1844. I understand that ‘Russian’ here is more to underline the context of an article. On the contrary, it sounds much more like original ‘Snow Queen’ has a lot to do with Russia, in a way as to Tenotchtitlan pyramid has all to do with Ho Chi Minh city. Subconsciously or intentionally, the Author picked up the word to attract more attention or to redirect it, I suppose.

  4. Appreciate your writing; it’s arcane and insightful, with a mystical quality, somewhere between prose and poetry, and always has me searching for references. The feeling is as though I’ve solved a puzzle, and all the better for it.

  5. Kudos to the editor. Did a Jack Heart and Mike Kay piece justice.

    Speaking of peace who studies it? I was just wondering since all Evangelicals believe and are taught in our Churches that peace is a fruit of Spirit.

    All Evangelicals follow Paul the Apostle and build their Churches upon his principles. The first principle is that all Evangelicals are Spirit led. The first principle of Spirit is love.

    Skipping theology and right to foreign policy many say Putin is the bad guy, perhaps so however, he says that he is a Christian. Said will know them by their love for the other. How is this measured? Love is demonstrated.

    First of example of love for his people. He pleaded for peace and justice from his enemy, as he sought peace at every turn, and when peace failed he turned to war. How is he raging this war? He put in practice our lord and saviors command to love your enemy. Putin has ordered and has enforced a policy of only military targets.

    Many perplexed about our Lord’s command to love ones enemy.

    I believe we shall watch Mr. Putin demonstrate the principle.

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