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Leaked docs: Facebook “bot” advisers secretly in pay of US regime...

There are also suspicions the company may have played a role in the mass suppression of Ethiopian voices online supporting the government of Abiy Ahmed, and opposing U.S. attempts to overthrow him.

Lady of Light, the Soul of the World

Why was Portugal the place, where the Goddess appeared? For this, one must understand the Templars, the mystery of Baphomet, and the Gnostic path.

What You Need to Know About Poaching in 2022

Wondering what you need to know about poaching in 2022? We have an answer

White Malice: how the CIA strangled African independence at birth

Historian Susan Williams grew up in Zambia and ruthlessly reveals through factual evidence the tragic machinations of the CIA in Africa during the Cold War until the late 1960s.

NEO – Middle East States are bringing their rivalries to Africa

Jim W. Dean - It looks like geopolitical 'whack-a-mole' is here to stay.

Beginner’s Guide to Kilimanjaro

When it comes to popular tourist destinations and bucket lists, there are certain locations that will always make it into the conversation. One such...

Explosive Hazard Hiding Under African Lake

Rwanda’s Lake Kivu has dense depths packed with methane and carbon dioxide gas

Wild Polio Virus Has Been Eradicated in Africa

Experts announced Tuesday that the disease, which can cause paralysis and death in young children, has been virtually eliminated from the continent