Did you know that a lot of people actually believe that poaching is no longer a problem in 2022?

While we really do wish that was the case, and the fight against poaching was finally over, we are sad to share that unfortunately, poaching is alive and well, even in the twenty-first century. In fact, it’s even more important than ever that we take steps on a societal scale to protect the remaining animals and species that we do have from poachers that want to sell them for a quick buck.

Poaching is an extremely complex, fabled trade. As a result, there are years of history about poaching that are helpful to know as a basis of knowledge. Understanding the history of the poaching trade will help you understand how we got here and most importantly, how we can get out.

The unfortunate reality is that we have already lost far too many animals to take a back seat about this. Once animals go extinct, we do not have the ability to bring them back. Therefore, it’s best to prevent them from going extinct in the first place. Since poaching is actually the leading reason why animals go extinct, when we take steps to stop poaching from happening, we are also helping prevent the animals that we know and love from going extinct. This will help ensure that these animals are still around for the next generations and generations beyond that to see and enjoy.

Today, you are going to gain a whole new level of knowledge about poaching. Perhaps you know a bit about poaching, but only have a very vague definition of it in your mind. We’re going to help give you answers to any questions you might have about what the term poaching even refers to. In addition to this, you will learn more information about why poaching is so detrimental to animals and humans alike. Then, you will learn more about poaching in 2022, and why it’s high time for us to take a stand once and for all against people who senselessly kill these important animals.

If you are ready to learn more about poaching, we are ready to help you learn more about poaching. Education is the first step, so let’s get started! As a note, some of this information is extremely disturbing.

When We Talk About Poaching, What Are We Talking About?

So you know that poaching refers to illegal trade, but what exactly about it? Maybe you know that poaching has to do with animals that were slaughtered for their fur, or for other things that they offer. Having a more robust understanding of poaching will prove enlightening and helpful, too.

First, we want to establish that poaching is not just morally and ethically disturbing, it is actually punishable by law. You heard that right: those who poach animals can actually be prosecuted for it. There are local, state, federal, and even international laws that protect animals from people going about poaching them. Unfortunately, in some cases, the fact that there are laws in place to protect these animals is simply not enough, and people still continue to hunt and slaughter these animals. This is the disturbing truth.

Hunters with rifles relaxing in nature environment. Hunting with friends hobby leisure. Hunters satisfied with catch drink warming beverage. Hunters friends enjoy leisure. Rest for real men concept.

You might also be wondering, what causes people to want to poach? It doesn’t make sense, after all, to senselessly kill an animal. Why would someone do it? Sadly, there are several different reasons why people become poachers. For one, some people like to display parts of the animal that they killed, sort of similar to a trophy. While this is disturbing, it’s true. In addition, some people want to sell the valuable parts of the animal, want the bones, are using them for medicine, or want the fur. There’s a market for these animal goods, which means that they will continue to get poached for their goods. Poaching is part of the problem; the black market that buys these products is the other part of it.

But what exactly is poaching? If you are wondering this, we have an answer for you. When we talk about poaching, we’re talking about essentially taking wildlife in an illegal way. Poachers kill animals that are out of season, they use prohibited weapons, do not have a license, or even use a prohibited manner to kill the animal.

In addition, killing a protected animal species counts as poaching, as well as the slaughter of an animal while trespassing, or exceeding the bag limit. Sadly, these happen all too often. And while poaching could happen to endangered species, species that are not endangered are also at risk of being poached.

Male African elephant in Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania. Selous has lost about 90 percent of its elephants to poachers in recent years.

Why Is Poaching So Detrimental?

It’s impossible to adequately express how detrimental poaching actually can be to the environment, humans, and animals alike. Not only could poaching actually eliminate an entire species of animal, it could also cause the environment to experience significant distress. This is because there is a natural order to the way animals cohabitate, and there need to be natural predators. Without this functioning correctly, the ecosystem’s delicate balance gets completely upended. The result could be tremendous.

There’s also a human cost to poaching, of course. Animal bodies can carry disease, and when they are sold to different parts of the world, these diseases could ultimately travel, creating a public health nightmare.

What You Need To Know About Poaching In 2022

What you need to know about poaching in 2022 is that even though we are closer to seeing an end to poaching, and while there are more animal rights activists, the fight is far from over. The fight to stop poaching needs you, because it is all of our responsibility to make sure that we prevent this senseless death from helping. Between the environmental, animal, and human costs, it’s obvious that poaching has no place in 2022.


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