3 Tips on Beating Your Competitors With the Help of SEO


In the modern world, online marketing plays the most important role in the success of any business. Considering how digitalized the world has become in the last few years, offline advertising has become even less relevant. And we’re sure that these changes are positive for the most part.

That’s because online marketing helps attract much wider audiences with fewer efforts. Also, the whole sphere involves tons of different methods and techniques. It presents a perfect opportunity to test different algorithms and find the ones that suit your business the most. Among all of those, SEO is probably the most important one.

Why Is SEO So Crucial?

First of all, the goal of search engine optimization is not only to boost traffic but to help the website appear in organic search results more often. That means you’re more likely to attract your target audience.

And, of course, the whole process also involves a lot of technical optimization that requires advanced SEO technology, especially for home services business, since they have a lot of more prominent competitors.

Ask any expert SEO services, and they will tell you that no ads will ever be useful if the pages take years to load. Both users and search engines pay a lot of attention to sites’ performance.

Another reason search engine strategies are so vital for business is the quality of the traffic they bring. When people google something, they’re interested in the subject, right? And if your website with a relevant page heading is the first one on the results page, then most users won’t even bother looking at other websites.

It’s an easy way to get huge conversion rates. So, let’s get into the vital factors of SEO and learn how to beat competitors.

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Most Important SEO Components


Keywords are the foundation of digital marketing. They can be represented by single words or even by whole phrases. But no matter how they look, their main goal is to attract search engines and help them determine the relevance of a page to a particular topic.

For example, if an algorithm detects that you used the words “engine,” “car,” and “repair” a lot, it will most certainly consider the page to be related to the automotive sphere and auto-repair services in particular.

Of course, detecting the best keywords for your particular industry and for a specific page is by no means an easy process. In fact, it’s called keyword research, and it’s the first step of any professional SEO services strategy.

This process allows specialists to understand which words will rank the highest and which ones to omit. In most cases, the most obvious and common keywords can help you get noticed by search engines. But they won’t help you rank higher, as they’re already in use by thousands of other websites.

Technical SEO

This component of search engine optimization isn’t just a single technique but a whole complex system of different changes to the website’s performance. The purpose of technical SEO is to increase the attractiveness of a site by improving aspects like page response, load time, general optimization, and so on.

As stated previously, users and search engines always prefer websites that load faster and work with no lags. So, to increase your pages’ chances to appear at the top of search results and to attract more users, code optimization is key. Try to analyze even the smallest details that affect performance and simplify them as much as possible without losing quality.

Link Network

Links don’t only bring new visitors to your website but also help you create a whole network of references. What role does it play? Well, to answer that, think about how many useful resources you have found because of links in articles, posts, video guide descriptions, and so on. In general words, the more links lead to your project, the better.

This allows search engines to evaluate your website properly because the more links lead to a page, the more truthful it is. Well, at least that’s what the AI thinks. So, consider placing links on other resources yourself. And don’t forget to contact other authors to insert your links into their content.

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How to Win the Competition?

Produce Quality Content Regularly

Content is not only important as a way to communicate and entertain your audience but also as a perfect opportunity to get top results. How? Well, just like humans, search algorithms analyze the content of each page and determine its relevance. An AI can even see how well the text is written and evaluate its quality in general.

By paying a lot of attention to producing good content on a regular basis, you’ll be able to boost the project’s popularity a lot. It can be represented by

  • blog posts;
  • articles;
  • reviews;
  • video content;
  • interactive pages;
  • social media activity.

Also, by making regular posts with quality information on social media or blogs, you’ll be able to increase your reputation as a trustworthy source in your sphere. The key point here is to value quality over quantity. Regular doesn’t mean every single day. So, take your time, make posts as often as you want, and take your time to perfect every single detail in your content.

How is SEO related to content? First of all, the AI ranks websites with good online activity much higher. Secondly, it takes into account social media presence and the regularity of the posts. Finally, it uses keywords and other SEO aspects to determine the relevance of each page to the subject. By producing content, you’re essentially using a search engine optimization method to increase conversion rates.

Get Straight to the Subject

When users look something up, they want to get the needed information as soon as possible. That means they want to see the answer to their question in the first lines. So, if your site can provide users with what they want, you need SEO to make your project visible enough for them to notice it.

Use keywords, links to industry-related resources, and ads to attract traffic. This way, you will make the project more crawlable for the algorithms. Then, it will be more likely to show up to people who are looking up anything related to the subject. After that, more and more users will find out that the articles guide them straight to the point, increasing the popularity and the reputation of your project.

Focus on User Experience

User experience is a very complex subject, so it’s hard to explain what you need to do in particular. However, one thing is clear – you must make every single page as accessible as possible. Start with improving the interface and locations of all the pages’ elements. The easier it is to navigate the website, the more users will like it.

Don’t forget to use competitive SEO strategies. As said previously, technical optimization can help you a lot in improving the user experience and the performance of every page.

Final Words

It’s hard to underestimate the role of search engine optimization in digital marketing. These concepts are so closely intertwined that no marketing specialist has ever avoided using SEO to boost traffic and gain profits. So, we hope that this article helped you understand how to use SEO to your advantage. Good luck!


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