Ukraine Official: Draft Peace Treaty Documents Between Ukraine And Russia At ‘An Advanced Stage’

…from MSNBC

First aired April 2,2022

[ Editor’s Note: Our gut feeling here at VT was that both sides were over the hump in getting the talks started, with Zelensky ponying up to the table by offering the key item that Putin and Russia wanted, which is no Ukraine in NATO. That of course got Putin’s attention.

In return Putin matched that by pulling his forces back from Kiev and was not shy with admitting that getting the Donbas territory out of the hands of Ukraine would be his next move so that Putin is gaining more of the Donbass territory while it is being negotiated for.

While that is going on, we will see the Russians continuing to degrade the Ukrainian military so that if the talks are dragged out, Zelensky will be weaker. On the flip side, NATO is publicizing that it is pushing all the weapons and ammo it can into Ukraine to give Zelensky more support.

Notice how selective Russia has been with its targets, like the big command post destroyed, with a hundred killed. This will get the Ukie military’s attention, as no one wants to die the day before a ceasefire and peace deal is signed. They have to be motivated to end it, also.

We don’t see the constant media coverage anymore about all the mercs on their way to Ukraine to play hired gunman. Imagine that. Many that are there are really NATO people who used the merc disguise to get in, and more than a few have most probably been killed already.

For insurance Putin has put his call out for another 135,000 recruits just in case he gets stiffed in the talks. He does not mind a bit about all the Westerners crowing about how they are whipping the Russians.

Putin knows the West is obviously concerned about the economic damage that will be cranking up, so there will be a lot of business interests that want a deal done, and quickly, as the finances of all are still pandemic stressed. And Putin is not bluffing about wanting Russian energy paid for in rubles; and the Gulf States refuse to boost production.

Biden can huff and puff all he wants to play the tough guy, but his party’s midterms are toast if he is still playing gladiator with Putin in the fall with a war skittish economy, while our American coup is being laid bare all summer with the Trump disaster… Jim W. Dean ]

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  1. Sorry to say this, but in this Article i see only
    an Amplification of the Gabage Propaganda of MSNBC,
    did they donate some big amount dollers or something???
    Ukraine is just a small puzzel of what is happening now
    in the world where Putin is playing the one of the main roles…
    To see the complete big picture, the site i suggest to everyone is,
    Many Articels there about almost everything going on…

  2. Putins holding all the aces and all Zelensky has is deuces. Just like they targeted “mercs” sheep dipped NATO Nazis they probably ready to take out arms shipments as well as it may not matter as there be no Ukrainian Military to receive them.

  3. Donetsk guys in Mariupol have all have the best equipment from the West captured by russians forces from ukies

  4. I don’t think you are correct about the ‘recruits’. That is a call up that has been happening for years for people to serve a period of I guess you would call national service. This was recently explained by Andrei Martyanov.

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