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Talks with Kiev and provocation in Bucha: what Putin, Lukashenko discussed

April 12 /TASS/ Russia’s military operation in Ukraine is proceeding according to a plan and will continue until all its initial goals are achieved, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday, having arrived at the Vostochny spaceport together with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko.

There will be no agreement with Russia, Kyiv has decided to...

There will be no peace treaties with Russia, according to the Telegram channel “Resident” that writes about this referencing a source in the Office of the Ukrainian President.

Breaking News: Russia-Ukraine Talks are Proceeding

Jim W. Dean - Biden can huff and puff all he wants to play the tough guy, but his party's midterms are toast if he is still playing gladiator with Putin in the fall.

Italian Prime Minister: Putin said that the conditions for a ceasefire...

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the time had not yet come for him to meet with his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky.

Ukraine inflamed by Russian Concessions

On March 29, the Russian Defense Ministry decided to drastically reduce military activity in the Kiev and Chernihiv directions. This was stated by the ministry following another round of the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations held in Istanbul.

Why is Washington Hampering Russia’s Peace Initiative to Ukraine?

The Biden administration doesn’t seem particularly enamored of Russian peace proposal that could bring much needed relief to the war ravaged country.

It is possible to negotiate with Ukraine only on the evacuation...

Russian negotiators reacted negatively to Kiev's proposals which do not address demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, which had been declared at the beginning of Russia's special military operation.

Kiev ready to fulfill key Moscow demands – Russia

Ukraine stated that it’s ready to implement the demands that Russia has been insisting on for years, Russia's top negotiator claims.

Ukraine War: Turkey Enters the Scene

No significant progress was made during the first rounds. The only point agreed by the two sides was the security of humanitarian passes from the war-torn cities, but in fact no joint measures have been implemented to secure civilians so far. No agreement on other topics of negotiations was reported.

Outcome of Istanbul Talks: Ukrainian proposals, Russian De-Escalation Steps

According to head of the Russian delegation Vladimir Medinsky, Kiev’s proposals will be studied in the near future and reported to the president, and then Moscow will come back with a response