Who and what sank the Moskva


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

By Claudio Resta for VT Italia 

An alternative to the official mainstream version of the sinking of the Russian cruiser Moskva:  a covert attack. It never happened. We were never there!

Let’s suppose that was not a Ukrainian-launched missile to hit that ship.

That is just because I don’t think that a well-trained professional and experienced Commander of that ship would have ever run the risk of being hit by a Ukrainian-launched missile if this was in the scope of real chances… I prefer to think that was a surprise attack absolutely unpredictable. Otherwise, her Commander would have been absolutely amateurish.

So something else mostly launched by a different platform may hit the Russian cruiser Moskva.

Something like the US, rather than the UK, rather than the French submarine that would have entered the Black Sea passing through the Bosporus and Dardanelles Straits probably submerged because of the Montreux Convention. Experts say it is possible.

Not necessarily a nuclear one, it could have been useful for the purpose of submarine diesel-electric power. And the weapon that may have hit the Russian cruiser Moskva could have been a Tomahawk TLAM cruise missile but likewise, just a simple torpedo would have been useful for the purpose of neutralizing that ship. With the advantage, in this case, employing an obsolete technology of being absolutely unpredictable. Following the possible state-of-the-art protocols, I guess. Undetectable by radars but just by sonars. Perhaps less fashionable up to date today.

But if this happened, if my hypothesis was right, then why the Russians didn’t report a similar violation of the law of nations so extremely seriously? Shouting it to the entire world and to the UN and G20 as a propaganda weapon that would be so useful to Russia at the present moment in the purpose of restoring its image mainly in the West being now as a victim of the West itself. Why not?

Just because this violation of the law of nations really happened as I believe is so extremely serious to request a necessary escalation even to make war openly with NATO. As a necessary answer to the Russian people to this aggression direct from NATO. A choice that the Russian government, however, I suppose does not want to adhere to for obvious reasons of prudence.

And of self-preservation for the human species, I guess.

In the end, this case reminds me in some way of the case of Soviet submarine B59 during the Cuba missiles Crisis on October 27, 1962, and of its Commander Vassily Arkhipov.

With the reversal of the roles of attacker and attack between the submarine and the ship.

Then the US ship was the attacker and the Soviet submarine was the attacked, now is (maybe) an alleged Western submarine the attacker, and a Russian cruiser ship that attacked. That later sank.

In both cases, the Soviet/Russian Commander’s (and Government’s) self-denial and silence saved the World from the Eve of destruction. For now. Hopefully.


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  1. We may never know why the Moskva sank, but certainly the Russians know exactly how it happened, just like they knew that Israel nuked the USA on 9/11 and got away with it. Putin smiles and bides his time. He knows he has the winning hand in Ukraine and there is nothing the USA can do about it… except start WWIII.

  2. Could of been a whole lot of shit both sides do not want to admit to, as in war you never let your opponent know the truth if you think it might give them advantage.
    The ship was only 10 kilometers off Odessa (if that is the truth) so missle, submarine, torpedo, speedboat, drone, navy frogmen, internal sabotage, accident, WW1 biplane even (British swordfish like what hit the Bismark) or its all just completely fake it still is afloat. Who knows.
    Do we have a “need to know” status?
    That ship was very vulnerable out there that is for sure. A sitting duck – imagine if US aircraft carrier.

  3. Or it could be just as claimed, ship-board fire. Shit happens and there are plenty of US examples to show that. IF there are ever any definitive photos of the ship, which at this point only the RF military will have, then there will be a definitive answer. All the evidence so far leans towards accidental fire, as there is absolutely no proof in any direction to the contrary. As stated in the article, should this have been an attack, the Russians would be loath to admit it, yes. That being said, the Russians would never let such an aggravation stand unchallenged. I submit that IF such an attack did occur, then we can look forward to the accidental destruction of a US warship somewhere. As well, the TLAM thought brings to mind the efficacy experienced in Syria with said weapon. The same with a lackluster submarine stealth approach as experienced in the Med. All in all, I doubt the entire attack scenario, too many ‘ifs’ and it is fraught with downsides for the attacker. Although, with the strategic non-thinking present in the US military, nothing is out of bounds. IF there is major accident somewhere with a US ship, then I will reconsider my thoughts.

    • Hi Zman
      I read three sailors died just yesterday on an accident on a US warship somewhere…details out there if you can believe them…this could of been retaliation could of been accident.

    • a ship-board fire started by one saboteur is a possibility perhaps, a sailor with hidden sympathies for ukies

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