How Video Games Have Evolved Over The Years


Video games have evolved significantly over the years. You likely remember playing simple games such as Pacman, Final Fantasy, and Harvest Moon. While some of these games are still popular today, modern video games are drastically different.

They offer better graphics and a more realistic playing experience. In addition to this, there are many unique ways to play these games. How have video games evolved over the years? What makes modern video games better than older games? Continue reading the guide below to find out, especially the part about mobile game funding.


Some of the older video games had multiplayer modes, but they were limited. The players would have to be in the same room. Plus, you would need multiple controllers. In recent years, the multiplayer aspect of video games has improved significantly. Thanks to the Internet, players can play with people from around the world. Most modern video games offer multiplayer modes. However, some are played only online.

For instance, some of the most massively multiplayer online games include World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Black Desert Online, The Elder Scrolls Online, RuneScape, and EVE Online. Since Internet connections have become much faster and more reliable, you play with hundreds of people in real-time. Playing these games is a good way to get to know people in other countries.

Longer & More Complex

In the early days, video game content was limited. While some games had complex stories, the graphics were limited. Nintendo and Super Nintendo cartridges couldn’t hold much data. Therefore, developers were handcuffed. Today, the majority of consoles have started using disks or downloadable games.

Thankfully, this has removed the handcuffs and given developers more freedom to develop better games. One of the newest and most popular video games is Elden Ring. You’ll find that this game requires 60 GB of hard drive space.

NES cartridges ranged in size from 8 KB to 1 MB. Suffice to say, switching to CDs made a big difference for game developers.

Advanced Graphics

Older video games used 2D sprites. While the graphics were cute, they weren’t realistic. Instead, you would usually look down on the characters. Video game graphics have slowly improved over the years. Today, they’re better than ever before. Whether you’re playing MLB The Show 22 or Dying Light 2, you can guarantee that you’re going to be impressed by the graphics. It is common for modern video games to have realistic graphics. You can see the emotions on the characters’ faces.

In addition to this, the environment is more realistic than ever. When it rains in the game, you can see the rain hitting the puddles on the ground. The enhanced graphics can indeed make the gaming experience much better.

Control Options

The earliest video games used simple controllers or joysticks. While they were effective, they could’ve been better. It was common for the games to respond slowly to the player’s actions.

Today, controllers are more advanced than ever before. When you press a button on your PlayStation controller, you can guarantee that the move will be executed immediately. You’ll also appreciate that you can control the character using a handful of methods. You may want to play สล็อต เว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ไม่มีขั้นต่ำ. If so, you may be able to play these games using your voice, a mouse, or a keyboard.

Some games allow the player to use their feet too. Dance Dance Revolution was very successful despite forcing the player to dance to play the game. Regardless, the control mechanisms of video games have improved significantly.

Added Convenience

Finally, you’ll find that video games are more convenient than ever before. In the past, you likely had to visit your local game store to buy a game for your NES, Super NES, or PlayStation 1. Today, you can access the latest games without needing to leave home. However, you will need a fast Internet connection.

Most modern consoles are capable of downloading games from their respective app stores. For instance, you can download games for your PlayStation by visiting the PlayStation Store.

When doing so, you can buy a variety of video games. Whether you want to play a role-playing game, sports game, or strategy game, you can do so. You can buy the game and immediately download it. Plus, you never have to worry about damaging the disk.


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