Russia Takes on Fascism and the Face Behind the Hitler Mask is American


by Ian Greenhalgh, Editor Emeritus

The Nazis were nothing more than a outgrowth of the real fascist superpower – the USA. Hitler and the Nazis were raised to power through the financing and machinations of US corporate-banking families. Remember that Mussolini correctly defined fascism as the dictatorship of the corporations and then ask yourself, which nation is owned and operated by it’s corporations?

The Nazi war machine was created by US corporations – Standard Oil for instance, provided not only vast amounts of fuel via neutral Spain until well into 1942, but also the crucial hydrogenation technology to turn Silesian coal into liquid fuel for the panzers.

The finance largely passed from Wall St via Prescott Bush’s Bank of America to German industrialists such as Fritz Thyssen – thus making it look like the Nazis were being financed by German industrialists. Hitler’s supposed economic miracle never happened, it was illusory, created by the influx of vast amounts of US finance.

So bearing all this about the Nazis in mind, do you see how NATO is also a US fascist organ intended to be used to dominate and control Europe?

I was chatting to my dad about the Ukraine war yesterday and we came to the conclusion that Putin was lured into launching it by thinking that the Ukrainians wouldn’t want to fight their Russian brothers and it would all be over in a few days – send the troops in and achieve what negotiations have failed to do – The Russians really did consider it a ‘Special Military Operation’ rather than a war, but rapidly found themselves mired in a very real war.

This was a trap set by NATO and in reality, the Russians would find themselves fighting against large numbers of foreign mercenaries and NATO troops under the guise of mercenaries and advisors – US special forces have been captured in the Donbas for example, Polish Private military Companies have been encountered near Kiev that are a front for NATO personnel.

NATO has not just sent in large numbers of personnel, it has lavishly supplied weapons of the latest and best types, not least Javelin and NLAW anti tank missiles. Often the men using these weapons against the Russians aren’t Ukrainians, but foreign specialists and special forces. The Ukrainians themselves have been trained for the last 8 years by NATO, especially the British, who are the world leaders in sending training missions to far flung countires to train troops in how to use the weapons Britiain supplies.

In every sense, the war in Ukraine is a proxy war between NATO and Russia, it allows NATO to test out and refine it’s tactics, techniques and weapons against the Russians, while at the same time learning about Russian tactics, methods and weapons. It is also highly profitable – an NLAW missile costs 20,000 British pounds, Britain is supplying them by the thousand, which is costing tens of millions – tidy profits for the shareholders of the big arms makers like Thales and BAE Systems.

Meanwhile, Europe remains just as reliant on Russian oil & gas as ever, and it is still being supplied by Russia, albeit more covertly than before the war. Poland, for instance, is still receiving Russian oil & gas, but rather than buying it directly from Russia, they are getting it via Germany – Germany buys it from Russia then passes it on to Poland.

So when NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg talks about this war lasting for years, he is telling the truth and that is the NATO intention – to grind down and fatally weaken the Russian armed forces in Ukraine in order to eventually bring about the collapse of the Putin regime – a repeat of the successful Afghanistan War strategy of the 1980s where the US fought the USSR in a proxy war but this time instead of Mujahadeen armed with Stingers shooting at Soviet aircraft among the Afghan mountains it is European troops with Javelins shooting at Russian armour on the plains of Ukraine.

Putin is finding himself stuck in the same trap his Communist forebears did, the Afghan War began to destroy the USSR when the body bags started to pile up and the mothers of the young conscripts began to turn against the regime, that will be how Putin is undermined – by turning the Russian people against him through war weariness as casualties mount and the war drags on.


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  1. 1. “Extraordinary” fascism.
    In Italy, in March 1919, Benito Mussolini created the “Union of Struggle” (“Fascio di Combattimento”) and, driven by the idea of restoring the Roman Empire, chose the ancient symbol of the Roman administration of the fascia (from the Latin “fascia” – a bundle) as a symbol of his party, from which its name appeared – fascist.
    The world economic crisis of the 1930s contributed to the spread of fascism in Western Europe as an opportunity for monopolists to save their position in society, their fear of communism and the search for a ruler who could solve all social problems (get rid of poverty, hunger, unemployment, etc.). Fascists argued about the need to eliminate class inequality, promised end unemployment and economic crises. This deception was designed for the middle class, plunged into poverty and lost life prospects.
    Fascism is an ideology, a political trend and a state regime. Nazism is the most reactionary and aggressive direction of the development of fascism. In 1945, most fascist governments dissociated themselves from Nazism so that the diversity of their national fascist ideas would not be equated with Hitler’s model of National Socialism.

    • 2. Ukrainian fascism quickly degraded into the most aggressive direction of fascism, Nazism is anti–communism, racism (sorting peoples into “higher” and “lower”), chauvinism (preaching national exclusivity), Ukraine is not Russia. Ukraine is Europe. The appearance of the cult of the leader – Bandera, Shukhevych, violence – “who does not jump is a Muscovite”. Moskalyaku on gilyaku is a Russophobic slogan popular on the territory of Ukraine at least since the very revolution of “dignity”. Translated into Russian means “Muscovite to the gallows.” Control over the individual, the total power of the state, rejection of humanism, nationalism.

      The emergence of fascism requires the presence of financial capital and financial oligarchy. Quite simply, a financial oligarch is a banker who owns production. As a rule, this is a very rich and influential person who has formed his fortune and influence, thanks to political connections and questionable, most often corrupt, actions. For example, Akhmetov, Kolomoisky, Pinchuk, Poroshenko are financial oligarchs.

    • 3. Further, for fascism to arise, financial capital must also be imperialist. That is, a capitalism in which free market competition is no longer present or insignificant, and everything is divided between private and state monopolies. It is also necessary that the imperialist financial oligarchy be reactionary and chauvinistic, propagandize and develop nationalism, hatred and discrimination on national and cultural grounds, superiority over other nations.
      During the change of power in 2014 and after the Maidan, the symbols of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists and its leader Stepan Bandera were widely used. A number of symbols of Ukrainian radicals are an obvious legacy of Nazi emblems and slogans, such as, for example, “Wolfsangel” from the emblem of the German SS division “Reich”. This sign is used by the Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine, then by the “Svoboda” association, as well as by a number of Ukrainian and European neo-Nazi formations.

    • 4. After Euromaidan, Ukrainian Nazism stopped hiding.

      Nazism has penetrated schools and kindergartens, factories and offices. Strengthened in the life of Ukrainians. Under the slogans “death to Muscovites and separatist!”, a network of Nazi camps was created, where schoolchildren were taught how to handle weapons, hand-to-hand fights, and studied Fascist literature. Ukrainian fascists have chosen EU countries as their allies. The birthplace of the original fascism and Nazism, new sprouts of which sprouted in Ukraine with the tacit approval of NATO countries.

      Under the title “Ordinary Fascism” in 1965, Soviet film director Mikhail Romm released a famous journalistic documentary. Who does not know or has forgotten what fascism is, watch this movie. After the collapse of the USSR, the unfinished fascists gradually removed the muzzles that a Soviet soldier put on them in May 1945, and showed the bloody fangs of ghouls in Ukraine.

      And again the Russian soldier had to break the back of the Nazis. On February 24, 2022, at approximately 5 a.m. Kiev time, the Russian Aerospace Forces launched rocket and bomb attacks on military facilities in Ukraine, and ground troops entered the territory of Ukraine from several directions, including from the Crimea and from the territory of Belarus. A new history of the struggle for the right to be a man with a capital letter has begun.

  2. “Remember that Mussolini correctly defined fascism as the dictatorship of the corporations”


    Fascists in Italy were defined as Fascists because they kill all the communists they possibly can kill.
    Thats what makes them real fascists and that is fascism in Italy defined.

    And what are corporations but the opposite of communism more or less.

    And who are the communists – the Soviets, and who are the Soviets but the fucking RUSSIANS.
    So again, I have written this here before:
    In Russia, Fascists are those that kill Russians, because they are Russian.
    End of definition….The Russians know what fascists are.
    In the USA “fascists” are defined as “thugs” and the killing-Russians angle is strictly verbotten in the dictionary.

  3. The National Socialist Treaty Organization has problem though. Unlike Afghanistan they are fighting a conventional war not a guerrilla war supported by the indigenous population which is why we lost in Vietnam and again in Afghanistan. The Russians have no intention of losing even if it means using nukes.

  4. Interesting review of the US support for nazi germany, comes to mind also the IBM story of collaboration with the Reich right until the end…
    In light of all this, I’m starting to really wonder if WW2 wasn’t totally engineered with one goal in mind: Russia. Oh, and China too via the japanese lunatics…
    Which would also explain why so many nazis found refuge in the US (Von Braun is one example that comes to mind) and South America (the US “backyard” as it were)…
    Similarly, the lunatics of Unit 731 who commited far worse atrocities than the worse nazis were allowed to go Scott free by the americans in exchange for the result of their evil experiments…
    Just sayin…

  5. More people should read about the Rockefellers. Oil was not the only source of extreme wealth, power and controll. Look at the banking and world domination. Gerard Colby’s “Thy Will Be Done(1996) is a good one. The Gary Allen books are also essential.
    Who has owned and owns everything?

  6. Perhaps some NATO-leaving supporters and political parties can rise in European countries. That would bring some hope before the big bombs start flying on capitals and decision-making centres of United Slavophobia.

  7. Through the “irresistible pressure”, the Soviets were able to get about 55 Rolls Royce Nene jet engines for their new Mig-15, designed by Siegfried Gunther of Heinkel, who along with the entire factory, about 6000 scientists and engineers, worked for the Soviets. Some were slave labor, most were paid. Those BMW and Junkers engines were also taken, along with V2’s. Paperclip took VonBraun and a few V2s to the US of course.
    And how is it that David Rockefeller could fly to Moscow in 1963, post missile crisis(no passport needed I’m sure)and not long thereafter Mr. Unibrow Brezhnev ascended to power? And Cuban mercenaries protecting Gulf Oil in a certain part of the world?
    The word “Dual-Purpose” comes to mind

  8. So sad to see the US on the wrong side again (and again!). To think I volunteered for the US Navy as part of the first all-volunteer post-draft military in the early 70’s. I thought we would never fight another useless war after Viet Nam. The Bushes changed all that and the Obama-Clinton mob threw gas on the fire. My German friend was right when he told me the US came to save his country from the Russians in WW2. I disagreed at the time but it all tragically makes sense now. The UK-US banking mob runs the show and the politicians dance to the piper’s tune.

  9. “Strange” unexplainable things-Patton knew something was up. Then MacArthur knew something was up during the Korean war when he wanted to go against the Chinese. Almost exposed the scam-he didn’t want to get run over by a truck and opted for retirement, speech and parade. All of the scams are now backfiring. Mao, Yale in China groomed and implemented. Formosa, now Taiwan…Soviet migration started early, and by 1991 Russia was reborn, gradually freed from the demons. And now they take a stand for that freedom.
    To get a glimpse of what went on with the British Empire, Carrol Quigley’s “The Anglo-American Establishment” is an excellent read. Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, the real power through the system of rings, the Inner Circle, the Round Table, and Kindergarten.
    The electioneering process in the US started with Colonel House’s creature Woodrow Wilson, and continues today. The exception was JFK.

  10. Great article, but it goes way deeper. English writer Douglas Reed’s 1956 book(only published in 1978)explains the hidden hand, irresistible pressure that controlled not only Russia, but England and the US. Woodrow Wilson was their creature starting in 1912. By 1917 things synchronized like clockwork.
    Then, the same small group of banksters financed, re-industrialized, and re armed Germany starting in 1924.
    Further details come from another illustrious English writer, Antony Sutton. Starting with “Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development”. Then “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution”, “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler”, “Wall Street and FDR” and all his other books. Incredible what he was able to find from State Department Decimal Files at the Hoover Institute Library at Stanford, where he was a professor. Ford built trucks in England, France, US, Germany and the Soviet Union(GAZ). GM acquired Opel in 1931 and only sold it in 2017(!) Caterpillar, International Harvester, General Electric, Standanrd Oil(and Rockefeller banks) investing and controlling their interests. Americans already operating and working in the Soviet “Union” by 1922. US, English, German and Japanese technical assistance, concessions, imported equipment for all aspects of industry. The assistance to the USSR went way beyond lend-lease and well into the 1970s

    • I am glad that you mentioned Antony Sutton. I have read his books and he goes into great detail on how the United States GAVE its technology to the USSR and what a complete fraud the “Cold War” was. Other worthwhile authors, I have found, are Anton Chaitkin and L. Fletcher Prouty.

  11. Todays exchange rate 70 Rubles to the USD. Does that mean anything? As we heard in an earlier article, Russia is run by Chabad. Nato is run by the KKK or KKM or Mogylevitch or the Dracos. Israel is up to its 5th jab. My Czech government hates anything Russian and tells us we have been living beyond our means. We will buy American Freedom gas ap 5x the price and wear lots of sweaters. There was a big push for everyone to put in gas heating for the last 10 years, ecological they said. Inflation officially at 8%, but building materiel up 50 -300% in the last 3 months. We just got 300-600 000 Ukrrefos, nobody knows how many, but they have priority over locals at government offices, and they get housing, free cash, free public transport, free tel. calls to Ukr, and so it goes. Wheres my fuckin spaceship?

  12. Russia did a surprise attack, took complete control of the skies within a day.
    Impossible to win a conventional ground war without control of the air too.
    So within first couple days NATO lost the war.
    The planned NATO counterattack this summer to retake Donbass, Black Sea coast, and Crimea will require the complete destruction of the Russian population of Donbass, Black Sea coast and Crimea.
    Response by Russia, which they have already stated, would be to target “leadership” and this could be done with conventional warheads or nuclear mini nukes wouldnt matter much.
    Average monthly income in Ukraine is $268
    In the USA it is $5000
    Go figure.

  13. Ian, you need to remember why we are in Ukraine in the first place. Ashkenazi neocon, Victoria “f-uck the EU” Nuland was doing a lot more than passing out cookies on Maidan Square in 2014. She was a descendant of refugees from Catherine the Great’s 1791 Pale of Settlement. So is Biden’s Secretary of State, Antony Blinken. They all have a visceral hatred for everything Russian, so the ultimate goal has always been… destroy Russia! Combine that with 50 million US Christian Zionists, 40% of whom voted for Trump in 2020 and have a collective hard-on for Armageddon, and you have the makings of WWIII coming right up! May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the chosenites.

  14. For both Russia and the west, this is a battle of attrition of the citizens on each a side. The west hopes to wear down the Russian public into ousting Putin. But the same can be said of the western economies who support NATO and who tax paying citizens are clients of western economic system. How long will these citizens stand by NATO and a war, as inflation eats away at their purchasing power, their retirement funds? Will, they continue to support NATO at $10 gas, $20 gas and $15 ground beef? All politics are local and once people see their affluence slowing draining away and moving into third world territory, they will (and they already have) no longer blame Putin, but their own leaders. In a pissing match, I think Putin is better structured to go it alone than the tightly imported dependent, debt ridden, economies of the west. But that’s just my opinion.

  15. I’m wondering if commodity-backed currencies, and trade alliances such as the Eurasian Economic Union, Belt and Road, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the BRICS can put an end to the fiat money-printing to infinity, debt financed west’s economic system that allows this fascist world domination? Maybe Western Europe deprivation as blowback from sanctions will inflame the populace to demand change?

  16. With all due respect to a good analysis, I would like to point out some differences between now and 1980 with regard to what Russia is facing.
    1. Russia today is in a far stronger position than the Soviet Union was back when they went into Afghanistan–economically, socially, militarily, and politically.
    2. The EU is already being hit hard by this war. In another few months we may see the start of mass uprisings in France and Germany.
    3. The US is far weaker than in the 80s and 90s. The US economy is becoming a hollowed-out shell. The neocons who are pushing total war are being exposed.
    4. China may start coming into the war on Russia’s side–an impossibility before now.
    We’ll see.

    • This point of view is close to me. Thanks.
      On this crazy chess board, the pieces will move slower and more wisely.

  17. The thing is in Afghanistan the whole population except the corrupt wanted Russia out like they wanted the US with its NATO stooges. In Ukraine they will take the pro-Russian area and leave the rest. Less will be needed to hold that area because they will have the native Russian population helping instead of fighting them. Of course Zenlensky and any other US/NATO stooge will be a problem but it won’t be as bad as everywhere you are everyone wants to kill you!

    • I think it is not true that the Afghan people wanted the Russians out.
      The Americans made use of the poorest and uneducated people. That was also the basis for religious fundamentalism.
      The Americans wanted a regime change in Afghanistan, because communism was way too successful.
      It was sheer jealousy. that gave the Americans the idea to stir the soup in Afghanistan.
      You know, I worked with people that arrived from Afghanistan, and they fled for the terror of the fundamentalist gangs, not the Russians.

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