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[ Editor’s Note: Once again we have American media pushing the line that the Russia is totally responsible for whatever economic calamities the Ukraine war causes. They falsely pick the staring point as this year, 2022.

And of course, they leave out the 2014 US/NATO coup in Kiev, and the fake-failed Minsk agreements, and using ‘white out’ on the 8 years of shelling the Donbas Russian people, who suffered by losing 14,000 persons. Trump is not the only ‘Big Lie’ guy.

As Churchill once said during WWII, in wartime the truth is so precious it must be protected by a “Bodyguard of Lies”.

These Europeans pretend that we don’t have computers and can just Google it all right up, as they are required to send their refugee reports to the UN for its database. You can bet that the Russians have a current log on the Ukrainian refugees there.

The refugee count is not a priority for video news clips. I have only seen a few border crossing numbers, but they were ‘day counts’, and mostly related to Poland.

That said, the initial waves were the upper class folks, including one Ukraine Parliament guy’s wife with 8 million in dollars and Euros in her luggage, obviously planning a shopping trip.

So far the West is mainly all in on the war, despite the obvious economic blowback that will be coming its way, and the EU should be smart enough to see that. So what is it that I am missing that they are still willing to jump on board this runaway train to disaster for so many, whose lives and fortunes will be destroyed?

Sure, I know that ‘asset stripping’ Russia is part of it, and trying to split it away with its close relations with China, for which I say “good luck with driving a wedge between Russia and China”. I am missing something. Let me know what you think in the comments… Jim W. Dean ]

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Hard times are already here, and they are going to get worse

First published May 4,2022

The number of people experiencing crisis-levels of hunger or worse across the globe rose by 40 million in 2021, according to a U.N. and EU-led report published Wednesday.

The figures show that world hunger was already surging at a terrifying rate well before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which is “likely” to exacerbate the situation, the report says.

Over 193 million people in 53 countries or territories faced “acute food security” in 2021, the report says, which is 40 million more than the already record level in 2020.

Over half a million people in Ethiopia, Madagascar, South Sudan and Yemen are faring the worst, with urgent action needed to avoid starvation and death.

…The report comes from the Global Network Against Food Crises, an alliance of the EU, the U.N. and NGOs pushing to end world hunger. Their report says that the world is heading in the wrong direction, with hunger rising steadily since 2018 in 39 of the countries or territories assessed in the report.

War is the main driver of hunger, with climate change and economic shocks also playing key roles.

 “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine jeopardizes global food security. The international community must act to avert the largest food crisis in history and the social, economic, and political upheaval that could follow.”


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  1. I think that what you are missing is that the empoverishment is just the right way when one want´s to begin a WW3. How would western lider´s gather their flock toward´s the butchery that will follow if not by forcing them through hunger? After some month´s with an empty stomach, who would not want to go and try to loot Russia or even nuke them to achieve it? Didn´t western society

  2. In a world where too many regions suffer endemic hunger we, in this beacon of morality we call the USA, are diverting corn and soybean oil to motor fuel. Barbaric. And in this Our Year of The Lord 2022 with hunger on the increase are we making this diverted food available to feed the hungry? Absolutely not! Instead we are increasing by 50% the amount of corn and soybean oil diverted to motor fuel. Shameful. Disgraceful. Barbaric. Many people must die so we can have motor fuel a few cents a gallon cheaper.

    • Libya, Syria, Iraq, Serbia,Panama, Guatemala, all the invaded countrys and medling in other´s haven´t been for soybeen oil and fuel ain´t the only reason you invade and loot countrys.

  3. “The West has suddenly discovered that the consequences of a long-term sanctions war are catastrophic for it. What is happening now in the US economy in the first place is absolutely incompatible with life. The rabid war party, whose plans included the attack of Ukraine on Russia, looks less and less beautiful from the point of view of the elites. The war unleashed in Ukraine has presented Americans with an unpleasant, if not fatal surprise. Now they will start to get out of it and most likely Biden will be declared guilty for all the blunders, maybe even sending him to resign after that. Sanctions will also have to be lifted, since in the current conditions the United States will not last long,” Khazin announced his forecast for the near future.
    The economist clarified that Joe Biden is already beginning to be gradually merged. While he is being criticized more and more loudly in the public space, preparing the right public opinion. What is the unprecedented statement of the head of the Fed Powell, who, probably for the first time in history, officially opposed Biden’s policy, criticizing the decision to freeze Russian gold and foreign exchange reserves.

    • Freeze gold and foreign exchange reserves of a country with which you are not in war has set a serious precedent in international relationships. From now on what one country it could rely that its property right will not be violated capriciously???

    • @Adrian2MiL18 – Absolutely right. Who will trust this piracy? They hit the bottom.

  4. I am struck by the duplicity and outright rudeness of the Ukrainized Anglo-Saxons: these creatures have built a nest of Nazism and a gangster oligarchy on the territory with the name Ukraine, stuffed it with weapons, unleashed a war, stamped the largest number of sanctions against my country and they also dare to accuse Russia of undermining the world food system! What pathetic devils! Anti-ship mines are dangling in the Black Sea and Ukrainian ports are blocked due to mined fairways. How do ships export grain? All the fields in Ukraine are in mines and shells – are there crazy farmers to cultivate the fields?
    I really feel sorry for the countries where people are very dependent on grain from Russia and Ukraine. And these countries have nothing to do with the conflict. I would have helped them. But to Russophobes and those who supply weapons to Ukraine, I would not sell a single grain. It will be useful for them to sit hungry. Get rid of fat asses. They have become enemies for us. It’s not even a proxy war. American, British, European weapons are killing my soldiers and residents of Donbass, and I have to feed the Western world? To hell with them. Let them change their politicians in their countries. And then we in Russia will think about what to do with them.

    • I finnaly see Russia honoring their fallen father´s and making what is neaded to ensure the safety of their own country and population. Take in account that ther propaganda here in Portugal cames to be even insulting to most of us. The desperation in desguising thing´s go´s to the point that they have to resort to isult´s toward´s Putin in the lack of credible arguments.

  5. “”I am missing something. Let me know what you think in the comments… Jim W. Dean””

    Yes, I know, but I have no idea what “you’re missing.”
    Nothing makes sense anymore, and that’s by design; but it’s not the primary objective of the design.
    It’s just a cherry-on-top bonus to the architects.
    One “could” imagine the “primary directive” is, if it causes destruction, disruption, corruption, poverty, famine, death and disease, dislocation, economic collapse and/or any other grossly negative outcomes you can think of, then do it!

    • I agree, in other words, blame China for spreading the plandemic that killed millions and now blame Russia for the war of aggression that will usher in worldwide food shortage along with many other disastrous effect, all the while you inching ever so sneakily towards your obsessive goal the NWO world domination.

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