The Lord said to me: I was thinking of you even before I formed you in the womb. Before you were born, I had already chosen you, I had consecrated you a prophet to announce my message to the nations. But get ready to go and tell them what I will order you. Do not be afraid of them, otherwise I will make you tremble in front of them”.
Holy Bible – Book of Jeremiah (chapter 1)

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


What was the role of politics, national governments, the Deep International State in planning these terrible research on SARS viruses which, in light of the devastating pandemic overestimated by therapeutic errors and psychosocial terrorism, can be defined at least as a boomerang if not a truculent , grim and vile bacteriological weapon against humanity?

Just like for the dangerous scientific experiments carried out by playing around in laboratories with the SARS and HIV viruses, the clues are serious, precise and consistent, which would be enough for an honest and reckless magistrate to ask for someone’s arrest.

The macroscopic intrigue unveiled so far around the figures of Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, responsible for the pandemic according to Robert F. Kennedy jr and various scientists, in the era of Obama, Biden and their white intelligence lady Avril Haines (expert in bioweapons promoted from deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency to director of the entire US Intelligence Community), is still a little ahead of what I will reveal in this article, an updated transcript of the last chapter of the WuhanGates Italian book.

We can finally reveal the alleged hidden directors of the pandemic: Bill Clinton for the USA and Jiang Zemin, the executioner of Tiananmen Square in China as secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and chairman of the military commission who sent tanks against protesting students in 1989, before becoming president of the People’s Republic of China a few years later.

An extreme pact, insane and criminal like the repeated crimes of which both have been accused, aimed at building a virus capable of creating a tyrannical synergy between Western Democrats and Chinese Communists, aimed at the shady objectives of the New World Order.

My index fingers on the keyboard and my knees under the desk would tremble if Father Livio Fanzaga, director of Radio Maria, in denouncing the “satanic plot” behind the pandemic, and with it the will of Europe “snake head” to destroy the Church and Christianity – as the guerrilla Garibaldi already tried to do on a mandate from the British Freemasons – had not recalled that biblical phrase from the book of Jeremiah quoted in the incipit.

It should be enough for every Christian to put the Fear of God (gift of the Holy Spirit sent by Christ on the Apostles and on all those willing to welcome him) before any fear of witnessing the discovery of shocking truths.

What today I will try to summarize in a few lines to illustrate the last and fundamental geopolitical clues of an apocalyptic New World Order plot orchestrated for decades would require another book, after WuhanGates – 1, or perhaps two.

For this reason the references must be quick and essential starting from what is now evident in the world political intrigues of the so-called Deep International State, an occult director of the NWO now ready not only to establish himself but to show his face brazenly by virtue of an arrogant and truly arrogant demonic.


Therefore, the choice of the Asian country as the fulcrum of the original tests on SARS coronaviruses of bats and HIV does not seem accidental. Instead, it appears the well-manipulated birth of a chilling harmony of intent between evil old men of the Chinese Communist Party and the American Democratic Party with its European buds that blossomed in 2004, the same year in which Romano Prodi’s European Commission began to finance the experiments of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

It is just a coincidence that in that year the former Mayor of Rome Francesco Rutelli founded the European Democratic Party before helping to give life to the Italian PD (with which Prodi became prime minister) and to credit his protégé Matteo Renzi for the national party secretary after presenting it in 2007 to Hillary Clinton, a Dem Senator and future Secretary of State in the Obama administration?

It is just a coincidence that through the Global Health Security Agenda Renzi & co. did they impose on Italy the plan of 1o compulsory school-age vaccines, making Big Pharma GSK, now Pfizer’s partner in anti-Covid vaccines, enrich? Let’s take a breath before continuing …

WUHAN-GATES – 48. Moderna Vaccine Patented 9 Months Before Pandemic. Thanks to the Fauci-Baric’ Manmade SARS Viruses

This project became law with the Lorenzin Decree of July 2017 approved by the PD government of Paolo Gentiloni, a few months after his brazen meeting at Palazzo Chigi with the plutarch George Soros, before becoming European Commissioner for Economic Affairs. Until proven otherwise, we can only consider them sensational coincidences.

While such may not appear to be the ways in which the American and Chinese Deep States grew in the context of bacteriological and biotechnological experiments in two different laboratories that we have already repeatedly talked about in previous WuhanGates investigations and which we will now analyze through a geopolitical lens.


Sometimes two images can tell more than a thousand words. Two people next to each other can express the concept of power better than many historical references. I am almost certain that anyone who has come this far to read the WuhanGates investigations, certainly not simple, recognized the two characters in the photo on the right: the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Senator of the Democrats and wife of the president. Bill, next to a monument to the “dark elite” as the Deep State was once called, namely Henry Kissinger, national security adviser and US secretary of state during the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford between 1969 and 1977. Kissinger was an Ashkenazi German-born diplomat, one of many powerful Zionists, and a member of the American Republican Party.

The bipartisan Deep State: Lugar, Obama, Clinton and Kissinger

The affectionate embrace between the Blue and the Red is the simplest thing there is to highlight how much the Deep State – prodrome of the NWO invoked by Kissinger himself in April 2020 in an editorial on the pandemic published in the Wall Street Journal – is absolutely an entity. transversal.

The recent support of former Republican President George W. Bush jr for the Democratic candidate for the White House Joseph Biden was a blatant and impudent confirmation of this. The establishment of occult potentates hiding behind the apparent bipartisan political rivalry of the States, in fact, does not like when its “chosen one” risks becoming too powerful.

Senator Richard Lugar military laboratory run by the Pentagon’s DTRA agency in Georgia

This is what happened to Hillary Clinton when she was defeated in the Democratic Party primary by emerging African American Barack Obama. It was repeated in the recent presidential election when part of the GOP (Grand Old Party) turned its back on its candidate Donald Trump. But let’s go back to the photographs …

Only a very knowledgeable reader of American politics would have recognized the person next to Obama in the photo. It is Republican Senator Richard Lugar who can somehow be considered the geopolitics “mentor” of the first black US president.

The image dates back to 2004 when Obama had just been reconfirmed as Senator Dem of Illinois for the second time. The photo was taken when the two politicians traveled to Ukraine and Georgia as part of the “Cooperative Threat Reduction” (CTR) program, approved by Congress under the bipartisan leadership of Senators Richard Lugar (R) and Sam Nunn (D) – founder of the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) of which former CIA Deputy Director Haines is a biological weapons consultant (!?). The CTR was established against the proliferation of mass weapons and focused mainly on the countries of the former Soviet Union.

In memory of that close collaboration Obama, once he became president, in 2011 named the military biological research center in Tbilisi after Lugar, after the “democratization” process of Georgia imposed by the Rose Revolution financed by the Hungarian-American donor of the Democrats George Soros and built with the support of Canvas activists.

Canvas is the self-styled center of non-violence founded by the leaders of Otpor (clenched fist) of Belgrade: they were financed by the CIA during the presidency of Bill Clinton (1998) and helped to bring down the Serbian regime of Slobodan Milosevic favoring the proliferation of Al Qaeda jihadists in Bosnia and the birth of the “Caliphate of Europe” to break the Russian hegemony in the Balkans.

As mentioned in the inquiries on “ignored therapies”, the multinational Gilead operated in those Georgian laboratories run by CIA and Pentagon agencies, chaired by Republican Donald Rumsfeld between the two terms as head of the Defense Department with Presidents Ford and Bush Jr, as part of the UNITAID project funded by the Clinton Initiative Fundation.

To seal the “bacteriological” Deep State pact of steel, Soros himself thought of it with a maxi-investment in Gilead which was enriched like few others during the pandemic thanks to the Remdesivir antiviral. In a few lines, here are the names, actions and complicity of the New World Order on the pandemic!


«Jiang Zemin, like his political godfather Deng Xiaoping, will go down in history as a character of extreme contradictions. If for twelve years he was the top leader of China in one of the most fortunate times for this nation, he owes it to the original sin of an institutional coup. Faced with the student movement of 1989, Deng de facto sacked the organs of the party and parliament, imprisoned the reformist leader Zhao Ziyang (still under house arrest), promoted Jiang to head of the party and gave him carte blanche to suffocate in blood the democratic aspirations».

This is how the former president of the People’s Republic of China Jiang Zemin (in office from 1989 to 2002) was described by the Italian newspaper Repubblica calling him “one of the” executioners of Tiananmen “, responsible for the massacre of hundreds of students in Beijing in June 1989”. He talked about it in 2004 when the Communist old man was forced to give up “even his last position of power, that is, the leadership of the armed forces that allowed him to influence the new president Hu Jintao”.


Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
no reproduction without authorization – Versione originale in Italiano


UKRAINE BIOLABS – 6. DTRA DOSSIER on Bacteriological Weapons and Russia-US Deal. Putin Betrayed by Obama & Pentagon in Kiev and Tbilisi

WUHAN-GATES – 25. At Us Intelligence’s Top the Prophetess of Pandemic & NWO. Biden rewards ex CIA Haines: led Gates’ Drill Event 201

WUHAN-GATES – 51. DA SARS-2 BIOARMA CON HIV AL VACCINO ANTI-AIDS. Montagnier Denunciò. Ora Trials su Nuovo Siero Genico di Moderna con Gates & Fauci



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  1. think twice, Fabio, first about Tiananmen

    and read, what Romanoff is writing about earlier bio attacks against china.

    Then listen, what Ron Unz @ Unzreview is saying about the Covid-19 attack first on China and than on Iran

    and think twice again, because there are two simple things, Ron is not understanding. 1. If you take Individuals by GE out of the genetic mainstream of their kind, they will return soon by evolution, so you have to deliver again and again for a bio attack, that’s why the US have so many biolabs around the globe. 2. Who can build one Lab- variant can buikld others as well, even really lethal ones for old fashioned individual murder.

    Do you call this ‘playing around’ ?

    huge amounts of money out of our pockets are payed for !

    After understanding all that you might understand, that the mRNA war is just another biowar in the western countrys, as described by Gaddafi 2009 as fishflew @UN in NY.

  2. Someone get this article to Jim W Dean. He’s right now in a lineup for his 6th booster,

  3. This passage about Jiāng Zé’mín is all wrong:
    “and Jiang Zemin, the executioner of Tiananmen Square in China as secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and chairman of the military commission who sent tanks against protesting students in 1989,”
    First of all, Jiāng was in the first half of the year 1989 the communist leader of the City of Shànghǎi and not a central person in the national government and party leadership.
    Secondly, after midsummer 1989 — and only then– was he called to Bĕijing exactely due to the fact that he had managed to steer clear of violent clashes and confrontations with the workers and students who had been demonstrating and protesting in Shànghǎi. Avoiding the scandals and violence that were to be observed in Bêijing.
    Thirdly, there was no massacre on Tiānānmén square that year, and thus no “executioner”. Most violence took place kilometers away from that square. And consisted of armed clashes with violence and shooting on both sides. THus no massacre, but regular battles.
    The myth about this imaginary massacre on Tiananmen square is a mainstay in the propagand a machine of the media and governements surraounding some sunken Atlantis. Too bad this author still beleives in such unchristian heathen myths!
    The wholw

  4. Such a tangled web. Did you notice that in PNAC’s white paper “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” that they discuss the political usefulness of bio weapons?

    • Gall, please, don’t listen to a troubled person who has been sending me absurd visionary articles for months and since I do not publish anything to him, he continues to vilify me.

      If you want to know my story, read the interview made by Jeff Brown, founder of the Bioweapon Truth Commission, also published on VT by Gordon Duff.

      Accusing me of supporting Gates and Soros can only be done by someone who is bad at heart…

    • The last thing I’d accuse you of is working for Gates and Soros Fabio. I don’t know who this person is who has been vilifying but I can assure I never take character assassination seriously unless in assessing whether the person doing it is an intelligence asset in the media.It’s their usual game i.e. Gary Webb. Since I mentioned him you’ve probably heard of Danny Casolaro who died mysteriously while investigating the theft of Inslaw’s PROMIS software and came across what he called the Octopus or what many call the Cabal or Deep State who were also involved in research into Bioweapons of the type mentioned in Rebuilding America’s Defenses for political purposes that some suspect were used to undermine our Presidential election by introducing mail in voting which is the reason I mentioned it as another area of possible investigation into the uses of Bioweapons aside from their obvious genocidal use as in the case of the indigenous population here.

    • Roger that Fabio. I’ll send you some of the articles I’ve used in my own research in my book on 911 which was preempted by Covid 911 speaking which have you seen the latest in What Does it Mean? May 12, 2022
      Death Cult Leader Biden Brands Trump “The Great MAGA King” Here is what they say about the docs the Russian MOD has uncovered on Biolabs in Ukraine “Most gravely concerning about these shocking revelations, this report continues, is that all of these Western colonial entities discovered to be conducting secret research in Ukraine were directly involved in Covid-19 research and united in throwing from power President Donald Trump” to me implies that the groups involved which includes the DNC used the genetically engineered bioweapon Covid 19 against the American people in order to “win” an election which is tantamount to Treason and goes way beyond this questionable “insurrection” that occurred on 1/6/20. BTW proof that the DNC was involved is in the link to RT’s article “US Democrats use Ukraine biolab profits for campaign funding”. I’d give you the links but for some reason have difficulty posting links on VT. Again I’ll get back to by email. R

  5. “Jiang Zemin, the executioner of Tiananmen Square in China as secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and chairman of the military commission who sent tanks against protesting students in 1989”??

    Nobody was killed, injured, or harshly spoken to in Tiananmen Square in 1989. That was just another invisible atrocity story cooked up to cover the failure of another US-funded attempt to destabilize the PRC.

    The Tiananmen story ended in London’s Court of Assizes, several years later, in a murder trial that went almost unknown because the judge gagged the media–the first time in British history that such a trial had been held in camera.

    A summary of the story is here:

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