Aussie Election Wrap

Scott Morrison

Whilst it is unclear at the time of writing whether Labor will win an outright majority in Australia’s 151 seat House of Representatives, it is clear that Scott Morrison has been bushwhacked.

Having lost the election, he has very sensibly resigned as leader of the Liberal Party. The good news is that his preferred successor, former Fulbright Scholar Josh Frydenberg, has lost his seat of Kooyong. No offense but the man’s a raving moderate, although he is reported to play a mean game of tennis. That nice man Anthony Albanese has become Australia’s 31st Prime Minister. 

Anthony Albanese

My estimate is that Labor will win a small outright majority. Nine seats are still in doubt. The so-called ‘teal’ independents won’t hold the balance of power. The two party preferred vote was Labor 52.1% and the LNP coalition 47.9%. Labor actually lost vote share, but not as much as the coalition.

Scott Morrison fought a lacklustre campaign, but since he was a lacklustre PM, no offense intended, that was unsurprising. Having called the election, he didn’t seem to know what date it was on. At any rate, he didn’t start campaigning until late and was always playing catch-up.

Aussie polling organisations have tightened up their act since their disastrous performance in 2019. New methodology meant has eliminated much of their left-wing bias. By and large the result was as predicted, although they were slow to pick up on the momentum towards the largely female ‘teal’ (blue/green) independents.

Bob Katter

Australia’s most sensible MP, Bob Katter (hi Bob!), whose Kennedy constituency is over 200,000 square miles (more than twice the size of the UK) was re-elected, increasing his majority. Bob is not as positive about pooftas as I am, but otherwise holds intelligent views, especially about development and climate change. Bob wears the largest hat of any MP, but that’s fair enough, since he has one of the larger brains in the House of Representatives. He’s a fair dinkum bloke.

Climate change was a big issue. I intend no offense to Scott Morrison when I say that the main reason he lost is that he’s a dingbat. Instead of doing the intellectual heavy-lifting on climate change, or consulting those who have, he sat on the fence. This allowed Labour, the Green Party and the silly teals, no offense intended, to run rings around him.

Just to be clear. Planetary climate is not affected by human emissions of CO2, which are marginal (around 3.3%). CO2 in any event is a minor greenhouse gas, responsible for only about 5% of the warming effect. The reason the UN and the left have alighted on it is that CO2 reductions harm Western economies. The UN want Western civilisation to fail in favor of China. The Chinese of course know that global warming is a hoax, which is why they’re building so many coal-fired power stations.

The election was preceded by a huge campaign by warmist propaganda organisations like the ABC. Intelligent debate about climate change is almost absent from the public square in Oz, sadly.

Gough Whitlam

The election result will please Peking and the DVD. Australia will become more of a ChiCom client state over the next three years, although thankfully Anthony Albanese, unlike Gough Whitlam, is not on the Chinese payroll. (He wasn’t removed as PM because he bought a Jackson Pollock painting.) Aussies will continue to be hammered by the German-sponsored cost of living crisis (inflation is driven by the onshoring of huge offshore high-yield trading profits). Labor’s climate policy (about as sensible as having a weather policy) will make things worse for hard-working Aussie battlers.

Happily the ALP aren’t going to try and break up Australia by going for a republic in their first term. Given their scientifically illiterate and economically damaging climate policy they are unlikely to get a second term, since Peter Dutton, who is sensible, is likely to be the new Liberal Party of Australia leader, given Josh Frydenberg’s defeat in Kooyong. (Josh by the way was a protégé of that lovely man Sir Zelman Cowan, who was Vice-Chancellor of Queensland Uni when I studied law there in 1976.)

Federation of course was predicated on the assumption that the Commonwealth of Australia would be a monarchy. Each of the Australian states has a governor appointed by the Queen and its own constitution. Unless the republicans won in every state, an unlikely outcome, Australia would probably break up. This would have major implications for its cricket team.


Disappointed no doubt by the ultimate failure of the Sino-German Covid campaign, Jerry has come up with a new variant of monkeypox, and is busily spreading it amongst the gay community and elsewhere. Crippled by ignorance over the origins of AIDS the gay community, so far, has been slow to respond, although that may change.

Sadly the assurances by pollies of ‘never again’ at the end of World War II were meaningless. Having let the Germans murder over six million Jews, gays and others, world leaders, through a toxic combination of ignorance, blackmail and corruption, decided to let German intelligence, who had organised the Holocaust, remain in place. The result so far has been two further holocausts – AIDS and Covid. Very evidently, Jerry is now aiming for a third.

Useless pollies like Scott Morrison, again no offense intended, are part of the problem, not the solution. We make life so easy for the Bad Guys! Morrison either didn’t know that Covid had been leaked from a lab in Wuhan and thereafter was spread deliberately, or he did know and covered up for the Chinese and Germans. He let himself and his country down, frankly. We are as badly served by our leaders now as we were in the 1930s. You would think that having just gone through a pandemic, pollies might be a bit suspicious of a new disease variant popping up, but no.

The latest variant of monkeypox is a particularly nasty bioweapon since it appears to have been modified to target ethnic Russians via their DNA. It was probably being worked on in that secure covert biolab beneath the Azovstal steelworks, indeed getting the weapon out may partly explain why the Ukrainians delayed surrendering.

Speaking of Azovstal I have seen a disturbing interview with Colonel Dick Black, who sounds like a character in Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons but actually headed up the US Army’s Criminal Law Division. As a Marine aviator he flew over 250 combat helicopter missions in the Vietnam War, doing good work.

Dick Black is saying that some 30 French officers were holed up in Azovstal. That claim needs to be investigated, along with his claim that the French fired the Neptune missiles which sank the Moskva, repeating their attack on HMS Glamorgan in 1982. If so that would make France a covert belligerent in the Russo-Ukrainian War. Since France is nominally a member of NATO that is insanely dangerous. France would be within range of Russian strategic bombers operating from bases in Syria.

Time for the West to cool it! The silly sanctions against Russia have backfired and could end up hurting the Third World quite badly. We’ve already had the three horsemen of the Apocalypse. Now NATO are seemingly keen to add the fourth, famine. You are presumed to intend the probable consequences of your actions.

The Gray Report

Sue Gray

The long awaited Partygate report by Sue Gray is expected this week and may even be published on the same day as this column. It should force the departure of both Cabinet Secretary Simon ‘von’ Case and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The level of the latter’s anxiety may be gauged from his with respect reckless decision to have a secret meeting with Sue.

Neither Number 10 nor the Cabinet Office itself have adjusted to the idea of a senior Cabinet Official having integrity. It’s unheard of! Like Vangelis’s music it’s something completely new.

I assume that the PM was hoping to buy Sue off with a damehood, but if so the offer backfired. Sue Gray is in line for a DBE in any event. Don’t be fooled by stories of MPs withdrawing letters or backing off. That’s coming from Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss supporters, who no longer see a chance of their guy or gal getting elected.

Momentum is building behind Lord Frost as the new leader, although a number of Tory suits are still hung up on the absurd notion that you can’t have a Prime Minister in the House of Lords. It happened twice in the 20th century, and there is no reason at all why it shouldn’t happen in the 21st. The British Constitution hasn’t changed.

Oddly enough, no one in the Tory hierarchy seems to be giving much thought to the advantages of having a leader and PM who can concentrate on leading, without having a constituency to worry about. In the 2019 general election, the Tories had to parachute a Boris bunny into a safe seat, just in case he lost Uxbridge and South Ruislip. Neither constituency associations nor the voters appreciate such shenanigans.

Latest smear op against the Tories

The Cabinet Office’s smear campaign against the Tories has come up with another victim, this time a male MP who’s alleged to have raped (that is to say buggered) a young man. Being a Tory MP is a bit of a dangerous occupation these days – you either get stabbed to death by one of GO2’s tame Islamic nutters or you get your collar felt by the rozzers on a bogus sex charge.

This one’s a doozy. The victim (of the smear that is – plainly there was no sexual assault) is a Brexiteer and a nice chap. His accuser is an emotionally unstable local councillor with a criminal record, who only came forward with the allegation after the MP backed an opponent in an internal council election. Not only does the accuser have a criminal record, he is also alleged to have given a false address, inside the local authority area in question, in order to get elected. Boomps-a-daisy.

The Tory Chief Whip is playing this one carefully and I don’t blame him. What he may not realise with respect is that the police force involved, the Met, report to the Cabinet Office, one reason no doubt why they didn’t fine the Cabinet Secretary. (When was the last time you fined your boss?) I assume the Cabinet Office plan is to have the case transferred to Southwark Crown Court, whereas, all y’all know there are special jury-tampering arrangements.

Naturally I shall be having a quiet word with the Chief Whip and making sure that the MP, whom I know, is in the loop about Cabinet Office control of the Met and the jury-tampering at Southwark. I shall also be recommending that each has a quiet word with the Justice Secretary, that nice man Dominic Raab.

Vangelis (1943 – 2022)


Vangelis sadly died on May 17th, in Paris. A great composer, he made two very good decisions in his life – to change his name from Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou and to switch to the synthesizer.

Not all his obituaries have been fair. His was a magnificent talent. Never mind that the music was modern, it was great music. Heaven and Hell is my favorite Vangelis album, but there was hardly any of his music that I didn’t like. For such a musical giant to be carried away by a Sino-German bioweapon is heartbreaking.

He was a private man, probably gay. Given that modern Greece is not nearly so advanced in its attitudes to the LGBT community as ancient Greece, if I’m right in that it’s not surprising that he didn’t come out.

There’s no point writing in and asking why am I, a marginally to the right of center Tory, saying nice things about a bearded, marginally left of center Greek composer of modern music. Apart from anything else I’m a social liberal. More to the point I love great music and Vangelis was a great musician. His works will still be being played centuries from now. The world has really lost something with the departure of this wonderful talent. Vangelis may have passed on, but music will live on. Rest in Peace, you wonderful man.


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  1. The trend of wanting to climb out from under the queens skirt is picking up momentum.
    If Australia can become a republic, Canada may follow. The entire notion of hereditary leadership is repugnant, and the facade of democracy while being a Realm simply does not hold water. A constitutional Monarchy is still, a monarchy. She is head of state.
    The barrage of cheesy media with images of the “firm members’ across US media has reached a point of ridiculousness. The image of Rihanna with that face said it all at the ceremony in Barbados. Royalty has become passe’ and antiquated. The game of pretend has worn thin and boring.

    • Australia, as is the US and all the other western countries, is in receivership and ceased being a Constitutional republic ( as claimed by Paul Keating, being a past Prime Minister ) quite some time ago.
      Remember when the gold of the people in the US was claimed by the government and sequestered back in 1933? Same thing.
      The body of law changed ( Corpus juris secundem came into effect ) and everyone was induced to leave the lawful jurisdiction and play in the legal jurisdiction.
      Actually what happened in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s was the first global reset.
      What Klaus is proposing is the 3rd reset I suppose.
      Everyone now pretends they are something the government created by using a Birth Certificate as a form of identity.
      And for those who want to return to the equitable jurisdiction, they need to use the mechanism of trust in the jurisdiction of equity to claim their inheritance and unalienable rights.
      What is stated on the US dollar bill?

  2. Shrimpie was not aware of Morrison’s delusions of grandeur and dictatorship aspirations coupled with obnoxious overall personality??? Would you vote for Jacinda Ardern? Why not?

  3. That picture of Morrison sums him up….lost and clueless. CO2 is not even a ‘minor’ greenhouse gas. H2O and methane are greenhouse gases bases on recent studies.

  4. Kaposi Sarcoma – Green Monkeys going Red w Small Pox 4 the globe… ??

    Containment will B burning everything in the house and the kids living in the dog house w the first lesion..

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