I wish neither to add anything to nor subtract anything from President Trump’s condemnation of last Tuesday’s atrocity at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde TX, near San Antonio. Eighteen year old Salvador Ramos shot dead 19 elementary students and two brave teachers, who died trying to defend their young charges. How was it allowed to happen, and how do we stop it from happening again?

As usual politicians have been running around like headless chickens. No offense intended but none has been more headless than State Senator Roland Gutierrez, who wants to pass knee-jerk gun control laws. Since the shooting was almost certainly set up by the Correa Group, who would supply guns to shooters if need be, violating the Second Amendment is not the way forward.

Governor Greg Abbott, who comes across as a nice chap but a bit dim, no offense intended, wants to amend Texas’s mental health laws. Again this won’t stop further shootings. The key point to understanding mass shootings is that they are invariably organised. The motives of the shooter(s) is/are irrelevant, since the decision to kill is not theirs. They are just cogs in the wheel.

Our understanding of mass shootings has not moved on since the Sandy Hook shooting in December 2012, which as all ya’ll will recall involved multiple shooters. The critical work of analysis and intelligence gathering has not been done, sadly leaving America wide open to further shootings. It’s personally frustrating for me, since none of the well-connected and influential people who get copies of my columns has been willing to pass them on to US lawmakers.

The Texas state government doesn’t have access to serious intelligence resources, nor will there be a serious investigation into the Uvalde shooting. The shooter (it does seem that only one shooter was involved) is dead, case closed. That will be the official attitude at any rate.

No one will ask how he got to the target school, who drove him if he was driven to the school, who selected that particular school and why. As usual law enforcement and the media have obsessed on the guns Ramos was able to buy and are overlooking the ammunition. No one is asking how he was able to buy a brand new truck out of his earnings in a fast food restaurant, indeed no one is looking at his finances at all. So far as I can tell he didn’t actually purchase the ammo.

Once you obsess on the idea that Ramos acted alone you lose all ability to analyse the incident objectively. A serious intelligence analyst would be looking at other mass shootings, seeking to draw comparisons. The investigation, such as it is, into Uvalde, will most likely be led by the FBI. In other words it won’t be a serious investigation. Indeed, since the FBI is under the effective control of the Correa Group, who probably recruited Ramos, they would in practice be investigating themselves.

Jose Flores

The NRA should be able to head off Democratic attacks on the Second Amendment, but with respect they lack the intellectual capacity for serious intelligence analysis and the willingness to listen to people who do. I haven’t reached out to the NRA this time – they never respond. The lights are on, but nobody’s home.

The law enforcement tactics in Uvalde are causing puzzlement for commentators without knowledge of the Correa Group and its methods. Almost universally these commentators assume that the law enforcement role was to stop Ramos, rather than facilitate his rampage.

If you assume that law enforcement in that part of Texas is corrupt and was trying to facilitate the murders then the lengthy delay before going in makes sense. It also made sense for the feds to execute Ramos to prevent him talking – dead men don’t talk. The Germans are always willing to expend their own assets in order to achieve wider goal, indeed it was a standard tactic in both world wars. If you work for the Germans you are expendable.

Naturally Correa Group influence would operate at the top. The junior officers must have felt frustrated at the inaction whilst young kids were dying and others were screaming down their phones for help.

My provisional analysis is a door was left open to allow Ramos access to the kids, that the police delayed entering the classroom in order to allow Ramos as much time as possible to kill as many kids as possible and that when further delay no longer became an option the decision was taken to execute Ramos for fear that he might try to cut a deal to avoid the death penalty. In Texas you can be executed if you commit a capital crime over 18 years of age.

I am optimistic by nature (I’m still including the PayPal link, for example) but at the same time I try to be objective. No lessons will learned from Uvalde, sadly. American legislators at both state and federal level will continue to be as bewildered by mass shootings as before. The NRA will continue to accept them as a sad fact of life. The Correa Group, as usual, will get away scot free and will continue to be able to organise mass shootings of Americans at will.

Anxious parents should understand that America is in a quasi-war with the Federal Republic of Germany, that the US intelligence community, sadly, is not up to the task of engaging with the Germans, any more than the British, and that Germany will continue to wage war on American children. School security needs to be improved, although there’s not much point in having secure doors if someone’s going to leave them open.

Teachers should be given firearms training and armed wherever possible, preferably with automatic weapons, and should be issued with flak jackets to be worn in an emergency. Background checks on school employees need to be tightened.

Irma and Joe Garcia

Each classroom should have a discreetly operated alarm button linked to the nearest police station, modeled on those used in banks. A separate alarm in each classroom should be capable of activating a warning siren, alerting the community to a school attack in progress. The head teacher should be able to sound the all-clear when the situation is under control.

Teachers Eva Mireles and Irma Garcia (whose devoted husband Joe died of a broken heart days after the murder of his wife, making four children orphans), who died protecting their students, should be posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom with distinction. Each should have an elementary school named after them. Teaching is a noble profession. Those who die shielding their children from violent madmen deserve the highest commendation.

William Sidis

William Sidis

There is a fascinating article by Paul Truelove in the June edition of Mensa Magazine, the journal of British Mensa, on the American genius William Sidis (1898-1944). (Tragic tale of the most intelligent man who ever lived, p.42). William was thought to have an IQ of between 250 and 300. Truelove, to whom I shall copy this column as a courtesy, gives figures of 160 for Einstein and Professor Hawkins, 180 for Leonardo da Vinci and 190 for Sir Isaac Newton. (I’m not that he realised that one of his readers would be up there with Sir Isaac!)

William, who was almost certainly gay, enrolled in Harvard at 13, graduating at 16, by which time he was fluent in no fewer than seven languages. As a boy he was stalked by the press and bullied. As a man he was thrown into jail on a bogus charge, almost certainly arranged by the Abwehr, humiliated and impoverished.

America paid a tragic price for the persecution of William Sidis. Had he been an adviser to President Roosevelt he would almost certainly have spotted the Pearl Harbor attack in time to allow Nagumo’s strike force to be ambushed north of the Hawaiian islands by submarines and land-based bombers. He would also probably have been able to figure out who set up the Great Depression and why (it was the Abwehr, of course).

He might well have spotted German assets Admiral Ernest King and General George Marshall, sparing the US Navy and Army (and in turn the Army Air Forces) from being run by enemy spies for the whole of America’s participation in World War II. One day someone will work out the price in blood and treasure America paid for side-lining and ignoring her brightest son.

Pope Paul VI

Our community partner Jerry has long targeted those with high intelligence. My file at the Vatican was opened in the early 70s, following an IQ test (I was invited to a general audience with His Holiness Pope Paul VI in 1975 at the age of 18). Word on the street is that my DVD file was opened in about 1972. The Cabinet Office tried to force me out of university in 1979 by jacking up overseas students fees mid-course. The Education Secretary, Mark Carlisle, was powerless to stop them, having been asked to do so by the excellent MP for Cardiff North, the late Ian Grist.

Given the known correlation between sexuality and intelligence, it is entirely possible that German intelligence’s targeting of gays from 1933 to 1945 and, using the AIDS bioweapon, from about 1960 (albeit that mass casualties didn’t start until about 1980) was due to their higher average intelligence. It’s unlikely that it was due to homophobia, given that Admiral Canaris himself was gay.

The Gray Report

It was almost too much to hope for – a senior Cabinet Office official with integrity. Sadly it appears that Sue Gray was leant on. At any rate her report looks to have been watered down. When it finally emerged it was the biggest damp squib in Whitehall since Guy Fawkes and the boys failed to blow up Parliament.

Guy Fawkes

Tory MPs are already discounting it. So far from being safe pressure is mounting on both Boris and the oleaginous (no offense intended) Cabinet Secretary, Simon ‘von’ Case. They are fighting a rearguard action but it’s as doomed as the Franco-Ukrainian defense of the Azovstal steelworks.

Click here to Read The Sue Gray Report

As power drains away from Boris (the monkey) and Simon (the organ grinder) momentum is building behind that nice man Lord Frost. A number of senior Tories are still hung up on the idea that you have to be an MP to be Prime Minister, even though by my count Frosty would be the 24th Prime Minister to serve from the House of Lords, albeit the first since 1963.

West Somerset Railway


Courtesy of some nice friends (gay, of course) I’ve just spent a week in the beautiful county of Devon. Naturally I managed to fit in a ride on a steam train. The West Somerset Railway is really worth a visit. It’s the longest steam line in Britain. The engine is a Great Western Railway Churchward 2-8-0 freight engine, 2857, built in 1918 to a 1903 design. Even AMTRAK doesn’t have locomotives that old!

GWR 2857

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Platinum Jubilee

Whilst Covid was party time in the Cabinet Office and Number 10, where they no doubt celebrated the number of old folk they’d been able to bump off with their ridiculous policies, this week it’s the country’s turn.

Thursday and Friday are Bank Holidays, marking Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. No British Monarch has reigned for so long, not even nice old King George III.

I shall of course be joining my local beacon lighting and street party, not to mention going to Lord’s for the Test Match. My next column, which will on the war, unless Jerry organises another mass shooting, should be out by June 11th.

This week’s movie review: Top Gun: Maverick (2022, dir. Joseph Kosinski)

Released to theaters in the UK last week Top Gun: Maverick if anything is even better than the original. It’s not just good, it’s outstanding, arguably the finest movie ever made about naval aviation. The air combat sequences are brilliantly done.

Sensibly the US Navy made available not just one, but two nuclear powered aircraft carriers, USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) and Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71). Attack carriers are big-ticket items – you can’t just ask the Pentagon to borrow them to make any old movie.

Tom Cruise, a friend of an acquaintance, reprising his role as Captain Pete Mitchell (“Maverick”), is excellent in the lead role, but there is strong support from Val Kilmer, movingly playing Admiral Kazansky (“Iceman”), Ed Harris, playing Rear Admiral Cain and others. It’s very well casted.

F-14 Tomcat fighter jet on the deck of an aircraft carrier

It’s more than just an action movie. Top Gun: Maverick makes the case for manned combat aircraft. Rear Admiral Cain is an enthusiast for drones, which in practice can only operate in uncontested airspace. The evil baddies are so mean they could be Germans.

The score is superb, thanks to Hans Zimmer and Lady Gaga, who is not to be confused with Joe Biden (he’s Mr Gaga, no offense intended). They didn’t mess with the theme tune, thankfully.

USS Enterprise, 30 knot shot (Photo credit: US Navy)

Ignoring the fact that Iran already has nuclear weapons (she is not mentioned by name but the target country is clearly Iran) the plot is well thought out. There’s even an honorable role for the dear old F-14 Tomcat and a nice sequence at the end involving a P-51D Mustang. The Tomcat now of course is as antique as the Mustang was in 1986. The dialog isn’t sophisticated but nobody goes to a Top Gun movie for the dialog. If you want sophisticated dialog watch Downton Abbey.

There’s no point British readers complaining that I’m enthusiastic about an American movie about US naval aviation. There are two reasons other than the excellence of the production itself, one personal and one strategic.

No one has ever honored me more than the US Navy did in 2006 when flying me out to Enterprise (CVN-65), where I was treated very well. In turn I shall honor the US Navy until the day I die. Secondly, we are allies and friends. Our friendship has been forged in battle since the day Admiral Rodman’s 6th Battle Squadron joined the Grand Fleet in Scapa Flow.

Poole, Burnell; Sixth Battle Squadron, Grand Fleet Rear Admiral Hugh Rodman, United States Navy Commanding; Britannia Royal Naval College; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/sixth-battle-squadron-grand-fleet-rear-admiral-hugh-rodman-united-states-navy-commanding-94742


You can still support my work! Please bear in mind that I’ve had to battle with the might of German intelligence for paid work for over 40 years. There’s always been someone raining on my parade. Please click on this link:



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  1. Chen Peng Village Primary school attack, was the twin event with Sandy Hook. It happened 12 hours earlier in nearly precisely the same way. The difference is no children died in Chen Peng because the guy had a knife not a rifle.
    We have a violent culture and the mouth breathers have taken guns as a “sign” of their masculinity (they aren’t). Throw in false flag arguments every time there is a shooting and you have complicity. Couldn’t possibly be another idiot with a gun reacting to all the insane fears fed to him by irrational nut jobs, Must be a False Flag !!! Ridiculous. And grossly obtuse. I guess we are up to 20 false flags a year !

    • Beyond of and leavind aside your colorful argument David, indeed, there are some kind of auto-made false flags. Already they don’t need create each one false flag previously because last 40 years culture, media, films, games , schools and so on, did the work for them and old MK Ultra is obsolete, today it produces these shooters in “natural” way such as mushrooms grow in the forest. The last Uvalde shooting has once again demonstrated that never should be wasted a good oportunity for somebody order to cops “laissez-faire” until the “work” it’s finished….

    • So, Ramos was afraid of a swarm of elementary school kids and teachers? Maybe he was obtuse. The truth is neither you nor I nor Duff knows what’s really happening with ever single one of these “incidents”. You could be 100% correct. And, yes, all guns were developed solely as military instruments of war to kill the enemy. The Chinese didn’t use gunpowder just to crack tovks. Guns don’t prevent wars, they encourage them. They are most useful to arm fools who listen to demigods but never do the fighting. The hunting, target practice and collector arguments are lame. I’d rather collect rattle snakes.

    • The vitriol and hate and racism and delusions of gun toting masculinity produced these shooters, and are responsible for the deaths. Guns are useless for any of their stated purposes except one, killing innocent people. Holding government accountable with pea shooters is not a thing and hasn’t been since the AF was created. Crossbows are better hunting tools. And people who keep guns in their house are more likely to harm themselves or loved ones. it is time to get rid of all guns, and that means police also. Any other solution is a weak kneed cowardly position and has no merit of any kind. We are appeasing irrational fears.

    • Ferdinand every teenager is angry at the world some more some less, some good at school some not good, some get laid some don’t. For me I spent my teenage years in Paris France and if you can believe it was very hard, I was rebellious like all of them but nowadays the US has a gun problem and it’s that easy access to serious weapons for any child or teenage at any age which is a non issue. Abundant supplies everywhere just like Wayne LaPierre wants it.

      It’s all about them shekels, be it for the dozens of Ukrainian gun dealers across the west coast of the US or for the 50 douche republican senators getting paid to peddle. Just like the MIC.

      Go to Gun Violence Archive GVA and see how just yesterday seven (7) incidents happened that you didn’t hear in the mainstream news. Fully detailed with reports and all.

  2. When in this article Sandy Hook is not exposed as having been a drill. something the government at one point acknowledged, with no active intenet connection at the address for the past 4 years and all crisisactors getting houses for christmaspresents i won’t waste my time to even bother to read. Those were the days of geeks exposing every tiny mistake, fact uncovered with a lot of difficulty/effort. The days prior the Google’s censoring and Factchecking.

    • The NRA loves it when you do it for them. The echo chamber builds itself. It is really quite wonderful that many people have become familiar with the term false flag, now all we need is for a few of them to be able to tell the difference. 45,222 firearm deaths in the US in 2020. Thats a lot of false flags, or maybe just the ones where lots of children die are the false flags.
      It used to be cute, but now it is heinous. The shooters copy others. Mass shootings would be the most difficult thing to fake. Too many departments and direct impacts. While thousands of professionals came forward about 9/11, all we see after mass shootings is Alex Jones.
      You are more likely to be an actor, (useful idiot) than the shooters, victims, and parents.

  3. When the world witnesses protocols for handling a mass shooting at an elementary school. Protocols gained from multiple prior occurrences from over more than 20 years,…DROPPED. Parents tazed, restrained and handcuffed while their children are being gunned down at the building in front of them. The People will realize that their only hope is to take matters into their own hands. That was my point. I don’t give a shit if this was a false flag or not. The credibility of law enforcement has taken a huge blow. As a soon to be grandfather I know I would take a bullet before I let law enforcement run an operation like that. A mother who was handcuffed at the scene manage to talk a local police officer into uncuffing her. When she saw her chance she climbed the fence and got into the school to bring children out. If you can believe the news. I do not believe the American people are going to have anywhere near the trust the police need in these situations anymore.

  4. Is the killing in Uvalde Texas actually related to the continuous violence on TV and movies and children’s computer games ?

    I have not heard anything about all of the horror and gun violence all the time on all of the TV channels, as related to or associated with the recent killing shoot out at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

    Would it not be relatively easy to simply remove violence from the TV ?

    Why is it that no one seems to speak out about the great amount of TV violence, as a cause for many people to be experiencing real life violence ?

    • Well they stopped putting all that sex on the telli when people kept falling off. So that seems plausible.

  5. The local cops and border guards all on the take, and know exactly who the fucker is who kiled the 19 kids.
    They have been letting him off the hook for years, as he is soldier in the mexican cartel that controls the whole town.
    If not on the take, they would be dead. Thats how it works.
    The police not so much afraid of the kid with the guns in classroom, they afraid of his sponsor.
    If his sponsor says stand down, they stand down.

  6. “Ramos carried out shooting after dispute with grandma. The 18-year-old reportedly had an argument with his grandmother over his failure to graduate from high school before the mass shooting.”

    Can one of you spin doctors spin this for me ?

    Or maybe we wait for the grandma to wake up and spin it for all of us.

  7. Strange resemblance to Sandy Hook scrip. Shooting relative, stealing vehicle (not purchased Shrimpy), walking into home town elementary unopposed and killing many before dying. Limited number of eyewitnesses and details once in building. Shooter a nobody with only indication of criminal intent some mumbling on social network. False flag? Who knows, but timing of these things is always critical. Are there more dots to connect? Many. Will they even be looked at by law enforcement? Probably not except to throw a few of the tactical assault team overboard. And, who actually got this guy anyway?

  8. Because repealing the Gun Free Zones Act and thus arming the teachers is the only way to stop school shootings, the democrats and republicans dont want that. Instead their only solutions are more gun laws. Let me make myself very clear. There is no difference between democrats and republicans. Donald Trump campaigned that he would protect the Second Amendment, and then he flip flopped like a fish out of the water. He supports red flag guns laws just like the democrats do. He passed more gun control laws in the first 2 years in office than Obama did in his entire 8 years in office. The Right VS Left paradigm is completely fake. There is no difference between democrats and republicans. The history of gun control laws endorsed, sponsored and passed into law is about the same with both political parties. Not different.


  9. Perhaps the 30 minute delay was to allow for other “involved” individuals to exit/escape… One must wonder how a teenager who just purchased an assault rifle and seemingly didn’t even have time to practice, was able to inflict over 20 kills shots under such hectic circumstances… one must wonder……………………………….

    • Yup, and the distraction from this and other factual inconsistencies will be buried under an investigation of delayed action by local police. The rest will be ignored. You can bet on that.

  10. I wont be so bold to say that anything will change politically after this Uvlade Massacre, however anyone involved in 1st aide, law enforcement or the military knows that a person can bleed to death in 5 minutes. The time it to for officers to engage or allow others to engage the shooter is beyond incompetence and as you state -which is debatable- Law Enforcement must have been complicit. You do not allow wounded children to lay for over 30 minutes and not know you are guaranteeing their death. This police stand down is going to the psyche of every Americans’ mind. The response of the public to mass shooting events controlled by the police will not be like ‘Maybury’ or ‘Father knows best’. People will respond.

    • It’s all deflection. Going after the local police is probably necessary but probsbly won’t reveal the true cause and effect. I am questioned for looking at every mass shooting as a potential false flag. If it happened once, it could happen again. So, why not clear that possibility. For me, it is the worst scenario for many reasons and needs to be checked. In theory, every crime should be considered a possible conspiracy until proven otherwise. You don’t need the co-conspirators to be at the scene.

  11. The NRA means well at the lower levels, but at the higher levels, they are chasing the skirts of intern girls and not paying attention to false flag attacks.

    …When it takes 45 minutes for the cops to respond and they are busy arresting and macing parents trying to enter the school in Uvalde, Texas, chances are they were bribed off and given standdown orders. All their bank accounts need to be checked for payouts from the democratic party and new houses given out for $0 real estate transactions like with Sandy Hook.

    ….Lastly, I wouldn’t say ‘Gay people’ are smarter. I would say some different thinking people are smarter, and only some are gay. For instance, Elon Musk isn’t gay. He officially has eight kids so far. Likely far more off the record. One thing most smart people have been through is they were bullied when younger constantly. Elon Musk was bullied so badly as a kid, they threw him down a long flight of stairs where he suffered severe physical injury. Welcome to the world of being smart.

    Just mentioning Elon because everybody has heard of the Anglo-Dutch boy who made it big. The same bullying applies to basically anyone smart in a global society that encourages dysgenic fertility.

    My daily 2 cents.

  12. Mr Gaga, that alone makes this worth reading to the end. I know nothing of Corea group.

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