Will Ukraine Become the New Israel?


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Israel is desperately hurling threats at Iran. Some say the only way Naftali Bennett can unite the fractious factions of the Zionist entity is by brandishing the specter of an external enemy. But even if he uses fear to whip his coalition into line, the long-term prospects of the Zionist entity illegally occupying Palestine are bleak. Demographics, the decline of the Zionist-occupied US as a global hegemon, and the rise of the Axis of Resistance all spell doom for the self-styled Jewish State.

So is that why they’re emptying Ukraine of its people? Are the Khazars planning to return to their real ancient homeland?

That’s what Richard Cook thinks. Cook is the very sharp former US government analyst who blew the whistle on the Challenger disaster coverup.

Is Richard Cook onto something? Read the article and decide.

Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Will Ukraine Become the New Israel?

By Richard C. Cook

Call it a conspiracy theory if you like, but I have read in more than one place that the hidden agenda of the US in Ukraine is to create a new homeland for people from Israel who want to migrate there in order to get out of what increasingly is becoming a failed state headed for collapse.

It’s easy to ridicule this theory, but I think there’s something to it.

Israel does look more and more like a failed state. It consists of a handful of Jewish people—fewer than nine million—clinging to a dry and inhospitable patch of rock and sand on the eastern Mediterranean coast, where they are isolated amid a vast human ocean of Muslim populations and culture.

I say this not as someone who is either anti-Semitic or an opponent of Israel. I am not anti-anyone nor an opponent of any people, ethnic group, or nation. In fact I am immensely sympathetic toward anyone caught up in the absurdities and violence of life in the world today.

But let’s be realistic. Look at Israel’s present condition. But first back up a bit. It’s a commonly-held belief that the British originally acquiesced in designating Palestine as a future homeland for Jewish people as an attempt to establish a pro-Western beachhead in a region rich in mineral wealth. Fast forward nearly a century to the US’s War on Terror, which has failed miserably. This was a campaign that was obviously meant to run interference for Israel in its emergence as a leading regional power within the Middle East, or maybe even a global power. Or at least to prevent it from being eventually obliterated by enemies on every side.

Look at the number of nations the War on Terror was meant to take out. According to US General Wesley Clark, the American hero of the bombing of Serbia in the late 1990s, the inventory of nations to be subjected to pro-US regime change was to include, with Afghanistan then already occupied, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

Now, the War on Terror has largely been abandoned after more than twenty wasted years at the cost of untold trillions of dollars. Though the US crushed and humiliated Iraq, that nation has come back to the point of legislating a complete ban, up to the death penalty, on any normalization of relations with Israel. Lebanon is an economic disaster, but is largely controlled by Israel’s arch-enemy Hezbollah. Iran remains independent and defiant, despite US threats and sanctions.

The US tried to use terrorist cadres akin to Al Qaeda to destroy and take over Syria, but Russia sent forces to prevent that, and Syria has been able to rejoin the Arab League. And Israel’s failure to make peace with the Palestinians has turned it into an international pariah. Plus, after years of occupation, Israeli settlements in the West Bank are islands in a war zone, while its cities are armed camps. Despite incentives for Jews living abroad, emigration to Israel is virtually non-existent. Almost no one, except fugitives and/or money launderers, is crazy enough to want to move there.

Moreover, Israel’s economy is weak and continues to depend on US aid and donations from American Jews for sustenance. Those predicting a short-term existential crisis and collapse include not just Israel’s external opponents, but many intelligent and influential Israelis themselves. And with both Turkey and Saudi Arabia increasingly aligning with Russia, the influence of America as Israel’s protector is on the decline.

So I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if part of the US plan for wresting Ukraine away from Russia, a plan which has been ongoing for more than thirty years, ever since the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, may always have been to capturing it as a Jewish refuge from the failure of the Israel project. And we know that the US government’s attempt to seize Ukraine away from Russian influence has been spearheaded by the faction of the Neocons that largely instigated the pro-Israel War on Terror. The Neocons are led by such figures as the State Department’s Victoria Nuland and her husband Robert Kagan, co-founder of the Project for a New American Century, and from his post at Brookings, one of Washington’s leading war hawks.

Thus I believe that the Neocons’ plan may have been for the US to use the Ukrainian junta they installed in 2014, headed now by Zelensky and formerly by Poroshenko, both Jews, but aided by such neo-Nazis as the Azov Battalion, to drive the ethnic Russians out of the country. This was to be done, and had already started, by a campaign of intimidation and terrorist bombardment, with genocide if necessary.

So was it done possibly in order to make room for Israeli immigration? We don’t know for sure, but Zelensky even told us that when all was said and done, Ukraine would end up being governed “like Israel.”

Unfortunately for the Neocons, Russia under Vladimir Putin had other ideas, which brings us to where we are today. Even so, there may still be room for the Israelis in whatever rump of a Ukraine is left after Russia absorbs the Russian-speaking lands in Ukraine’s east and south. What will remain of Ukraine will be vastly under-populated, after the departure of so many refugees, so that nine million Israelis would have no problem moving right in. But they might need Russia’s permission.

In my opinion, Russia would be wise to grant it under the condition that Ukraine function as a demilitarized neutral state. I think that the sensible ones among the Jewish population would find that acceptable. After all, under Putin’s regime the Jews now living in Russia itself have assimilated as good citizens of the Russian Federation.

Richard C. Cook is a retired federal government analyst. His articles contain his own professional assessment of the topic under consideration.


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  1. The Jewish Khazaria is a lie, a fiction. The Jewish Khazaria was invented in the 20th century. The seizure of Khazaria for Jews was the task of the Bolsheviks in 1919-1939, Hitler in 1941-1945, and then Chernobyl was blown up for this in 1986. The war in Chechnya also pursued this goal. The capture of Kiev by the Americans and Britain in 2014 is the same task.

  2. Makes sense with Kolomoisky’s fight til the last Ukrainian. Hopefully, if it comes about, Ukraine will have been balkanized so that Kiev controls only a land-locked rump.

  3. Israel, with all its weapons, has lost the psychological warfare with unarmed Palestine.
    As for UKraina it is pure fantasy.
    If Putin is disarming and denazifying the UKR will he ever agree to the installation of other Nazis already equipped with atomic bombs and up to now closely linked with the USA?

    • Good point. But, the new Jerusalem would quickly join NATO and have the benefit of US nukes already strewn across Eastern Europe. It will be very interesting to see who ultimately occupies all the parts of Ukraine.

  4. Here’s a simple fact, Kevin: Whatever happens in Ukraine is none of our f-ing business. Neocons like Victoria Nuland and the CIA started this mess by staging a coup in 2014 that toppled a duly elected government in Ukraine. Remember, these are the same folks who gave us 9/11 and all the wars of this century, all wars of aggression, all for Israel.

    Now these same neocons and 50 million US Christian Zionists are pushing us into a catastrophic war with Russia that will be the end of the USA as we know it. Netanyahu bragged that this would happen in 1990. 9/11 was just a warmup, this war will be the coup de grâce, maybe for all of humanity which has been the Zionist goal all along.

  5. With Iran successfully using its resistance economy for the past few years, I’m wondering what the “maximum pressure” of the zio trash Trump and Pompeo will be towards Iran and the region if they ever regain their thuggery posts. Who are they going to assassinate then ?

    Even Trump’s thugs like Jungman and Brodsky of UANI cheering and reporting on Likud’s piracy of Iranian oil tankers are now regurgitating their shit after Iran’s seizing of two tankers for the one Likud took and were able to force the courts to immediately release the stolen one.

    At least Biden didn’t oppose the Jamal Khashoggi Way to go up in front of the Saudi embassy in Faschingtown, if he wasn’t instrumental in putting it there, but Trump and Pompeo would have named the street Our Best Client Way.

  6. Odessa has always been an HQ for the Khazarian mafia. It was all throughout the Soviet Union, and then on into the Soviet breakup and to the present. Yes, a lot of the trash moved to Israel and also to New York and Miami, but the Khazarian mafia still has a major presence in Odessa where they are engaged in every hideous act known to the human race.

    Israel exists because the Rothschilds financed Israel as part of the Balfour Declaration. This document was given by Arthur Balfour to Lionel Walter Rothschild, agreeing to form a Zionist homeland. In return, unwritten, but agreed to, the Zionist media in the USA would demonize the Germans and get the U.S. involved in WW1 to win it for the UK. After 100,000 dead Americans, they won the war, and the Zionist homeland was created.

    It’s part of an Illuminati plan written back in the 1870s by Albert Pike. He wanted Satanic Reign, and he planned all World Wars in the 1870s. The third one would pit Judaism and Islam against each other. The end goal was to exterminate monotheism and usher in Satanic Reign. The Rothschilds, and all 13 bloodlines, are all high-level masons. They have to have Israel. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a sea of hostile Arabs. That was the very goal in the first place.

  7. If you removed all the Jews from embassies and NGO’s from Ukraine there’d be hardly one genuine Jid in the entire country. Reason? The entire population is impoverished so the are no easy pickings for Jews. But I digress, the LAST thing Putin wants is a hostile Ukraine which turns into a Nuclear armed ISRAELI state complete with German Submarines right on its southern border. Itz never gonna happen. Putin and his inner sanctum have been trying to figure out how to de-Jew Ukraine for decades and clearly the answer is USING FORCE as they are doing. I’ll be surprised if they don’t hang Zelensky if they get hold of the little bastard.

  8. The wandering tribes have no real roots and would gladly “occupy” someone else’s land as though it were their own. Especially if Uncle Samuel provided billions in seed money for reconstruction and settlement. Zelensky would have accomplished his biblical mission and John Hagee could go screw himself.

  9. This article completely overlooks the tribal antipathy that the Ashkenazim have for Russia. Both Nuland and Antony Blinken are descendants of refugees from Catherine the Great’s Pale of Settlement. They were on the run from the pogroms that happened all over Eastern Europe in the 19th and early 20th Centuries. On top of that, US Christian Zionism looks forward to a catastrophic war with Russia that figures into their crazy end-times eschatology. The USA and Israel have already used mini-nukes in Syria and Lebanon. Don’t be surprised if a 9/11-style nuclear attack on the USS Sitting Duck happens soon, Kevin.

    • I wouldn’t call them mini nukes, these are tactical nukes and Israel got these stealthy Dolphins from Germany and it’s own base on Diego Garcia from the US, to apply them everywhere

    • Diego Garcia is a spaceport also. There are basically two main factions, both desire control, but they collaborate a lot on trafficking operations, etc. There is the Nazi/Draco faction and the Rothschild/Rockefeller/Illuminati faction which runs the IMF, Israel, the BIS in Switzerland, etc.

      At the southern end of Diego Garcia, they run trafficking operations to Nazi/Draco bases like Ceres Prime and the Moon and Mars. Every kind of degenerate trade imaginable is run out of that spaceport. They dock the vessels at a spaceport facility near turtle cove on the South side. All the operations are overseen by the Reptilians, but they use Nazi trash as the actual traffickers. They don’t use normal cranes, and stuff. It’s all anti-gravity tech the Reptilians supplied.

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