Today’s Brief: “Is It Real, Or Is It Memorex?”


Now I ain’t no farmer, I’m a fisherman by trade, but I ain’t nobody’s fool either. I’m not going to CNN, FOX or even Zerohedge for my information about what just happened in Kansas, I’m going to the farmer. Below you got their video and some of their comments I pulled for you. You think the heat did this well then, I got a bridge in Brooklyn, it’s a family heirloom but I’m desperate for money and I will sell it to you for the cash you got in your pocket… – Jack

The Strange Story of The Kansas Cattle Die-Off

“I’ve been around livestock all my life and I’ve never lost a cow to a heatwave. It’s unheard of. This was deliberate” – Kill It~N~Grill It

“Wow…just…wow. My family owns the largest private ranch in one of the hottest states. NEVER have they witnessed the tragic death of this amount of cattle. My first suspicion would be tainted hay, feed, or water. Appreciate the update, and thank you for all of your help today. Much love, PN!” – Texlahoma Girl

“Not sure if the cattle that passed were on pasture, where they would graze, or in the feedlot, where they would eat processed feed and hay. My guess is definitely not the heat that caused their demise…more likely contamination to feed or water. Hay could be contaminated with toxic plants or chemicals. Feed could have mold toxins or chemical contamination. Did they recently have deworming or vaccines that could have been contaminated or miscalculated? Also, why just Kansas? Other states had worse heat and humidity as well as black Angus cattle and did not report mass losses.” – ️Pam Anderson

I’m reminded of an incident I read about when I put together Famine Rides a Black Horse where commando style sabotage was employed on ten thousand acres intended to feed thousands of cattle. Aluminum and metal were affixed to cornstalks but when the farmer ran the stalks through the processor, he heard the metal grinding in the machine, and caught it before he fed the cattle. The mixture would have shredded their stomachs. But there are a million other ways those cattle “in Kansas” could have been poisoned, and poisoned they surely were…

Unless what we are seeing above is a loop filmed in a slaughter yard as some have postulated and is just one more psy-op intended to add fuel to the fires being perceived as an assault on the food supply chain. This is also quite possible. As they proved with COVID you don’t need an epidemic to create the conditions caused by one. And if you want a food shortage to gain absolute control of the food supply you just need to create the perception that there is a food shortage. I mean how much damage did this fire really cause?

Below is the tale of the tape as they say in boxing. Since the installation of the Biden administration two years ago, we’ve had China lock down Shanghai in what is a clearly a deliberately staged response to a disease that may not even exist, disrupting shipping of everything from processed foods to software to the West. There is a war in Ukraine, where nobody seems to be able to produce any actual war footage, disrupting gas and grain to the West. And we have this:





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  1. American are better off not to eat that much, most of US citizen are too fat and to ugly, specially women !

  2. This is a relatively small incident, as there are over 6 million cattle in Kansas. If a rancher or farmer says , “wow this never happens here”, they are not on a feed lot. feed lot cows are different due to the corn diet and would only live to maybe one year even under ideal conditions, but they are anything but. If schools took children on field trips to feed lots, BK and Wendy’s and MacD’s would lose big money fast. That said, there is a higher rate of incidents like these in food chain essential places. Immigration is essential for our food chain. when people attack immigration, expect lots and lots of this type of stuff. unqualified replacements, have done really stupid things like give school kids floor sealant instead of milk. on farms, inexperience can lead to catastrophe, and generally, these places are full of hazards to begin with. However, arson and other insurance scams become attractive to those who are breaking even or losing, due to staff shortages. Nobody wants to work. That is our issue right now. Grow food everywhere. No commercial food supplier, can produce the quality regular people can grow in their yards. Stop grass farming.

    • Yea I read about that floor sealant milk David, LOL! You’re missing the point my friend, I think this is a psy-op

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