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«Dear brothers and sisters, yesterday in Poland Sister Pasqualina Jahn and 9 sister martyrs of the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Elizabeth were beatified: killed at the end of the Second World War in a context hostile to the Christian faith. These ten nuns, although aware of the danger they ran, remained close to the elderly and the sick they were caring for. May their example of fidelity to Christ help all of us, especially Christians persecuted in different parts of the world, to bear courageous witness to the Gospel. An applause to the new blessed ».

With these words Pope Francis I during the Angelus of Sunday 12 June, on the occasion of the solemn feast of the Holy Trinity, announced the beatification of the nuns killed by the communist atheism of Masonic roots based on the doctrine of Karl Marx according to which ” religion is the opium of the peoples ”(Religion ist das Opium des Volkes).

A moment of the beatification service of the Polish sisters in Wroclaw

“In exchange for their fidelity and perseverance until the shedding of blood – he explains -, God gave them a crown of glory, for which we too, today, rejoice and celebrate. Their souls, in fact, are in the hands of God ”, said Cardinal Marcello Semeraro, during the Beatification Mass held on Saturday 11 June in Wroclaw.

But almost all the secular or Christian newspapers in Italy, including Vatican News, have pointed the finger at the Red Army and not at the atheist Marxist Communism, the inspiration behind these diabolical mass crimes. In doing so, they focused on war crime rather than religious massacre.


Unfortunately, unlike what happens with Nazi crimes, even in the European Union Communism continues to be “legitimized” as a political movement despite having been the inspiration for identical and even more bloody totalitarian regimes.

“In Wuhan to Reveal Truth in the Name of God”. Zhang Zhan’s Secret, Christian Reporter Tortured and Jailed by Communist China

It should in fact be remembered that this term was born with the Paris Commune after the massacres of Catholics carried out in the Vendée and in other parts of France by the French Revolution planned by Freemasonry.

The same secret organization of atheist or deist confreres (therefore believers in a Natural God but not Revealed like that of Christian theists) that commissioned and paid Marx to write Capital.

The Paris Commune is the form of self-management organization, of a libertarian socialist style, which took over the city of Paris from March 18 to May 28, 1871. Lenin was inspired by this example of a very brief dictatorship and then he became the leaders of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia during which members of the Romanov Family of Orthodox Christian faith were assassinated.


Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra and their five children Olga, Tatiana, Marija, Anastasija and Alexei Romanov are saints for the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia and for the Russian Orthodox Church (which also recognized them as “bearers of passion “). The family was executed on July 17, 1918 in Yekaterinburg by the Bolsheviks.

The family was canonized in 1981 as a new martyr by the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia. They were canonized together with the servants who were killed together with them: the court doctor Yevgeny Botkin, the boy Alexei Trupp, the cook Ivan Charitonov, the maid of the Tsarina Anna Demidova, two servants killed in September 1918, the lady-in-waiting Anastasija Hendrikova and private teacher Catherine Adolphovna Schneider. All were canonized as victims of oppression by the Soviet Union.


On 19 June 2021, the Holy Father Francis received in audience His Eminence Most Reverend Cardinal Marcello Semeraro, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

During the audience, the Supreme Pontiff had authorized the same Congregation to promulgate the decree concerning the martyrdom of the Servants of God Paschalina Jahn (in the world: Mary Magdalene) and 9 Companions, professed religious of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Elizabeth; she killed in hatred of the Faith in Poland in 1945.

The Polish martyr nuns

Here are their names:

99201Paschalina (Maria Maddalena) Jahn
99202Maria Edelburgis (Julianna) Kubitzki
99203Maria Rosaria (Elfrida) Schilling
99204Maria Adela (Clara) Schramm
99205 – Maria Sabina (Anna Hedwig) Thienel
99206 – Maria Sapientia (Lucia Emmanuela) Heymann
99207Maria Adelheidis (Hedwig Agnes) Töpfer
99208 – Maria Melusja (Martha) Rybka
99209Maria Felicitas (Anna) Ellmerer
99210Maria Acutina (Helena) Goldberg

This is the martyrdom of ten professed religious of the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Elizabeth.

The Servants of God were killed in different places between February and May 1945, at the end of the Second World War, during the invasion by the Red Army of the Polish territories. The nuns, originally from Silesia, were dedicated to caring for people in need, especially the sick and the elderly.
Material martyrdom for all the Servants of God is confirmed.

Their killing is part of the drama experienced by the populations in the territories between the Oder and Nysa rivers, which suffered violence of all kinds with the invasion of the Red Army. In that context, the fury of the military towards the nuns manifested their hatred towards the faith and towards members of the Catholic Church.

FEMMINICIDI PARTIGIANI: ORRORI ROSSI IN TEMPO DI PACE. Violenze Impunite sotto l’Egida della Sinistra

Some religious at the time of the martyrdom were young, others older, some suffered violence, others were threatened, still others were killed in an attempt to defend their sisters.

The Soviet soldiers were indoctrinated with the Marxist culture, the hostile attitude towards the faith was also manifested with gestures of profanation. Rape became a weapon of humiliation, but the violence against those who wore the religious habit was particularly ferocious.

As we have already seen in the investigation into the femmicides committed by Communist partisans in Italy, which took place in peacetime after the end of the Second World War and the Liberation from the Nazi-Fascist regime, and especially in the martyrs of Don Luigi Lenzini and the young seminarian Don Rolando Rivi, also beatified by the Catholic Church

All the Servants of God were aware of the violence committed by the soldiers and were aware of the danger they ran. They also decided to stay close to the people they were caring for, the elderly and the sick unable to escape.

All the Servants of God enjoyed the reputation of martyrdom right from the start and their tombs are still a pilgrimage destination today.

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  1. Freemasonry is but a useful tool in the diabolical hands of international Joory, in fact it is occult Luciferian Joory for non-Joos, although the ruling Masonic organzation, B’nai B’rith, is exclusively for Joos! Overlooking the fact that Bolshevism/Communism was and still is a Jooish movement makes any overcoming of it impossible, or of all the “isms” proceeding from it.

    Our Lady of Fatima in 1917 warned that grave errors would spread from Russia. She also said the prayer of the Rosary would be given greater power to overcome such evils of all kinds as we see today more than ever.

    Also, one needs to be Catholic to be pope. Francis isn’t Catholic. We haven’t had a visible pope since Pius XII died in 1958. See “Grave Reasons of State” on why and how the papacy was usurped and a rightfully elected pope was sent back to his archdiocese in Genoa, Italy while the Church underwent an unprecedented revolution mirroring the revolution in the world at large, esp. in the west.

  2. Hi Fabio,
    Thanks for all your articles. I have indeed read about the names and the groups of banks that financed Lenin, the corporations that profited from technical assistance and industrialization of the USSR, and also Germany.
    And now we see the current state of affairs with the arming of Ukraine against a reborn Russia-

  3. Antony Sutton listed the names of the Wall Street Banks that financed the Bolsheviks to invade Russia, and also finance the re-industrialization of Germany after 1923, and the rise/election of Adolf Hitler. Profits from both sides.
    Standard Oil was not the only source of extreme and practically incalculable wealth for the Rockefellers, it was also banking(many more than just Chase-
    Aside from Sutton’s books, especially “Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development” and the Wall Street Trilogy, Douglas Reed and Carroll Quigley are essential to understand what is almost beyond belief.
    But we can now see in real time the real results of the mess that was done over the decades. When were the Russians able to become economically and industrially independent and sovereign post Bolshevik domination, is hard to say-it could have already been gradually happening in the late 1950s, post Stalin, and by the early 80’s. 1991 is the date for the rebirth in the form of the Russian Federation. Antony Sutton still lived to see 9/11, and he was also given documents which allowed him to unveil The Order and other secret societies. From Douglas Reed’s book we can see that by 1917, the Z👁os already controlled England, revolutionary Russia(then the new Soviet”Union”), and the US, since Woodrow Wilson/Colonel House perfected the electioneering.
    The Russians liberated themselves. The rest did not, and you can see all Nato members are just colonies. Financing Nazis to attack Russia.

    • Well Aware I’m very sorry for not having already translating the inquiry Red Holocaust created by Masons in English. But now you can find the link with machine translation in English

      So, if you want, you can find the name of the banks that funded Lenin for the Bolscevic Revolution. Bye. Fabio

  4. WWII certainly had enough war crimes to go around including every allied nation and every axis nation including Italy…

    “Italian troops used mustard gas in aerial bombardments (in violation of the Geneva Protocol and Geneva Conventions) against combatants and civilians in an attempt to discourage the Ethiopian people from supporting the resistance. Deliberate Italian attacks against ambulances and hospitals of the Red Cross were reported. By all estimates, hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian civilians died as a result of the Italian invasion.” (Wikipedia)

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