In the video below Gonzalo Lira implores all Americans to hear him out, I don’t. I think everyone’s going to get just what they have coming, and it doesn’t matter what you “think” anymore… Jack

I remember when the Biden Administration was flagrantly installed against the will of the American people in a farcical pseudo-election. The three people closest to me at the time, ‘Phil,’ Remmic and my cousin Andrew who has always been more like my son, were ardent supporters of Donald Trump, Andrew rabidly so.

I remember feigning outrage to my devastated cousin but then turning around and telling Phil, who is more reasonable, that a lot of good could come out of this; the legalization of marijuana and a restart of the hemp industry for rural farmers, better healthcare for all Americans, housing for the poor and destitute lining city streets, a standing down of a militarized police force and the reigning in of Americas environmentally unsound fracking industry came to mind immediately but the possibilities for a more socialist America were endless.

The fact that America wanted an orange reality TV star and professional wrestler, whose specialty was playing a billionaire blow hard just proved to me that most Americans had no business voting anyway. Of course, I knew the doddering old pedophile they gave him the hook for wouldn’t be running anything but his mouth for the intellectually challenged miscreants the West calls journalists.

The only ones who have the kind of juice necessary to blatantly fix an election like that and get away with it are the same people who took out a piece of the pentagon and a good portion of lower Manhattan, then successfully blamed it on Arab 7/11 attendants. I was thinking that after plunging us into a century of pointless warfare maybe people like Booz Allen Hamilton were finally ready to pull America out of the sewer that their boys Dubya and “Barry” put it in. Obviously after two years into the Biden Administration, I was sadly mistaken.

This what Joe Bidens handlers call “making Americans lives better.”


No one needs me to tell them what the Biden Administration has done to America, but I will tell you this. The whole world has been watching as Biden’s handlers have doubled down on racial discord, economic disparity, transhumanism and sexual perversion to the point where it is now celebrated as the West’s greatest virtue.

They are looking at America through lenses that are unfiltered by the 24/7 state propaganda Americans are bombarded with every time they turn on a TV set. They see America for what it really is: a plague upon the human race that will not stop expanding until it is stopped by force of arms, and they are ready to die to see to it that Joe Biden and ilk never get their hands on their children. Gonzalo Lira has a message for you Americans, and you can take it to your Jewish banker that it’s not from Russia with love…



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  1. It almost seems like someone is trying to collapse our government and the EU in order to “Build Back Better.” Now who ( it sounds like who) would do a thing like that?

  2. Industrial Revolution was the introduction of slavery. Industrial Revolution was the real beginning of Usury. Thus the Bankers became the owners of everyone including the Crown. London the is the HQ of Bankers and Rothschild has Golden Thrown from where he Rules the poor poor poor crown just as much as the US. Destroy the modern banking System and Free not only USrael but UKrael too.

  3. That picture, the one with the Admiral and the new press secretary, can anyone tell me what I’m looking at? Bad shoes!

    • The shoes belong to our former secretary of health here in PA. Transgender that pushed the Covid myths here and rode into the White House on Biden’s Diversity First coat tails. He was an incompetent boob regardless of gender. Like most of Biden cabinet.

  4. Thanx Jack. I will get this as many as I can. Also thanx Gonzalo for throwing some cold water on us. Hopefully enough Americans will Wake the Fuck Up!

  5. All A..holes are welcome to USrael , lesbian, homos trans,…. it is therefor call USA an as… hole land

  6. Thanks for posting this video. Mr. Lira hi-lited a potential Lithuania-Kalingrad provocation that has not been at the forefront of this conflict but could have an explosive impact. It is unfortunate that the US citizens have been so brainwashed by the UK mob for centuries. Hey America! You never got rid of the crown in 1776, they just went into the woodwork like the cockroaches they are. Control of the banking, news media (Radio, TV, Print), entertainment (Beatles, Stones, et all). Don’t forget the endless stream of war movies too. The UK wants everything and expects everyone else to pay for it!

  7. We like the content of Jack Heart with Galima. Brutal. Straight. Sevee truth. Russian style. 👍

    • subscribe Andrew, tell your friends, it’s for free. The Human has a substantial Russian readership, hundreds a week.

    • Hey Jack I subscribed even though I’m not Russian and also Glenn’s sub stack too. Sorry I couldn’t tweet it out but I’ve been banned from twitter🤣👍

  8. one thing about those handlers…

    nicholson said it rightly..

    “they cant handle the truth”

  9. Yup, Jack. Nothing. Making videos and blogging is something with a small “s”. Something with a capital “S” is the unthinkable. A bigger diversion than a full skirmish in Eastern Europe is civil war in the homeland. I still think that is the real objective so that a full dictatorship can be established out of the ruins. We are not immune from such as the call to war spins out of control very quickly.

    • On the contrary ferdinand “Making videos and blogging,” at least ones they don’t want, will put you right on the frontlines, ask RDS or a dozen others I could name right off the top of my head. Yea maybe they want want Civil War, but literature and history are full of people who got what they wanted but never what they expected…

    • “They” could shut down the contrary blogs and videos tomorrow. The more conflict generated in the digital world will just be tender for the match of civil war. Who could light it? I actually believe that Trump may have been close to igniting such if he got a second term. He is the ultimate stooge but one that is actually useful to some. Your personal courage is admirable and more than I can muster. Stay true.

  10. I just heard today that the Ukrainians used Biden-supplied Harpoon missiles to destroy another Russian naval ship. Is this why Mr. Duff has been so quiet lately? Are they still doing that ‘victory lap’ thing every time the Ukrainians destroy a Russian ship with weapons Joe supplied to Ukraine?

    Also, don’t forget about the non-binary ‘kink-activist’ Sam Brinton the Biden Admin recently tapped to head the Department of Energy Nuclear Waste program. Sam Brinton has stated he loves to tie up his gay partners while they wear kinky doggy outfits and Sam dresses in women’s clothing. All you have to do is type in the headline: ‘Biden unleashes dog-role-playing fetishist on key nuclear post’

    • We will see when the combat troops take the field Mihail. Lira brings up a great point from the warrior’s perspective, Russian troops have been getting vetted and trained through actual combat experience, and contrary to what the faggots in the mainstream media laughably billed as experts would like to sell as depletion of Russian military strength, Ivan has become strong and hard while American soldiers feast on Burger King and wonder if it wouldn’t be in their best interest’s career wise to perform fellatio on their commanding officer…

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