Is Putin plotting to purge the pill peddlers? If so, we have some suggestions

Is Vladimir Putin preparing to cleanse Russia of Big Pharma shills (his entire cabinet)? Some seem to think so and there is certainly evidence that some kind of anti-shill crackdown is coming. Let’s explore this intriguing news item together.

Take the wheel, TASS:

TASS is a major Russian state-owned news agency and one of the largest news agencies worldwide. [Ref.: Wikipedia]

Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized foreign drug companies for pushing their products through local medical institutions and via doctors in Russia using their deep-pocketed resources.

“Unfortunately, foreign pharmaceutical companies attracted some heads of our medical institutions, and medical workers in 30 regions. And they pushed their medicines [on to the Russian market], paying quite a lot of money for it. We saw that under just one scheme they doled out 500 million [rubles],” he said at a meeting with Yury Chikhanchin, Head of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service.

Putin noted that such practice also exists in the EU and worldwide.

“They do it everywhere. They do it in Europe and overseas too. This is how they operate,” he said.

Chikhanchin responded by saying his agency was working the FSB to root out gratuitous Big Pharma grifting.

First of all: At the very least Putin deserves a golf clap for saying rude things about Big Pharma. No one loses points for doing that. So we salute you, Vladimir Putin. Keep it up.

At the same time: talk is cheap. If you’re going to launch a Novichok rocket at Big Pharma for “pushing their products through local medical institutions” (as TASS summarized) in 30 regions… this doesn’t exactly sound like the cleansing enema that Russia so desperately needs.

If Putin is sincere about expelling degenerate pill pushers from Russia, how far is he willing to go? Because in order to have a meaningful impact he’ll have to go pretty far. All the way, actually.

You need to cut the head off the snake. And the snake lives in Moscow. The snake has wrapped its slimly reptile-bod around various federal ministries. The snake is suffocating Russia at the highest levels of government.

That’s just a fact.

Maybe it’s time for a “performance review” at the Ministry of Health? (source)

If tomorrow the FSB announces it bagged the deputy director of a village clinic in Potato-Patch, Yakutia, this will not qualify as a successful crackdown on Big Pharma’s nefarious influence in Russia. It will qualify as a massive fail.

So which Big Pharma Strumpets should be Gitmo’d by the FSB? We’re so glad you asked.

All of the Important Russians who partied with Tedros and Big Pharma at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum — straight to the gulag for some desperately needed rehabilitation.

And of course, no Big Pharma smackdown would be complete without frog-marching Madame Arbidol to the most remote Siberian penal colony. Sorry, we don’t make the rules.

Click here for EDWARDSLAVSQUAT.SUBSTACK full article

Russia’s largest pharmaceutical firms also need to be put in the crosshairs. As we saw with Sputnik V, Russian drug companies enthusiastically collaborate with western pharmaceuticals to create horrific poisons for the masses. And the Russian government is invested in this gross cooperation — which is slightly discouraging?

Furthermore, the worst medicine-related grifting involves government contracts. And also: a lot of the pill peddling and unethical contracting is done legally.

As Tsargrad explained in an article unpacking Putin’s comments:

Putin demanded action against Western pharmaceutical companies that bribe our doctors.

Tsargrad examined the problem and found out that this bribery is most often completely legal. To change the situation, you need to change the laws. […]

The peculiarity of Russia lies in the active participation of the state in the market of medical services. It is more profitable to get a big contract and relax than to work painstakingly with doctors, although this is not neglected either. Therefore, our “favorite” form of illegal cooperation of pharmaceutical companies with the heads of institutions and officials is to ensure victory in the auction.

So, for example, at the end of 2019, the head doctor of the republican oncological dispensary of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania was caught red-handed while receiving a bribe on an especially large scale. A few days before that, the head physician of the Penza Regional Oncology Center (and soon the director of the pharmaceutical company who gave him a bribe) received five years of a real term. There are other precedents, many of them. […]

Of course, the problem raised by Chikhanchin and Putin concerns not only Western companies — the domestic pharmaceutical industry has adopted the worst habits of its “big brothers” and interacts with medical personnel no less successfully.

That sums up the situation pretty well, we think.

We welcome any and all efforts to make Russian healthcare less scammy and more healthy.

But let’s not forget that after two years of “public health measures” — two years of non-stop grifting and murderous lies — Russia now finds itself in a very, very deep hole — a hole dug by the Russian government. Go figure.

A population decline of more than 1 million people in 2021. The largest decline in decades. (source)

We should add that there are rumors on the Russian interwebz that several high ranking officials are under investigation as part of this alleged Big Pharma crackdown. We haven’t found anything substantial to support this claim but… fingers crossed?

Let’s see what the FSB cooks up. It’s 2022. Anything is possible.

Even atonement.

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  1. Britain has a few weeks destroyed £4 billion pounds worth of plastic clothing and other such materials for use in handling Crono victims because they were no longer required. $ Billion hard-earned ordinary people’s tax money. Money in Chosen Ones’ pockets. And they are back again talking of returning of Covid. This sum was just a tiny part of the gift of this Fear Mongering from enslaved people to the Zionist-rooted Bankers’Gang…..the Big Pharma Scum. All of the West is enslaved just as much as was and to some extent still is the Looted World they call Third World.

  2. The sputnik (the Russian anti-covid vaccine) was Official in San Marino (a microbe Republic formally autonomous in Italy) and nullity in Rimini (a well-known Italian seaside resort 30 KM from San Marino). This is to say that if this happened, Sputnik was not controlled by Big Pharma who manipulated the Italian government like puppets.
    The Sputnik vaccine, and here I go by heart, was also distributed in Africa and elsewhere.
    N.B. The sputnik vaccine was “vaccine” and was not RnMA like most of Big’s. Pharma (or with other synthetic materials, up to deliberate human infection and genetic changes). The ostracism to this vaccine is the same as to everything Russian and long before the intervention on the UKR. It has been an atavistic ostracism since the October Revolution.
    Is it possible that the control mentioned in the article, which has certainly always existed, has had an acceleration that has rightly alarmed the good Putin?

    For the rest I hope the same things that are written in the article.
    But I want to ask a question: do you know what the “Flexner Report” conceived in the USA is that imposed (with market laws, the same as in the Middle Ages, being “culture”) synthetic petroleum medicine?

  3. My brother is a doctor in Brazil and often tells me that some of the best drugs are over 100 years old, with proven effectiveness. This came to be proven when our aunt, who had long time complications from a car accident and mangled legs, developed a blood infection. He called my cousin, told him to get another doctor, suggested a $5 100 year old antibiotic prescription, and she was cured.
    Too many doctors are owned by pharmaceuticals AND insurance companies.

    • You can’t say that on VT unless you prefer to be called a moron. Did the editors get Sputnik or one of the “approved” mRNA concoctions? We’ll never know.

  4. If anyone is going to eradicate Big Pharma I’m sure it’ll be Putin in his own special way. Probably he already has it in his sites since it includes Nazi influences like IG Farben.

    • Thanx Jack read them and they were a fascinating read indeed. My compliments on your excellent research.😎👍 There’s been persistent rumors that Hitler never actually died but was spirited away to Argentina and that the Nazis still have secret base in Antarctica. Base 212.

    • Thank you, Adair, the research is Orage, I’m the wordsmith. I could probably do better but my researchers I will match against the best the NSA has…

  5. Good drugs vs bad drugs and who makes the huge profits from either.
    Possession of pot 14 year jail sentence in Belarus I know that as lived there…vodka is the common escape mechanism… but they do have very good pharmaceutical drugs for old and ailing people and cheap or free too.
    Doctors bribed by drug companies and agents all the time to prescribe their brand of drug, useless, harmful or good for the patient …. the bribery is what Putin is pissed off at, wants it to stop in Russia.

    • It’s information like that that we at Jack Heart have an insatiable appetite for, this guy Edward Slavsquat writes out of Moscow, one of my researchers follows him, the same one who came up with the science paper explaining how Ashkenazi’s are almost immune to COVID because it can’t adhere to their ACE 2 receptors, thank you for your personal experiences, Konehead.

    • That was no surprise was it? The whole scam was orchestrated by those who control the media and own the defense industry. You’d need a very large wet vac to drain that swamp.

  6. We also have corruption and lobby, unfortunately. But i hope now the mouse trap will be shut.

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