John Kaminski here with a celebratory note for this fourth of July weekend. — Jack

by John Kaminski

Happy birthday, America. It very likely could be our last. It has become completely impossible to ignore the fact that we suddenly find ourselves in a country gone bad run by a government gone mad, making war on a country we don’t have to fight that is destroying our own country in the process.

An idiot president trying to start World War 3. Doctors killing people for money. Newspapers cheering black thugs burning down American cities and robbing stores at random. Police putting white people in jail for demanding freedom and honesty.

Fixed elections. Supply lines deliberately sabotaged. Food processing plants being burned down. Crops and farm animals being purposely destroyed. Borders open and insecure and a government strategically distributing foreign strangers into vulnerable American communities.

The psychotic zombie state known as the United States of America celebrates the worst birthday in its entire history this coming week, as it careens toward oblivion unchecked by rational norms of human sanity while making war on the entire world, including its own loyal citizens.

America is a nation without honor which conspicuously doesn’t even keep its promises to its own people. It has displayed to the whole world it cannot be trusted in anything it says and now deliberately plans to start World War 3 at the behest of billionaire madmen who control the fate of humanity by their control of money, media and mind bending, child killing drugs.

This utter absence of human conscience and compassion has led America to break every treaty it ever made with anybody and this lack of character has produced the crippled entity this disintegrating country is today, sabotaged by individuals who have robbed it of its riches, fouled its reputation and murdered its own residents for the curdled profits of a despicable few, who rape children, dishonor the people who trusted them, and present a danger to the entire world with their never-ending  dishonesty.

A president who cannot complete a sentence without reading cue cards and has an attendant who conceals his untimely excretions from the public, who molests his own daughter and shares his criminal bribes with a twisted son who smokes crack in public and rapes underage girls is the inspirational leader of a country turned into a crazed cacophony of conspicuously sick criminality.

July 4, 2022 is the worst birthday in the history of the United States, a day of shame for all Americans, caused by warmongering lunatics who openly declared war on not only the entire world on September 11, 2001, but also on its own people, when a rancid band of criminal billionaires by a false flag deception consolidated its savage intent to plunder the entire world.

Since then — and long before as well — it has been one aggressive war after another, each based on contrived pretenses — slaughtering the world’s population for the profits of kosher economists who justify the carnage with the now-infamous phrase collateral damage.

All Americans who call themselves patriots have become psychotic accessories to a constant eruption of mass murder for supporting all this cynical rampage against humanity. They now reap their karmic reward as they watch their country being destroyed by a comically senseless government which has plundered the world for two centuries and now has refocused its disgusting homicidal mania on its own citizens, first by a rigged election, followed by criminal lockdowns triggered by a phony illness and topped off by poison vaccines that have already killed millions.

Dr. David Martin’s latest estimate, mentioned above, is that 700 million people will die worldwide from the effects of the poison vaccines that the government said was safe and ordered people to take.

Parents murdered their own children; doctors murdered their own patients; politicians murdered their own families by the lies that made them rich.

And the worst of it is that we are even afraid to acknowledge who has committed all of these horrible crimes, which are the Jews, the eternal strangers in every country who have no allegiance to any nation except their own satanic outlaw gang, a cabal of crippled demons cursed by every God on Earth.

You can almost match the stages of decomposition of a corpse murdered by the New World Order with the decaying history of the Jewish-controlled, disease infested United States as it wearily stumbles toward oblivion.

Like an army of ants streaming toward an abandoned picnic, the many thousands of surprisingly well-dressed refugees now flooding across the Southern border of our country are appearing out of nowhere consuming the already bloated USA cadaver infested by political maggots from within, the reckless refugees reap bonus benefits denied to loyal American citizens who helped it survive for 246 years in an astonishing gesture of contempt to all those heroes who willingly and so often pledged their sacred honor to protect it.

So celebrate your fake democracy riddled by corruption and curdled propaganda while you can. As you watch your fireworks, salve your sorry egos by imagining all those bleeding peasants torn apart by American bombs in faraway places proving your superiority by the wretched rubble of American democracy.

Shoot off those fireworks to remind you of your immediate future, when the last of your possessions will be given to immigrants you have never met, and your life will be mercilessly cut short by your trusted doctor who is well paid for his mission to kill you with treatments that were never intended to work.

Remember, those who support honest government get put in jail now, while those who burn down towns while raging about fake issues get praised to the skies by Jewish owned newspapers intent on turning everyone into docile slaves confused by wondering which of several genders they actually are.

And to you confused veterans:  Those orders you followed didn’t benefit your relatives for whom you were told you were fighting. You really went to war to benefit the Jewish bankers who have been fleecing you for 246 years, pocketing the money you made them and trundling off to Israel or Switzerland or some sweet enclave in the Caribbean where they hide their swindled loot in secret bank accounts they hide from the the governments they run. Just ask any president who has recently bought his own tropical island, hiding in fear from the citizens he had sworn to protect.

At the bottom of all this travesty of democracy is Jewish influence which has polluted the American republic since Alexander Hamilton brought the influence of the Bank of England to the colonies in the late 1700s.

Now you look the other way as a clinically feeble president manipulated by crafty psychopaths utters creepy commands all designed to demolish America and murder the citizens who built it who are now being replaced by mindless zombies who take their temporary payments and unearned assets until they too will be ground beneath the gruesome gears of technotyranny

So you call yourself a patriot, do you? All ready to celebrate your brave nation’s 246 birthday with your fond recollections vaporizing thousands at Hiroshima, incinerating hundreds of thousands more at Dresden and Fallujah, and that crowing achievement of martial madness, bombing wedding parties in Afghanistan.

Congratulations, tough guy! That makes you a criminal, committing crimes against nature, against your neighbors, against your own family, and against everyone you know or even don’t know.

But above all, by obeying the criminal manipulators who make up wars to get you to leave your brains behind and give up your lives for nothing, you betray yourself.

Why? Because you’ve bought into the big lie, the lie that keeps you a slave, the lie that keeps on killing, the lie that you will never be free as long as you believe that fake belief they’ve put into your head that you have to kill the people they say you have to kill.

Chances are you don’t even know why. You’re just following orders. In most of your brains it never occurs to you that you were barking up the wrong tree.

The karmic consequence of rooting for the unjust deaths of others equates to cheering for your own destruction, and you have long since achieved your objective.

Let the Independence Day celebration begin as you put the finishing touches on your own enslavement, infirmity and death. Poison your sons and daughters with your patriotic prattle because your lives mean nothing now.

This is not to demean either the character of sacrifice in combat. Nor is it to denigrate the bravery in battle it takes to risk everything to protect your fellows. But to obey the senseless commands of your maniac leaders, especially when you usually know their motives are not pure, is to go up against God and the sacredness of life, especially when you throw your own life away for reasons that never made sense, reasons above your pay grade that you have failed to display the power or the common sense to refute and refuse.

That’s because your conscience was infected by ignorance and your will was warped by propaganda which convinced you the mission you accepted was really a crime against life resulting in your own spirit’s death.

So by some miracle of chance you came through it and reaped the accolades of victory which enabled you to ignore the pain of remembering all those innocents you left for dead.

You should be able to see clearly now that Joe Biden was hired to destroy the country. How could anyone with a scintilla of self-respect throws its weapons away by the side of the road, $82 billion dollars worth of America’s sweat and tears, just another squandered bribe by the pervert presidents who have destroyed the country.

Worship the parasitic monsters now in charge of the war machine leading you yourself toward that final moment when you will breathe your last prematurely and realize forever that that country that you thought was free never really was.

Happy birthday, America. It’s a funeral tune we’re singing now, one last day of shame on the road to eternal damnation. Enjoy yourselves. You deserve it. You richly deserve it.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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  1. Toby. Even without all these factoids, you could just sense that Comey was pulling punches. No witness from the FBI or CIA can be expected to be truthful because they know they have unspoken immunity. All the others should be forced to testify including Congress critters. It’s an inside game and the Clintons have played it for years. Trump failed because he was an outsider. And, unfortunately, for his followers also a sociopath.

  2. We have been programmed to destroy ourselves and the earth by malevolent ETs but we are unaware of it because we are born into it. Everything we think we know is a lie. The malevolent ET took advantage of those with the least amount of energy conductivity in their outer shell, lack of melanin. Melanin is an energy conductor that allows “quick” reaction to multidimensional energies. Malevolent ET operate in 4D. Lack of melanin can’t sense ET BS and are blinded to the programming. Those who possess diverse genome to seed a planet or “father many nations”, were robbed of their identity and resources and hated in all nations. Correction causes mourning in those accustomed to programming. (Nations “mourn” signs of his coming).
    The Chinese takeover of America fulfills Native American prophecy of Maasaw.
    Ezekiel 20:30 – the Tribulation is a “Rescue Mission” of the Israelites
    Joel 3:12 – unrepentant Gentiles destroyed
    Isaiah 14:1-3 repentant righteous Gentiles added to the repentant righteous Israelites
    Isaiah 14:17 the imprisonment of Israelites and refusal to let them go (Blacks 14% of population but 71.4% of prison population).
    Amos 9:14-15 Role change in captivity of Israelites and Gentiles confirming Isaiah 14:1
    Zechariah 8:20-23 – Gentiles seek earnestly to change
    Isaiah 60:10-12 confirms role reversal of Gentiles and Israelites
    Psalm 149:5-9 rest from tribulation and jubilation of Israelites, ability to execute judgment.
    Isaiah 62:8-9 Gentiles stop thefts of resources from Israelites.

  3. #3 – It ain’t “THE Blacks” who decided to spend +8 TRILLION on these “Forever-Lie, Cheat, Steal” wars. White supremacists are running around telling their fellows that the federal government has expended $22 TRILLION on “THE Blacks!” If you gave me that much money, wouldn’t it have made BETTER sense to keep the principle, and only spend the interest?! But I guess “THE Blacks” wouldn’t have been smart enough to figure that out (you know, “The Bell Curve”). White supremacists ACTUALLY go on Russian websites & tell ignorant foreigners how Black people have it better in America than white supremacists DO! No, we’ve been reading Alfred W. McCoy & setting back observing. The Question then becomes: WHEN The Empire of Lies sees that the Dollar is no longer the Word’s Reserve Currency & falls within the next 20 years, what then?! As Dr. John Henrik Clarke often said “Black people, you have and do NOT have any friends!” So then, accepting that premise, what should we be prepared for? White supremacist violence, certainly. What else should we be doing NOW to prepare for the fall? BTW, I’m a Pacifist when it comes to the Offensive.

  4. Jack, I have to point out the gem that is hidden in the Sussman “lying to the FBI case”. Sussman acquitted, case over, right? Oh no. Going straight to the heart, Hillary was proven as the source of the russiagate file via Steele and delivery to FBI Chief Council James Baker, by Sussman. Sussman was acquitted but not before some very important information went into court record…like Mook testimony that Hillary was fully involved.

    But it is the comments of a juror that shines the light on the acts of James Baker and James Comey, then later Adam Schiff. He said about Baker….if he didn’t know “HE SHOULD HAVE”.

    • Yes indeed. If he had any questions at all about the source of the very important file that was weaponized against Trump, Baker could have simply called Sussman and Sussman would have said the source was Hillary. But Baker chose not to do that.

      Then the second profound statement of a juror…in the scheme of things “that lie didn’t matter”. Indeed, the life of the fake file continued and was weaponized during the entire four years of the Trump Presidency. The Sussman trial revealed the Hillary hoax continued and was not stopped after her election loss, it was kept going by the Baker and Comey and Schiff lies….first telling subordinates that it came from the DOJ and thus was vetted (a falsity) and then by making the source a NATIONAL SECRET and keeping it that way so researchers would not find the true source…HILLARY.

    • So during all four years of Trump, the Chief Council of the FBI James Baker and Director Comey had actual knowledge that the file was fake and yet they continued to watch and not stop it’s use and weaponization against THE SITTING AND SWORN IN PRESIDENT TRUMP. They don’t have a choice, their job requires loyalty and they entirely failed to give their honest services exposing the fraudulent file. They committed crimes of sedition ALL FOUR YEARS with multiple opportunities to stop the attacks on the President….and they chose TREASON instead. 18 USC 2382 MISPRISIONOF TREASON is their crime while the file is easily identified as sedition and subversion by Baker and Comey.

  5. “””John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise.”””

    “And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: 9Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11AND FOR THIS CAUSE GOD shall SEND THEM STRONG DELUSION, that THEY SHOULD BELIEVE A LIE: 12That they all might be damned who BELIEVED NOT THE TRUTH, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 13But we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth: 14Whereunto he called you by our gospel, to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. 2 Thessalonians 8-14

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    • Elvin, Elvin, Elvin, you remind of guy who used to comment on VT in its heyday as the cutting edge of the internet. Tyron was his name, brilliant man, but hopelessly mired in the Jesus delusion. Jesus is an effeminate Jew in a white dress who gets nailed to a stick for talking to much shit about empire. The bible, well that was written in the eleventh century as we have already documented in Devils Among Us and numerous other pieces. It was your sedative for your last thousand years of getting sodomized. The sooner you forget the dead jew on a stick and all that goes with “him” the sooner we move forward on an enemy who has scored nothing but victory’s while you and everybody like you cower behind your bibles. Christian is another word for coward as I see it, it has been for the last eight years, and I calls it just like I see it…

  6. Descriptive and entertaining writer full of clever limericks of the impending USA doom.
    Reminds me of a Chris Hedges piece but with fucked up Qtard spin to it.

    Dont agree with half of it; his BLM attitude, (a good thing, put the fucking white pigs in jail from now on)
    And idea vaccines intentionally distributed to cull the population (they had to do “something quick” after Trump attacked China and then Iran with US military bioweapons then the shit spread and there is your modern day collateral damage of millions)
    Plus rigged elections (so the fuck what and what else is fucking new go and vote for your piece of shit on ballot see if it does a fucking thing)

    The US revolutionary war in 1776 started immediately after Britain declared slavery illegal in US colonies.
    So there is my personal fuck you fact for July 4.

    Good to memorize lots of these phrases to help argue your personal-opinion next time in a verbal battle with someone so fucking stupid its impossible to convince them of anything – like it will do any good anyways.
    My favorite is the “conscious of the ignorant”

  7. The US export their idiocy to Europe. DC thinks a future war will happen here, in Germany, Poland etc. Our governments are licking your cowboy boots and swallow the dirt every day. The best would be a new civil war with a successful sezession, this time, to free the planet from your evil empire. Let’s pray for it.

  8. I must admit that I’ve never seen expressed in one article the very things (or most of them) that I’ve thought at one time or another. If people do not realize that the institution that we call government has been subverted over time into a pure control mechanism, we are lost. Not one President in the last 60 years was there for us and they got progressively worse. We are presented with egregious pop-up crimes that are staged for maximum effect to further the control they have engineered. All the social movements are but TV drama to set the stage for more division. The saddest things are the crimes committed by our military that we ignore so well and continue to do so. While the spectacle of Ukr is all the news, Yemen is in far more dire shape and has not 1 western friend. On the contrary, virtually every western country has joined in on the feast. That is an example of our ‘fair play’ and morality. Karma is a real bitch and sooner or later…

    • My two favorite writers growing up were John Kaminski and Gordon Duff, still are but I’ve added a third, me…

    • Gee, Jack, I thought some of these admonitions could be applied to the VT editorial staff. Just some.

  9. Won’t America be a very different place with millions of liberals culled by the vaxxines along with millions of “father of the vaxxines” tRump supports gone?

    An equal opportunity observation.

    • Most of the vaccines were placebos. But, they achieved their intended purpose. Booster schmooster.

  10. Newspapers cheering black thugs burning down American cities and robbing stores at random. Police putting white people in jail for demanding freedom and honesty.

    Lol..typical right wing “we are the victims” drivel. This is a smoking gun of genocide, fool:

    Bush sr. said, ” the CIA has a plan to get all nigg3rs hooked on crack and thrown in prison”.

    ****https: //

    • Bonus: how, when and where the CIA created the Medellin cartel:

      ***https: // com/i/I4smxJ-LFT0d1Q

    • Then there are the “Q” tards most of whom will be unvaxxed.

      I speak fluent “Q” so will be able to hold down a job. Libtards? Will be gone with the wind since they have high vaxx uptake.

      The good news? Wages are going up!

    • Mr Kaminski is a great writter. Perhaps after the culling of the stupid things will get better? “LET THEM HAVE THEIR VACCINES” ! They need them since it’s spiritual now and a very religious need for them.

      The vaxxine is the liturgy of the religion of covid and scientists the new priest class with big tech the holder of doctrines of the revealed holy writ.

      Let them have them as they need them…

    • Nine: Fauci wanted to be Pope and Godfather of the vaccine universe. Maybe his current “viral” infection is all part of the charade.

    • He says nothing about the crimes of the Blue “heroes”, as they murder unarmed black people. 90 shots, 60 struck a body in Akron, OH. As Dr. John Henrik Clarke said, black people are little more than Subjects in the U.S., not citizens.
      And this “Civil War” they keep going on about: They want to gun down Black people, and call it a “Civil War.” Look, America is DONE. America is getting its butt kicked ALL OVER THE WORLD, no matter what “Ol’ Jim Crow Joe” Biden does. And when America goes, it’s the end of 580 years of white supremacy, which will be LESS than the African arm of Islam ruled Spain (735 years). Accept it. And as you’re trying to murder black people in your “Civil War”, Russia & China will be loading up the Troop Transports to attack the America “Patriots” in the Rear! It’s only logical. As The Minister said, “Black people may fall, but America will NEVER be the same!” White Supremacy had centuries of payback coming, & everyone else are not like black people in this “forgiving.”
      Remember when Reagan & The Conservatives told you 40 years ago how good it was going to be when “The Free Market” & “Less Government” ruled supreme? But, what about Reaganism? What about the “American Dream?” To paraphrase Alan Moore: “It came true. You’re looking at it.”

    • vhervey, you auditioning for a job at CNN? Just the type of rhetoric that keeps poor Whites and poor Blacks hating each other while Schlomo makes off with the major appliances and whatever else he can steal. I’m a White boy from NYC, born and raised there for fifty years, an Italian living with a bunch Appalachian Scotch/Irish in rural Tennessee. For the last four years I been in every state east of the Mississippi, the America you’re talking about only exists on CNN. I hate to disappoint you, but these people bear no grudge against you or any other Black, it’s the federal government they hate, which puts them five steps ahead of you as to knowing who their enemy is. Wizen up…

    • #2 – Not all white people are white SUPREMACISTS, and not all white supremacists are white PEOPLE. Again, these white supremacists that you say “bear no grudge” are plotting right NOW to gun us down like dogs, in what they are calling a “Civil War.” As Assata Shakur said, white supremacists will profess “brotherhood” & “we are all in this together”, & and as soon as they get what THEY want, it’s back to “THE Blacks” again. No, we’re not falling for the “Banana-In-The-Tail-Pipe.” When Corporate America & Conservatives begin moving ALL the factories overseas, THAT was the beginning of America’s downfall. Reagan continued the Great Acceleration, fooling white people with his “Screw Black People” rhetoric. What young Black man/woman was going to sell drugs before 1960 when he could get a factory job “Up North”, get great pay, great benefits, & a great retirement plan?! Now, you want to tell Black people it’s all our fault?! It ain’t Black people pushing for a $800 BILLION War Budget! It ain’t Black people who ran up those deficits!

    • Last word on this for reasons I have already stated in my comment policy, I paid the dues to get here not you, and the same can be said of the author of this piece. In fact, I ain’t so sure you are not some kind of hasbara troll, trying to stir up racial hatred, their best weapon. First of all, if you’re not I must question what you have seen of life besides CNN. Dude as I’ve already said I’ve been in every state east of the Mississippi and I’ve yet to observe any overt racism, outside maybe Waycross Georgia where Blacks and Whites dine in separate establishments, and that’s by choice not any mythical CNN Jim Crow laws. Why don’t you take a ride along the rustbelt and see what “white privilege” has got those people? Am I defending the Trumptards? No, they are too stupid to live but that still don’t make them racists, you are like a child with a limited vocabulary and racist is your favorite word because its only two syllables. Learn a few new ones like divide and conquer, that’s what you do whether you realize it or not and that makes you at best a useful idiot. If we stand together like we did in Richmond in 2020 on Martin Luther King Day, we will carry the day. Anything else is unacceptable where I call the shots and this comment section is one of those places where I do

    • Jack. I think you are spot on about 95% of the time. Like most of us, we have periods of clouded vision. Thanks for your stuff. I learn something every article here. I don’t like Duff calling me a moron but we’re all big boys here. BTW what ever happened to Patterson NJ?

    • One of the NYC metro towns that went from white/blue collar to white/black/blue collar to black/white/semi poverty. There are stories there. NJ has lots of those towns (Newark, Trenton, Camden). Lived there to see the trends. Grew up in 2 Levittowns where deed restrictions excluded blacks. Saw the great racial migrations within NJ from 1960 onward. It could only happen in America for better or worse.

    • A good example of one who speaks out about White Supremacy Tyranny, UNlike Your Designated “Good” whites:
      “Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said ‘The serious (white supremacy) and (tyranny against Foundational Black Americans-FBAs) in the U.S. are reflections of…(white supremacy) and (tyranny) that the U.S. Promotes Around The World’…Spokeman Zhao made the remarks at a Press Briefing when asked to comment on Jayland Walker, an (FBA)in Ohio, (executed) by eight police officers who fired more than 90 shots…Zhao noted that it is NOT Uncommon for police to enforce the law more harshly when dealing with (FBAs)…’From the Evils of the Slave Trade…to the Ongoing Abject Situation and Tragic Suffering of (FBAs)…White Supremacy and the promotion of “White “Replacement Theory” in the U.S. are Rampant, and Systematic/Universal (White Supremacy) is intensifying’, Zhao said. He said the U.S., as a State Party to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, has FAILED to take…measures to address Systematic (White Supremacy), which constitutes a Grave violation of its Obligations under the Convention. ‘HOW MANY George Floyd or Jayland Walker (executions) are Needed BEFORE the U.S. Gov’t TRULY Reflects on itself and takes practical actions to shed its Arrogance and (White Supremacy) and achieve fairness and Justice?” Zhao said.”

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