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Bill Gates: “COVID Vaccines Are The Final Solution.” ADL: “That’s Anti-Semitic!”

Bill Gates should be ashamed of himself. Or so says the ADL.

Get Vaxxed Before Your Assisted Suicide OR ELSE!

Why did the German authorities decide to make COVID mRNA shots mandatory prerequisites for assisted suicide?

What They’re Not Telling You About the New mRNA Boosters

They are the deadliest drugs in medical history, bar none, and now reformulated shots are being green-lighted based on antibody data from mice alone.

The Curse, by Georg Stein

We are read in serious occult circles all over the world. The supernatural doesn't get any more serious than in Cuba. This one's from Cuba with love...

Today’s Brief, post-independence

In the video brainstorming session between Johnson and self-made military intelligence experts Alex Christoforou and Alexander, Larry Johnson disproves my theory that there is no intelligent life at the CIA.

America is being suicided

Happy birthday, America. It very likely could be our last. It has become completely impossible to ignore the fact that we suddenly find ourselves in a country gone bad run by a government gone mad, making war on a country we don’t have to fight that is destroying our own country in the process.

Alert in US Too. Salmonella Epidemic from Chocolate. Just as Gates...

Huge Intrigues in Italy behind Big Pharma and politicians.

Gordon Duff Debates Kevin Barrett on COVID Data & RFK Jr.’s...

In which Gordon Duff informs me that the CIA and right-wing Israeli-run think tanks are supposed to be paying me $50,000 a month.

“Freedom From Choice” Movement Demands Mandatory Vaccinations Against Free Will

“The real problem isn’t vaccine hesitancy, it’s the freedom of choice that makes vaccine hesitancy—and other choices I don’t agree with—possible.”

Will Vaxx Wars “Go Nuclear” in 2022?

If the nukes, the COVID, and the vaccines don't kill us in 2022, the psycho squirrels will.

OMG! Omicron!!! (with Cat McGuire)

A STUDY BY Dr Steven Gundry, a renowned American cardiac surgeon, now medical director of the International Heart and Lung Institute at Palm Springs, California, SHOWS THAT PULS TEST SCORES MORE THAN DOUBLE AFTER VACCINATION...

FFWN: Pushing Back Against Draconian Mandates (with Cat McGuire)

Cat McGuire is the greatest PR "nurse" since Nayirah!

Aaron Rodgers and Leo Chenal—Wisconsin’s Top Two Football Stars—Resist the “Vax...

Aaron Rodgers just got fingered as the scapegoat in today's edition of Big Brother's Two Minutes of Hate.

FFWN: Night of the Living Vaxxed

Legions of brainwashed undead are roaming around shrieking “must eat unvaxxed brains!”

YouTube UNCENSORS False Flag Weekly News

YouTube's AI algorithm thought my joke about anti-vax animals revolting at the zoo was "medical misinformation."

Republicans torpedoed vaccine edicts — then slipped in the polls

Jim W. Dean - A growing number of Republicans are looking to go third party as the only feasible route for them so they are not canceled out by the Trumpers.

Vaxdolatry: “Bow Down and Worship Me, or Else!”

The COVID Inquisition's censors don't want you to hear from anyone outside their narrow circle of faith.

Vax Resisters Need Experimental Capital Punishment Therapy

What the experimental gene therapy refusers need is experimental capital punishment therapy (ECPT) to permanently remove their refractory DNA from the gene pool.