Editor’s Note: The Trump brownshirts continue to undermine the Covid public health measure, all in a perverse effort to continue the pandemic’s punishment and to blame Biden for it in the 2022 election season.

Would Republicans be willing to cause unnecessary American deaths to enhance their own political power? You can bet your ass they would, and they have. The huge majority of the current deaths are Trump supporters willing to die for the Orange Buffoon public health critic.

Trump is the same elected official who told Bob Woodward that he had been briefed that Covid was easily transmitted via tiny air droplets, but kept that hidden to serve his reelection prospects.

I am still perplexed that Trump is not exposed to any actionable litigation when he is clearly responsible for a large number of deaths by playing Covid down.

Woodward has part of this shadow on him because he left that out of his book, and exposed it when Trump was already in the crosshairs for January 6.

A growing number of Republicans are looking to go the third party as the only feasible route for them so they are not canceled out by the Trumpers.

They then can be the swing vote, along with independents and the Democrats when aligned on key issues, and let the Trumpers stew in their own juice, as there apparently is no treatment for their disease. Thus ends my cheery missive for todayJim W. Dean

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First published … October 19, 2021

Republicans torpedoed vaccine edicts — then slipped in the polls

Politico: Republican governors crusading against vaccine mandates are facing significantly lower approval ratings on their handling of the coronavirus pandemic than their counterparts. But they’re not worried.

From Florida to Texas to South Dakota, GOP governors have been on the front lines of the war against vaccine mandates, barring immunization requirements in their states and threatening to fight President Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate in court.

Just last week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott flat-out banned vaccine requirements, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis followed up by vowing to sue the Biden administration.

But new research shows governors in states without vaccine mandates — or where they’ve outright prohibited such a requirement — have “significantly lower” approval ratings for their handling of Covid-19. While many of these governors remain popular, some have seen dips in their overall approval ratings in recent months as their states faced the latest wave of coronavirus.

…Vaccine mandates are politically divisive but nationally have broad support. The Morning Consult/POLITICO poll from August showed eight in 10 Democrats and at least half of independent voters want to require vaccinations for all Americans. Roughly six in 10 American adults favor vaccine requirements for federal workers and employees of large companies.

You can read the full Politico article here.


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  1. rump KNaeW since Bolton told him n summer of 2018 they have successfully concocted a genetically modified flu virus that targets the Chinese culture and race; PERFECT to deploy into a Chinese industrial city and bring it’s economy to a standstill.
    A “blameless and covert” bioweapon attack it would be, plus specially formulated to not kill children. Wow!

    After the Iranian ICBM missle attacks US airbases, he was briefed that they also have the PERFECT and much more deadly flu virus to deploy against Iran’s government as some “blameless and covert retaliation”; which targets the darker skinned Persian people “mostly” and won’t spread into other ethnicities and races.
    His briefing about air droplets came from those NOT in the know, and we’re issuing a warning – but Trump disregarded it because he thought they were wrong, as he knew these were “designer” bioweapons, not supposed to be spreading outside the targeted populations.
    Christians have always killed others in the name of Christ. Witness extermination of American Indian tribes. The rapture suicidal cult very insane but lots of people become the insane when convinced they will always get away with murder when its in name of Christ.

  2. You have to remember, Jim, the Cult of Trump is first and foremost a death cult. The notion that they would be willing to cause unnecessary American deaths to enhance their own political power… Of course they would!

    COVID-19 is a US bioweapon for Pete’s sake. Trump has known this at least since November of 2019 according to the Times of Israel. It provided cover for the biggest transfer of wealth in US history from the US treasury to the big banks and corporations that happened in the spring of 2020. No doubt Trump’s Kosher Nostra pals were first in line for this “free” money.

    • Tommy, I don’t know what a “death cult” is, but I get the impression from you that it’s a cult which desires death, and that death their own, since if they desired the death of others, it would be a murder cult.
      Only mentally distressed suicidals desire their own death.
      And I know for a practical certainty that there are not 50 million suicidals in American Christendom.
      However there may be 50 million bewitched delusionals backing the wrong horse.

    • The Rapture-me-outta-here crowd is a death cult if there ever was one. Guess it isn’t murder their warrior Messiah does it, Elvin, returning to Earth to smite the unbelievers, everyone but them apparently.

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