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Editor’s note: Anyone who has ever ridden a horse can understand the importance of the proverbial horseshoe. The fable of the kingdom being lost over a horseshoe held clear meaning for me as a child. After I read that the kingdom was lost for the want of a nail, I could vividly picture the whole debacle playing out, step by step, over that single dad blasted nail falling out of the horse’s shoe.

As a youth, I had 8 hands high pony who was my four-footed companion for cantering across grassy meadows and climbing hilly CC logging trails on those occasions when he wasn’t trying to rub me off under the nearest low hanging apple tree branch, using his “Shetland pony blitz.”

But, the WW2 blitzkrieg had introduced the world to the influence and dominance of a blitz. A blitz is effectively so fast that the targets don’t know what hit them.

As the Christian Right’s Project Blitz picks off the low-hanging fruit, they describe their list of goals that cause ‘minimal pushback,’ and the goals are on a sliding scale of difficulty and controversy. Many people say “what’s the harm in painting a slogan on a wall?” or “what’s the harm in supporting a national license plate slogan?” But, this is analogous to the pluralistic American society dropping a nail from the horseshoe of our constitutionally based government, and it is in no way intended by the instigators to be without consequences.

Essential to the republic is a vision of our American nation in a socially sustainable form, i.e. avoiding civil war. Also essential is the need for Christianity to maintain its essence, to hold true to Jesus Christ’s basic message, and counteract the nihilistic goal of groups chasing after their idea of The Rapture.

The last excerpt below is an excerpt written by Christians Against Christian Nationalism, an organization that seeks to confront the supremacist antics of Project Blitz politics.

We need to be aware of Project Blitz, as it is well funded by adversaries of America, well organized, and has forged a quasi Christian renegade identity to swing a wrecking ball against the pluralistic political landscape in 2022 and 2024, the power of its destruction already seen on January 6th.

One final note. In their podcast, they mention that American Muslims couldn’t even touch it as a topic, as they have been marginalized. This made me think of the citizens of Israel who reached out to the world a couple of years ago when they wrote that they would need outside help in confronting toxic political movements. However, the inverse is true here, in that only Christians can deal with and effectively confront the Christian Fundamentalists. And, why that is, is a whole different article. Erica P. Wissinger

Excerpted from Under God: The Rise of Christian Nationalism


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  1. Millions of Europeans came to this continent to get away from religious persecution in Europe, like the Spanish Inquisition, the 30 f-ing Years War, and the various pogroms that happened in every European nation. The last thing these folks want is any form of a “state” church telling them what to think and how to live. Yet that is exactly what US Dominionists want to do. This is why Sinclair Lewis wrote, “Fascism will come to the USA wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

  2. To combat the Godless Society of Secularism which has turned out to be the Power Base of Money and its agents it will be good if the US was ruled by Christians. I, as a Muslim, have no problem with Christianity for Islam declares that nearest to are those who call themselves Christians. With the modern understanding of each other, It would definitely put end to eternal wars which are created by a tiny minority whose only aim is to make money out of human suffering.

  3. Here’s a “nail” that would pin the insurrection promoters to the ground.

    Man was created in the image of God.
    Jesus Christ is known as the “son of man,” and the “Son of God.”

    Believers in Christ know Jesus was God in the person of a man.
    God’s only “born” son.

    The “nail” is this; with certainty it can be stated that the same crowd who are promoting a generic “motto” would have hissy-fit freak-out if the suggestion of putting on a car tag was to be “In Jesus Christ We Trust.”

  4. If you want to talk numbers, Pastor John Hagee claims that “50 million bible-reading Christians joined with 5 million [Ashkenazim] is a marriage made in Heaven.” 80% of them voted for Trump in the last election. So-called Christian Zionism is not only dominionist, but supports everything that the European Ashkenazim are doing in Palestine. They were why Trump killed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran. They are why Republicans in Congress will never ratify any nuclear treaty with Iran. MAGA has always been MIGA, Make Israel Greater Again.

    • They, the Zionist Christians, are a minority. They have allied themselves with the Usurers’ money The real Christians are as suppressed in the USA as they are in Europe.

  5. My, My, it looks like a war is brewing. Of course the fact that most Americans care more about football and baseball than they do about religion, should not stop anyone from weighing in on this weighty issue. My own take on this dimension of life is that communities thrive on both homogeneity, for high-trust, that confers efficiency, and diversity to create new thinking that challenges the same old, same old. But in all of this, it seems to me that the most sacred right of people is the right to freedom of association. This freedom would find, for example, forced integration a crime against humanity. If there is to be integration, it should be accomplished voluntarily. The fact that integration was forced in this country, seems to demonstrate that it was not wanted voluntarily, but it was done anyway. It looks like this movement against “In God we trust,” will be yet a new state forced integration of disparate peoples against the organic and natural will to homogenize. Apparently football and baseball homogeneity is not offensive to anyone, except the opposing team, and those differences will be worked out on the playing field.

  6. Freedom of religion is freedom from it entirely.
    No preference, no extra privilege, no extra money.
    Tax them all or attach your fate to their pre prescribed peril. It has become a bully of least moral character and willing to afflict harm onto any who stand in their way.
    And it is all based on a amalgamation of myth and calendrical base teachings, taken completely out of context.
    Any talk of a real Jesus, is the game of pretend. This has been known for the entire time.

    • The template and test for christianity to correct itself or investigate itself is on record with the ability of the entire catholic hierarchy escaping criminal punishment for knowingly moving sex abuser priests to avoid prosecution or exposure.
      This is unacceptable and must not be repeated as a sufficient pathway to the civil governance of our country. We cannot hand over authority to religion. They must step forward and explain themselves in front of congress. Otherwise they should disband and be allowed to leave. In any event, they must be taxed. Every jot and tittle.

    • Our greatest modern flaw, is to equate religion with spirituality and knowledge of the invisible.
      Religion has no spiritual goals that can be discerned by their conduct.

    • “Our greatest modern flaw, is to equate religion with spirituality and knowledge of the invisible.”

      I wouldn’t call it a “flaw,” but a cunningly devised deception employed to cover spiritual darkness with a false cloak of man-made light.

    • I see no reason to limit religion to a group of people. Individual religion can be what any individual desires. The danger of individualistic based religions is they have no real base or system of beliefs and the change their principles with the changing of the wind.

      Thats not to say i am defending Neo Europen Christian Feudalism, which is vary much anti-Americanism.

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