Will the Woke Authoritarian State (WAS) send us free-thinking dissidents to the gas chambers?

Incendiary dialogues with (on the right) E. Michael Jones and (on the left) Mona Shaykh


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By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei left China and moved to the West in search of freedom. Today he’s not sure he really got anywhere: “You’re already in the authoritarian state,” he just told us Westerners.

E. Michael Jones, guest commentator on this week’s False Flag Weekly News, already knows that. Jones, one of America’s leading Catholic intellectuals, has been marginalized and deplatformed for expressing views that amount to mainstream Catholic common sense.

Appearing (possibly for the last time) on Firing Line, Weiwei “stated that the U.S. is already behaving like an authoritarian state, and much of it has to do with efforts for people to be ‘unified in a certain political correctness…You just think you’re purified by certain ideas that you agree with. That is posing dangers to society, to an extremely divided society.'”

Today the people who “purify” themselves by “unifying with a certain political correctness” are mostly those who think of themselves as liberals or leftists. They refuse to engage with ideas that run counter to their unified bubble of purity, instead demanding that the heretics be silenced.

The folks who are hating on Kyle Rittenhouse can’t be bothered with the actual evidence:

Instead they just divide America into two tribes—the evil Trump-loving Confederate Nazis (bad guys) versus the heroic Resistance (good guys) and don’t let any facts get in the way.

The authoritarian statists see the January 6 “insurrection” through the lens of their tribal narrative. They lump all the demonstrators who entered Congress, even though the vast majority just walked through wide open doors, in many cases waved on by police, and had no reason to believe they were doing anything illegal. Rather than focusing on the minuscule minority who incited or perpetrated the violence, the politically-correct tribalists are demanding the heads of the ordinary, law-abiding folks whose worst crimes were gullibility and unintentional trespassing. (The real perps who incited the violence in the first place, like “Ray Epps,” aren’t even being identified, much less prosecuted, presumably because they are Cointelpro assets.)

Meanwhile, the United Politically-Correct Purists getting more hysterical by the day in their rabid howls for the blood of the unvaccinated. I recently spent an interesting hour listening to ultra-woke comedian Mona Shaikh screaming four-letter words at me because, according to her, I am an “anti-vaxxer.” Sounding like a Tourettes patient in dire need of an exorcism, Shaikh briefly interjected, in the midst of her incessantly repetitive screeching, what sounded like a call for all unvaccinated people to be sent to the gas chambers…then backed down and opted for a COVID-based “final solution to the anti-vaxxer problem.”

Austria, Adolf Hitler’s birthplace, is now threatening mandatory injections for unvaccinated untermenschen. Given the mounting evidence for severe circulatory  system side effects, alongside real-world studies confirming Pfizer’s covered-up initial study showing significantly higher all-cause mortality in the vaccinated group, I’d rather take my chances with the Zyklon B. That might less painful than having to listen to Mona Shaikh for another hour.

[My full “interview” with Mona Shaikh will be posted by tomorrow, Wednesday 11/23, at my Substack.]


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  1. Kevin, you don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to know that the USA has the most brain-washed population on the planet. The proof of that is how many Americans bought into the “official” narrative of 9/11. More than 90% of persons surveyed in polls shortly after that day expressed approval of the insertion of ground troops into Afghanistan. 9/11 was the pretext for all the wars of this century, all wars of aggression, all for Israel.

    This being said, Americans of all political persuasions and religious backgrounds can be told anything by the Zionist MSM and they will believe it. All attempts to assign blame on one party or another are doomed to fail.

  2. Harvard Wyss Foundation/Klaus Schwab-Escher- Wyss Company.
    In 2015, the Wyss Foundation initiated The Hub Project “to shape media coverage to help Democratic causes”.
    Hansjörg Wyss (born 19 September 1935)-Swiss billionaire businessman donor to politically liberal and environmental causes in the United States-founded the Harvard Wyss Institute.
    -Creating a Nanotechnology World of Order out of Chaos.
     Together with DARPA they are creating:
     · Adaptive material technologies:
    ·  Anticipatory medical and cellular devices:
    ·  Bioinspired robotics:
    ·  Synthetic biology:
    ·  Biomimetic microsystems:
    ·  Programmable nanomaterials- vax delivered- form a web inside the human body controllable from the outside merging man and machine.

    Elon Musk Neural Lace technology-
    Neural Link
    Star Link
    Boston Dynamics
    -makes Robotics as does Tesla. Boston Dynamics belongs to DARPA.
    Elon Musk Darpa Harvard Wyss institute – “Omnivax”
    DNA Nanotechnology Tools

    Freescale Semiconductor Chip- connects the DARPA AI robots, automotive, embedded and communications to the Starlink Network.
    Jacob Rothschild sole patent holder

    On March 8, 2014, Freescale announced that 20 of its employees were lost aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

    Schwab Wyss Musk Rothschild

    • It seems so much easier to “rule” when the populace gladly accepts their transformation into robots covered with human skin. The soul may leave the body before physical death if that is no longer a palatable home. Now, that’s something to work on.

  3. Whoopi Goldberg: “ReEducate”

    Bill Maher: “Mao! Communism! Woke Authoritarian State😱!”

    WHILE we find mass child graves* from the ReEducation Camps in USA: where it literally wasn’t illegal to kidnap N̶a̶t̶i̶v̶e̶ American children until 1978.

    (See sanitized NBC News headline:
    “Indian Boarding School Investigation Faces Hurdles In Missing Records, Legal Questions.”)

  4. Kevin. I think we’ve passed the point of mutual listening. Now, it’s just cold stares and blind profanities. Even in this “free and open” blogisphere. And, the smug know-it-alls don’t even know that. Eventually, unless we see divine intervention, there will be blood.

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