As two Fox contributors quit over Tucker Carlson, an alarming truth is revealed

…from the Washington Post

[ Editor’s Note: It was a foregone conclusion that the Trumper psyop machine would attempt to recast its Insurrection Day investigation as a persecution of the Trump mob by “liberals”.

The psychology behind it is not based on what anti-Trumpers might think, but on what the socially impaired, childish Trumper base would like to think. They will love it and double down on their support for Trump’s ‘fighting to defend them from sadistic Democratic political persecution’.

The planners behind the ploy have not lost their minds. Make no mistake about it, this Leftist persecution con signals that the Trump mob must get ready to fight imaginary fire with fire, i.e., a mass elimination of anti-Trumpers having any future political power.

The next round will be much more violent and widespread, an effort that can be framed as a patriotic resistance to save the Republic. This Round Two of January 6 will be fought in all the states that the Trump gang is rigging to make sure Trump Republicans win in 2022.

That will set them up for the next round in 2024 that will see Trump back in office with pardons galore for any and all who have boxes of Democratic scalps in their basements to prove they served the cause.

What the insurrectionists are working on is a political version of the recent Christmas parade slaughter, where the enemy must be mowed down with no pity, and only men of steel that will fight under a take no prisoners black flag need apply.

As this cranks up, I fear that law enforcement is going to be overwhelmed, and even worse with a portion of them aligned with the Trumpers on the inside. These are scary times, and we need to be prepared. Tucker Carlson’s socio-political bomb might have been funded as the starting gun to take the conflict to the next level.

VT is seeing full bore political psyops tactics being deployed like during the Cold War, where ‘anything goes’ regime-change operations were just another day at the office. The US taxpayers funded all of that, but now it will be Republican dark money, which has shown itself to be a potent mass casualty weapon… Jim W. Dean ]

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The behind the scenes handlers of the capitol rioters are still walking around free

First published … November 22, 2021

It is fitting that two Fox News contributors have severed their ties with the network over Tucker Carlson’s glorification of Jan. 6 at exactly the moment when more than 150 scholars are sounding a loud, clanging alarm about the future of our democracy.

Both stories should rivet our attention on the increasing flirtation among large swaths of the right with political violence, and on the role that the right’s campaign to delegitimize our political system is playing in it.

Conservative writers Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg — quit Fox to protest Carlson’s online special “Patriot Purge.” As Ben Smith of the New York Times reports, they objected to its depiction of an alternate history of Jan. 6 as a “false flag” designed to create a pretext to persecute conservatives.

…Stephen Hayes specifically noted that he was disturbed by Carlson’s comparison of Jan. 6 defendants to terrorism suspects tortured by the United States, and his suggestion that “half the country is going to be subject to this kind of treatment.”

…In a follow-up statement, Hayes and Goldberg cited a quote from Carlson’s video — “the left is hunting the right” — and noted that this rhetoric could prompt Americans to act on it. They added: “This is what actually happened on January 6, 2021.”

…News organizations have published searing examinations of the right’s descent into this abyss and GOP complicity with it.


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  1. The Jan 6th “theater” was designed to change the narrative from pervasive election fraud to Trump vilification. Although this event has all the earmarks of a “False Flag” it was able to effectively change the narrative as planned. Of the “Mockingbird Media” chirped the designated script! Over and Over and Over Again! And Mr Carlson completely missed the point of this tragic theater production. Hardly surprising.

  2. God help us when people bow down to the media. Why can an old man like me use research via the web to see what is really going on. Fox News and especially Tucker have been attacked repeatedly. They are getting to close to the facts for comfort.

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