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COVID Origins Riddle: Is the Answer “as Simple as ABC”?

Now that the US government has all but admitted that COVID is a bioweapon, will Patreon and YouTube restore my accounts and pay damages?

Greetings from Oujda, Morocco, the City of Mosques

Though Moroccans took a bigger economic hit from COVID than Americans did, the spiritual damage seems milder.

E. Michael Jones: “The Ukraine War Is Going to End in...

There's a Latin saying motus in fine velocior, "things speed up toward the end."

E. Michael Jones: Media Lynched Kyrie to Distract from Kanye’s “Personal...

Kyrie tweeted a link to a movie. So why is it suddenly World War Three at the ADL?

Towards Tomorrow- Roundtable 01- 4th of August 2022 with Dr. Ahmadinejad,...

What is difference between Dr Ahmadinejad's proposed ‘human centered world order’ and ‘the secular, humanist, materialist world order’ of today.?

Mark Dankof and E. Michael Jones are vicious anti-Semites

We are living in an intolerable world. The gangsters in that world do not want anyone to expose them because they would cease to have political dominion over us. They want to perpetuate categorical lies as truth. But every lie they utter brings them closer to destruction precisely because they cannot bury the truth forever.

The Intellectual Bankruptcy of Jared Taylor and the American Renaissance

Whether Taylor and others like it or not, they are the intellectual children of Charles Darwin, which is to say they are bound to live in intellectual contradiction for the rest of their natural lives.

9/11, JFK, COVID, Holocaust…Will Americans Be the Last to Know That...

Are Americans starting to wake up and join the rest of the world in calling out the crimes of their Deep State?

E. Michael Jones: “It’s the End of the World as We...

There's the stock market implosion, air travel has been canceled, gun sales are soaring. It looks like the apocalypse.

E. Michael Jones Gives George W. Bush Free Psychotherapy

E. Michael Jones says Bush’s blurt-out was a classic Freudian slip, an accidental confession to election fraud and war crimes driven by suppresed feelings of guilt.

Ukraine: The New 9/11 (with E. Michael Jones)

"Is the secret message that (Zelensky) mentioned, Pearl Harbor and 9/11—is he really trying to say in code that what's going on in Ukraine now is one big false flag operation?"

Is Calling Them Ukro-Nazis Unfair to Nazis?

But is calling them Ukro-Nazis unfair...to Nazis? That's what E. Michael Jones and I suggested in the latest episode of False Flag Weekly News.

Whoopi Goldberg should sit down with Jared Taylor on the Jewish...

Taylor once again tried to wiggle out of the Jewish question and ignored the fundamental issues. Why? Well, Taylor is following an essentially incoherent ideology, one which is consistent with what the Israelis are doing with the Palestinians.

E. Michael Jones: I Will Vote for RFK Jr. When He...

"Why are you bad-mouthing Hitler by associating him with Dr. Fauci?"

E. Michael Jones: “Looks like Gordon Duff Is Right, Israel Nuked...

Six protestors against Israel's nuking of Beirut were gunned down by snipers. All in a day's work for the Zionist Dajjal.

E. Michael Jones on Vax Mandate Backlash (Censored by Youtube!)

How did "15 days to slow the spread” turn into “two shots to feed your family”?

Anti-Jewish Party or Anti-Oligarch Party? E. Michael Jones vs. Kevin Barrett...

Ground control to Major Jeff, we don't want you back so go and eff yourself!

E. Michael Jones on FFWN: Every Day in Post-9/11 America Is...

Biden seizes Press TV, brays about closure of Hong Kong tabloid: A sad day for media freedom, maybe, but a great day for rank hypocrisy.

FFWN: In Which I Apologize to E. Michael Jones

Are Holocaustianity and the Cult of Covid replacing traditional religion? And is this an appropriate subject for gallows humor?

FFWN: Empire Collapsing, 1st Amendment on Life Support (with E. Michael...

As I prayed for the soul of Nasim Aghdam and railed against YouTube nuking my channel, "E. Mike" just nodded sagely and reminded me that the ongoing orgy of censorship is a sign that the oligarchs are getting desperate.

Domestic Terror Alert! Conspiracy Theorist Insurrection Threatens Free World! (with E....

We would all learn a lot just by watching E. Michael Jones watching They Live.

FFWN: Exposing “Borat’s Holohoax” with E. Michael Jones

Is there such a thing as Jewish privilege? And should we pay Mike Jones a nickel every time we use that expression?

Anatomy of a Global Psyop

Truth be told, this "pandemic" is actually a cover for the 10-year, Agenda 21-Agenda 30, long-planned, global coup d'etat. 

Are Elite Jews Responsible for COVID-NWO?

Those who would censor and silence such arguments are implicitly admitting that they can't refute them.

George Floyd Killing: Mafia Murder or Human Sacrifice? with E. Michael...

Whatever motivated the murder of George Floyd, it will be remembered as a classic human sacrifice myth.

Is Zoom boosting the porn industry?

Pornography promotes an appetite for sexual destruction. As the Telegraph itself put it last year, “After consumption, studies suggest that male users are more likely to trivialise sex or even support violence against women.”