…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

In 2006, a British party parliament group, led by Denis MacShane and backed by a number of prominent Jews and British Neocons such as Melanie Phillips and Emanuele Ottolenghi, released a report entitled the Report of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism, in which it is stated unequivocally that

“It is the Jewish community itself that is best qualified to determine what does and does not constitute anti-Semitism.”[1]

These could include “conversations, discussions, or pronouncements made in public or private, which cross the line of acceptability” as well as “the widespread change in mood and tone when Jews are discussed, whether in print or broadcast, at universities, or in public or social settings.”[2]

One needn’t be an intellectual to realize that this definition is generally dumb and worthless. Can we honestly say that it is only the black community that is best qualified to determine what constitutes racism? Can anyone see the complete absurdity of this system, not to mention the danger? But things got interesting over the years.

In 2016 the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance defined anti-Semitism as “a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred towards Jews.”[3] This formulation is quite similar to the one which the Report of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism articulated.

But as legal scholar Stephen Sedley put it in the London Review of Books, this slippery-slope definition is “indefinite” and therefore nebulous largely because perception is not and can never be a substitute for rigorous evidence. Even Scientific American tells us that “perception and reality don’t always match up.”[4] So Jewish organizations haven’t given us a solid and rigorous definition of anti-Semitism at all.

What those organizations and thought police have done over the years is that they have effectively antagonized anyone who happened to produce facts about what E. Michael Jones has called “Jewish revolutionary movements.” For example, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency came out with an interesting article in 2015 entitled, “Jewish groups celebrate Supreme Court’s legalization of gay marriage nationwide.”[5] In a similar vein, Amy Dean of Tikkun, a Jewish magazine, had this to say about Gay marriage in the United States:

“In a few short years, same-sex marriage went from being an untouchable political hot potato to a broadly accepted civil right in eighteen states and the District of Columbia. Jews, and their social justice organizations, helped make that happen. In fact, this magazine was a prophetic voice of marriage equality, supporting same-sex unions in the early 1990s and helping to lay the groundwork for the current wave of victories.”[6]

Likewise, Nathan Guttman of the Jewish Daily Forward published an article way back in 2013 entitled, “Jewish Blessings Greet Gay Marriage Ruling.”[7] Jay Michaelson of the same magazine wrote a similar article in 2015: “The Profoundly Jewish Lesson of the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling.”[8] Guttman wrote:

“Most Jewish communal leaders celebrated the landmark Supreme Court decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act. The Jewish community, with 81% of support for gay marriage according to public opinion polls, is the constituency most supportive of marriage equality, second only to the LGBT community in its backing of the rights of gays and lesbians to marry.”[9]

Ruth Messinger, president of the American Jewish World Service, stated then: “We believe that this is one of the necessary steps to ensure that the human rights of people of all sexual orientations are respected everywhere in the world.”[10]

The Jewish U.S. Supreme Court Justices who challenged the traditional consensus on gay marriage were none other than Elena Kagan, Stephen Breyer, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. During her tenure at Harvard, Kagan hired Jewish lawyer William B. Rubenstein. Kagan wrote of Rubenstein back in 2007:

“Bill Rubenstein is one of the leading procedure scholars in the nation, known especially for his influential work on class action suits and other complex litigation… Both his scholarship and his teaching benefit from his longtime experience as an innovative and remarkably successful litigator. It is truly a pleasure to add someone of so many and varied talents to our faculty.”[11]

What was Rubenstein’s background? Well, he wrote a long article in the UCLA School of Law Journal entitled, “Queer Studies II: Some Reflections on the Study of Sexual Orientation Bias in the Legal Profession.”[12] In the last paragraph of his subversive article, Rubenstein declared:

“With some important exceptions, courts have not been a refuge providing justice to lesbian, gay and bisexual Americans. As NOW Legal Defense Fund recognized three decades ago, the potential that bias studies provide is the potential to reform the judiciary. Sexual orientation bias studies can educate judges about the lives and experiences of lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals and can inspire them to dispense more justice. These are, therefore, important efforts that should be perpetuated and perfected.”[13]

What Rubenstein ended up saying was that the traditional view of marriage must be overthrown and replaced with, well, “equality,” despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans have universally rejected this “equality.”

In any event, our dear friend and colleague Mark Dankof took this body of scholarship and declared quite convincingly that Jewish organizations are largely responsible for gay marriage in America. Dankof even quoted former vice president Joe Bidden to support his thesis. Biden said then:

“Think – behind of all that, I bet you 85% of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media, are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry. The influence is immense, the influence is immense. And, I might add, it is all to the good.”[14]

For Joe Biden, this is all good; for Dankof, this is all bad. Yet because Dankof said it is bad, he is ipso facto a vicious anti-Semite! The Jerusalem Post quoted Dankof without even telling its readers that Dankof was simply quoting Jewish sources.[15]

In the same vein, Katie Zavadski of the Daily Beast condemned Dankof because, in her view, Dankof is “a gay-hating anti-Semite.”[16] The evidence? Here it is: Zavadski “rigorously” argued that “Dankof made a splash by thanking Jews for bringing gay marriage to America.”[17]

Well, Zavadski, is it true or not? If it is, then should Dankof really be sent to political Siberia for telling the truth? What we are seeing here is that if Dankof had agreed with Biden in concluding that gay marriage isn’t that bad for America, then he wouldn’t have been labeled a vicious anti-Semite.

E. Michael Jones

A similar thing happened to E. Michael Jones, one of the most trenchant and intrepid writers of our time. Jones wrote an article in 2003 saying that Jewish revolutionaries were behind pornography and produced a mammoth of scholarly studies to back up his thesis. He was still labeled an anti-Semite because his conclusion was that pornography is bad.

The following year Nathan Abrams, a renowned Jewish professor and lecturer in Modern American History, first at the University of Aberdeen, now at Bangor University, took Jones’ thesis and reproduced it in the Jewish Quarterly, where he got all kinds of accolades. Not a single Jewish organization has come forward and declared that Abrams is a vicious anti-Semite because Abrams sees pornography as a good thing. In Abrams’ own words, “What are we ashamed of?”[18]

Keep in mind that before Abrams asked the puzzling question, he wrote explicitly that:

“Jewish involvement in porn…is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion…

“Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged.”[19]

In his book The New Jew in Film, Abrams moves on to say: “[O]lder generation of Jewish filmmakers and actors, here [Woody] Allen, [Stanley] Kubrick and [Ron] Jeremy, arguably not only increased the Jewishness of their work, but updated it to match the new post-1990 sensibility by defining it in increasingly sexualized (and pornographic) terms.”[20]

Abram’s work has been published by academic centers like Rutgers University Press, and no one again has ever accused him of being an anti-Semite. In fact, he has gotten great accolades for writing provocative works.

The logic is pretty clear here: we are living in an intolerable world. The gangsters in that world do not want anyone to expose them because they would cease to have political dominion over us. They want to perpetuate categorical lies as truth. But every lie they utter brings them closer to destruction precisely because they cannot bury the truth forever.

First published in July 2018.

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  1. I’m so pro semite that I want everyone in Is reel to have blood tests and those who are not semite get removed and their homes given to real semites….DNA test for all.

  2. What sort of a chap is Denis Macshane ?

    Disgraced jailbird and former Rotherham MP Denis MacShane (born Josef Denis Matyjaszek) was sent to prison for 4 months for fiddling his parliamentary and privvy council expenses – false accounting.
    In his 2014 book Prison Diaries MacShane detailed his life in prison, in which he claimed to hold the status of “politician prisoner” Boo hoo poor Denis.

    Denis was MP for Rotherham from 5 May 1994 – 5 November 2012 he said in a BBC radio interview that no-one had come to him with child abuse allegations during that period

    As MP for Rotherham during the period of large-scale sexual abuse of children in the constituency Scoop from the Yorkshire Post: in 2009 child abuse campaigners in Rotherham sent a five page letter to Denis MacShane detailing concerns about widespread abuse in his constituency, but received no response. In the letter, to which MacShane was copied in, the campaigners wrote: “I would appreciate your urgent response to this letter and more importantly your speedy and effective intervention on this case before one of the children, or another, gets hurt”. Guido publishes it in full here:

    Renowned for his honesty, MacShane says he has no memory of the letter. The convicted fraudster visited the European Parliament yesterday, where UKIP MEP Jane Collins raised a Point of Order accusing him of “turning a blind eye to the abuse of 1,400 children in one of my constituencies and he’s in the coffee bar like a bad smell”.

    • Prior to being an MP crook Denis Macshane worked fo the BBC MacShane worked for the BBC from 1969 to 1977, [5] including as a newsreader and reporter. Astonishingly he managed to get fired by them on a matter of integrity.

      He was sacked by the BBC after using a fake name to call the radio phone-in programme he worked on at the time in an effort to falsley denigrate a Conservative MP who threatened legal action.

      Macshane appears to have been close to Uri Geller’s chum Lord Greville Janner reknowned for his keen interest in spending long days and evenings alone with very young boys.

      Labour MPs Janner and Macshane signed a letter regarding anti-semetism which Denis dutifully delivered to the Lithuanian embassy on 7 February 2011.

      Lithuania helping lead a European wide campaign, including the Prague
      Declaration of June 2008, which “recognizes Communism and Nazism as
      a common legacy”, proclaims “substantial similarities between Nazism
      and Communism”, and demands the “overhaul” of all European textbooks
      to reflect this revisionist history
      ◊ The national Genocide Museum in central Vilnius excluding reference to
      the Holocaust.

      The undersigned also note the Lithuanian Government’s failure to condemn
      and respond to rising anti-Semitism, which contributes to the perpetuation of
      this ancient hatred. This includes:,,,

      defendinghistory DOT com/text-of-the-letter-delivered-to-the-lithuanian-ambassador-in-london/46194

    • Greville Janner escaped prosecution for serious sexual abuse of boys on three occasions because of failings by prosecutors and the police, an independent report has found.

      Janner was president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the main representative body of the British Jewish community, from 1978 to 1984

      The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Leicestershire police have been severely criticised by Richard Henriques, a retired judge, for mishandling investigations into the peer in 1991, 2002 and 2007. Lord Janner died last month while awaiting a trial of the facts.

      The retired judge found that a Leicestershire police investigation in 1991 failed to cover basic steps such as checking details of whether a 14-year-old boy had shared hotel rooms with Janner, and that only “extremely limited” inquiries were made at the children’s homes where he lived.

      The decision not to charge Janner in 1991 was wrong because there was enough evidence against him to provide a realistic prospect of conviction for offences of indecent assault and buggery. In addition, the police investigation was inadequate and no charging decision should have been taken by the CPS until the police had undertaken further inquiries.

      These allegations related to 1975 when, it was alleged, the young boy from a children’s home met Janner after the then MP performed magic tricks.

    • With Israel’s declining image in the aftermath of its invasion of Lebanon, MacShane participated in the damage-control operation that relied on the familiar ploy of ascribing criticism of Israel to a resurgent antisemitism.

      “So, predictably, just after Israel faced another image problem due to its murderous destruction of Lebanon, a British all-party parliamentary group led by notorious Israel-firster Denis MacShane MP (Labor) released yet another report alleging a resurgence of anti-Semitism (Report of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry Into Antisemitism, September 2006). To judge by the witnesses (David Cesarani, LORD JANNER, Oona King, Emanuele Ottolenghi, Melanie Phillips) and sources (MEMRI, Holocaust Education Trust) cited in the body of the report, much time and money could have been saved had it just been contracted out to the Israel Foreign Ministry.”[11]

  3. E. Michael Jones is a breath of fresh air. His definition of what a person is, is simple. There is only 1 race and it’s the human race. Now we can divide us all into categories, i.e. Christian, Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Animistic, atheist, and so on, but we’re all of the human race. Once we accept this premise, we take away the power of those who desperately need division of society by color to continue their supremist goal which is Biblical. Of course, if it ever happened, the coming together of peoples under the single category ‘we are all of 1 race’, the human race, a certain section of the 1 race would promote sectarian wars. So, what’s the answer? I think I know it, but I’d like to hear other views.

    • The answer is to neutralize as many “big fish” amongst the Satan worshipping, child molesting, trafficking, and sacrificing Tribe, since the only thing that affects them is superior force. And since it’s a spiritual battle we are in, we need to pray the Rosary, which Our Lady of Fatima told the Visionary Sr Lucia has been given more power in our time. See THE ENTIRE STORY OF THE APPARITIONS OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA AND THE ANGEL on youtube for a good intro to this crucially important message, so important that the enemies of Christ who took over the papacy and the Vatican “disappeared” Sr Lucia so that they could hijack the Message and also prevent her from revealing the famous “Third Secret of Fatima.”

  4. The equation of “Mob Rule” in its simplest form… When a minority dictates any moral concept that all have to be ruled by… Here a small percent of the population of male gays-and female Lesbians (LGBTQ’s), By Jewish decree, have more rights than the standing majority… here are some statistics that back up this comment…
    . about 7+ %…Now what percentage is the Jewish population of America.
    about 2.2 %.
    These mobsters have the Gaul to be slanted with guile and subversive diligence that forms the Justice departments delusional mentality. If in fact, the courts have Jews as judges in large numbers, compared to goyim Judges… Here the rule of law, in connection to how democracy has evolved, considering that such a small percentage of society can tell the rest of us what to believe, or how to be judged in a free society where the fascist legal system can use it’s leveraged to enslave us all by its defining “Mob Rule”???

  5. It is getting more ridiculous by the day. Anti Semitism is of course Anti Semites. Palestinians, Arabs are Semites, Sephardic jews are Semites. Ashkenazi jews however are not Semites. As Theodor Herzl wrote in his diary. We need to promote Anti Semitism so we can found the state of Israel. Israel is an Apartheid state. Palestinians living in concentrated refugee camps for more than 7 decennia. Miko Peled did the difficult journey of uncovering true history. He is banned as an israeli jew, son of the general, by Israel. By the day it seems to me a specific group is anti Gentiles and threatening them.

  6. Next up on the evil Hollywood Pervert agenda is bigamy and polygamy and fornication and sex in public places. For example you could be walking on a sidewalk in New York and a couple of same sex partners are having at it right on the sidewalk. You could be waiting for a flight in an airport and a mixed couple could suddenly have at it in the seats next or across from you and your kids. Just look at how these perverts have demolished all the old norms against this grossly unseemly and improper conduct. Even animals do not make a show of the sex act. When a couple of cats or dogs suddenly decide to have sex in the presence of other animals, the others don’t pay any attention to them; they could care less. Obviously the human is a very strange perverted organism, in fact the lowest of the animals as Mark Twain proved. “Man evolved DOWN from the higher animals.” Man is a worthless piece of garbage as these worthless whores have proved, who will do anything for MONEY or SHEKELS. After they go to all this trouble to obtain more money, instead of using if for good purposes like Henry Ford or Andrew Carnegie did, they use it for evil to destroy our civilization. This is why they are selfish, egotistical, arrogant, insolent… perverts.

    • I had to laugh at your fears, gay public sex everywhere. Sounded more like a religious fear-mongering, like Sharia laws in Oklahoma, that never existed. I suppose hetro public sex is OK, since you appear not to be concerned about that? As for Carnegie, you should look at his rules for supporting higher education. They refused to support any school that was sectarian, meaning religion. Has it ever occurred to you that if we had a truly non-sectarian gov, that equally dispersed justice and rights, in non-discriminatory fashion, excluding religious leanings, that we would have a much different outlook? That the US has never been non-sectarian, which opens the door for religious dogma and subversion, it should be obvious that is the factor in division and propaganda. Carnegie saw this as a threat to genuine education and any school that had such leanings had to either end them or segregate them from higher education. Sectarian schools such as Liberty University need not apply. Unfortunately, what passes for morality in the courts, is consideration of sectarian values du jour, not universal rights. Abortion is a perfect example of sectarian belief, not adherence to actual equal rights, influencing a supposedly non-sectarian gov. As engines of division, religious dogma and morality rank near the very top and those desiring the destruction of a society are quick to use it.

    • They are not. Yet in the conversion document it says literally they now descend from Abraham. But is Abraham a proven historic figure and a jew, hebrew? Of course genetic science would sweep the floor with such an argument. On the other hand Palestinians, Arabs are Semites. Yet the world condones their ancestral land was stolen, they deported and kept inprisoned in concentrated refugee camps. not allowed to travel, separate roads from israeli jews and no land worth forming a Palestinian state from left. West Bank on Israeli maps long since alabelled as Israel. And still the east of the West Bank is not the border of Israel. Netanyahu promised to realize the Greater Israel plan.

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