E. Michael Jones on FFWN: Every Day in Post-9/11 America Is “A Sad Day for Media Freedom”


Watch the censored YouTube version above, or the full uncensored show HERE

By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Joe Biden called the closure of a Hong Kong tabloid ‘a sad day for media freedom’—less than 48 hours after seizing Press TV & 30 other websites! A sad day for media freedom, maybe, but a great day for rank hypocrisy.

FFWN co-host E. Michael Jones chalks it up to the cunning of logos. The oligarchs who own the West are tarnishing their brand and destroying their own franchise; no longer can they pretend that the West is a beacon of freedom. And the more they piss people off, the closer we get to the revolt that will finally bring them down.

Big media has completely abandoned any pretense of respecting First Amendment ideals. Get a load of Jewsweek, I mean Newspeak, I mean, Newsweek telling us that “the First Amendment is not a suicide pact.” It was big media that pressured the internet oligarchs into trashing internet freedom; now they’re screaming for more tyranny, all so they can preserve their monopoly on received opinion and ad revenue.

And speaking of non-suicide-pacts, how about John McAfee’s? How many times does a guy have to say “if I suicide myself I didn’t” to get the attention of honest authorities and their investigators when suicided?

The problem is, there aren’t many honest people in positions of authority. One of the few decent American elected officials in my lifetime is Dennis Kucinich, the past and (hopefully) future mayor of Cleveland and US Rep. (D-Ohio). Dennis Kucinich, like John McAfee, risked his life taking on the Deep State. But unlike McAfee, he lived to tell the tale…in his new book The Division of Light and Power, and on my radio show.




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  1. How does the simple citizen deal with the political lie since Israel made it the first diplomatic language?
    Let’s check it with Biden !
    BIDEN ‘s line of conduct seems clearly inspired by Israel’ s method of deception: thunderous declaration “we withdraw from Afghanistant”! //
    Simultaneously = ” Real bombardment killing real Syrians”.
    2nd sample : Biden makes Speeches and gala for the freedom of the press .. But simultaneously and in the facts = he manages the forced closure of newspapers …

    Conclusion: The US is NOT withdrawing from Afghanistan and is not a supporter of free press or any kind of freedom !
    And those two affirmations by deeds, you can bank them!

  2. Sure seems like whatever change we may embrace as positive by Biden, we get just as many or more we abhore. And the sucking up to our No.1 Welfare Queen while her Harmtroopers rage and kill even children with my tax money, makes me feel owned.

  3. Duplicity, thy name is Biden. For all the change we’ve seen (HAH) we might as well have Trump. I predicted where JCPOA negotiations would go and I haven’t been disappointed so far. In fact, there has been no direction change whatsoever. We’ve heard all sorts of rhetoric and promises, but where is the actual proof of the pudding? Black Sea provocations, Afghanistan pull-out where US military will still be there? Helping Israel slaughter Palestinians, KSA slaughter of Yemen? Syria? Iraq? Iran? Venezuela? Cuba? No matter who is in office, the Israelis run the show. Biden just shows a little less affection, but jumps just as high. I’m not sure if I like the high-road, sane sounding approach better than the loose-cannon nutter approach. In the end, does it matter? Not to the Israelis. The US gov still has a lip-lock on the Israeli love muscle.

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