E. Michael Jones Gives George W. Bush Free Psychotherapy


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by Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Is George W. Bush projecting his own sins on Vladimir Putin? That is the takeaway from the free psychoanalysis that E. Michael Jones offered Bush on this week’s False Flag Weekly News.

But it goes deeper than Freud’s unconscious, and way deeper than Hegel’s dialectic. Jones is really offering Bush spiritual, not just psychological counseling, as you will discover if you read my new Substack article (free to everyone including non-paying subscribers) “Neocon Propaganda Backfires: E. Michael Jones Credits ‘the Cunning of Reason.'”

Here is an extract:

E. Michael Jones says Bush’s blurt-out was a classic Freudian slip, an accidental confession to election fraud and war crimes driven by suppressed feelings of guilt. And as Dr. Jones knows better than anyone, it’s also an example of “the cunning of reason”: that mysterious process, somewhat akin to Hegel’s dialectic, “whereby the evil that men do gets turned by divine providence into good.”

In such manner can lies foster the emergence of truth. 9/11, the biggest lie ever told, woke up a whole generation—the sentient part of it anyway—to the real nature of the regime they live under. The Ukraine war propaganda liars, heirs of the 9/11 propagandists, have apparently awakened a slim American majority to the realization that there is no reason to “support Ukraine” and that indeed “support for Ukraine” is driving the US into an economic crisis. And ex-liar-in-chief George W. Bush, who looks like he will meet his Maker sooner rather than later, is inadvertently confessing and awakening the world to the truth about the horrific crimes in which he participated.

In short, the Devil’s propaganda is backfiring. God, otherwise known as Truth-with-a-capital-T, is—as always—going to win sooner or later.

“We hurl truth against falsehood, and it bashes out its brains…” Quran 21:18

“When truth is hurled against falsehood, falsehood perishes, for falsehood is by its very nature bound to perish.” Quran 17:81

If you don’t believe me, just ask E. Michael Jones.


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  1. Or he could ‘connect’ with his erm…’inner self’ at the
    “Medical House of Psychedelia”, Davos.
    ….WHO just happen to be drug development experts, clinicians, nonprofit organizations, advocates andinfluencers….Fortune500s….

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    Psychedelics, Deepak Chopra, BlackRock And Tony Robbins: One Of The Hottest Mental Health Stocks Right Now?’
    From the FORBES website.

    • Or what about the…
      Dream Machine. “Perception Census”, funded by the UK government.
      A ‘flickering light of a certain frequency – known as ‘stroboscopically induced visual hallucinations’.
      ‘As the Dreamachine goes on its magical mystery tour, everyone will be invited to take part in what Collective Act has tagged the ‘Perception Census’, a mass survey of the nation’s mental inner workings…
      Dreamachine, one of the projects commissioned as part of the Unboxed programme of events, is also being backed by a UK-wide schools’ programme developed by A New Direction, a not-for-profit dedicated to promoting creativity amongst young people that partnered with Steve McQueen on his massive year ‘Year 3’ project, which began in 2019.

      The starry list of Dreamachine collaborators further includes cognitive neuroscientist David Schwartzman, philosopher Fiona Macpherson, technical director and previously associate director at Random International Dev Joshi, sound designer Christopher Shutt, and creative technology studio Holition’.
      From the wallpaper.com website.


    • “Something had to be done. Cthulhu had mankind on the ropes and it didn’t look good at all. The beginning of the hellish assault had been signaled by the suicides of many artists, scientists and other intellectuals. These “sensitive” individuals were driven to madness and self- destruction by the telepathic “dream-sendings” that Cthulhu was projecting forth from his cyclopean lair in the depths of the Pacific. As the assault progressed, more and more individuals fell victim to hysteria, derangement and self- destruction. No longer were “sensitive” intellectuals the only victims; everyone now was susceptible to this psychic attack–from savages to factory workers to grave-diggers, all were swept up and engulfed by this scourge. The cause was clear enough to anyone who had been touched by these “dream-sendings.”.
      Quote from the book Cthulhu The Ultimate Evil (Turlish, Bruce)

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