E. Michael Jones: I Will Vote for RFK Jr. When He Runs for President!


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By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

“I will vote for him when he runs. I would have voted for his father, but I was too young. But I will vote for him. He was doing this before it got to be center stage, and now he’s the man of the hour.”

That was Dr. E. Michael Jones, one of America’s leading Catholic intellectuals, talking about Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose new book The Real Anthony Fauci has become a surprise bestseller—drawing panicky pushback from the usual suspects.

But E. Michael Jones doesn’t approve of RFK Jr.’s painting a Hitler mustache on Fauci: “Why are you bad-mouthing Hitler by associating him with Dr. Fauci?”

He elaborates: “I think in order to understand the reaction (to COVID) I think we have to go to Germany (where the unfreedom is greatest). And in order to understand Germany, we have to understand the social engineering that got imposed on Germany after the war. It is this that is responsible for the sidelining of the Catholic church—the Catholic church is hors-de-combat in the COVID strike—and it all goes back to the social engineering that got imposed on Germany first, then America, then the entire English-speaking world.”

So according to E. Michael Jones, CJ Hopkins’ brilliant new essay “The Year of the New Normal Fascist” misuses the F-word. Hopkins is right, of course, about the nightmare he’s experiencing in his adopted hometown of Berlin:

In New Normal Germany, “the Unvaccinated” are under de facto house arrest. We are banned from society. We are banned from traveling. We are banned from protesting. Our writings are censored. We’re demonized and dehumanized by the New Normal government, the state and corporate media, and the New Normal masses on a daily basis. New Normal goon squads roam the streets, brutalizing pensioners, raiding barber shops, checking “papers,” measuring social distances, literally, as in with measuring sticks. The Gestapo even arrested Santa Claus for not wearing a mask at a Christmas market. In the schools, fascist New Normal teachers ritually humiliate “Unvaccinated” children, forcing them to stand in front of the class and justify their “Unvaccinated” status, while the “Vaccinated” children and their parents are applauded, like some New Normal version of the Hitler Youth. When New Normal Germany’s new Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, announced that, “for my government, there are no more red lines as far as doing what needs to be done,” apparently he wasn’t joking. It’s only a matter of time until he orders New Normal Propaganda Minister Karl Lauterbach to make his big Sportpalast speech, where he will ask the New Normals if they want “total war” … and I think you know the rest of this story.

But according to E. Michael Jones, the villain here isn’t fascism, it’s American-style social engineering.

Whatever you call it, it’s bad news.

Can RFK Jr.—and the populist pro-freedom wave he’s riding—save the day? Stay tuned to future FFWNs to find out.


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  1. There is no hope for America nor for the so-called Western world unless a person of the calibre of Robert Kennedy is somehow enabled to be elected as US President.
    These are the fnal days of Empire and, for that reason, the most dangerous days facing humanity.

  2. If ‘RFK’ steps out of the LINE, his fate will be that of ‘JFK’, Bobby Kennedy and ‘John Junior’! The Kennedy ‘Clan’ attempted to be Real Patriots, in the ‘PLANTATION’, of the Land of the Free(?), the Zionist Slave Owners will not allow that! Pray for America? Stand Up for America! Only a ’21st Century Boston Tea Party’, will give US a chance, to be FREE again!

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