COVID Origins Riddle: Is the Answer “as Simple as ABC”?

ABC News Forgets Its Own 2020 Blockbuster Scoop, Peddles Lab Leak Theory Instead


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In the new False Flag Weekly News posted above, E. Michael Jones and I opened with the week’s biggest story: The US Department of Energy, which oversees research on biological weapons as well as nuclear weapons, has assessed that COVID is man-made and probably emerged from a lab leak.

Throughout 2020 and into 2021, saying such things could get you banned from social media. My Facebook account was temporarily frozen, and my Patreon account and YouTube channel permanently nuked, on the pretext that I was posting “medical misinformation,” i.e. COVID heresy. I had repeatedly cited evidence that COVID was obviously a lab-made bioweapon rather than a naturally occurring disease, including early interviews with Dr. Meryl Nass in which she exposed the primary purveyors of the “natural origins” myth, who turned out to be notorious biowar criminals and “usual suspects.”

Now that the US government has all but admitted that COVID is a bioweapon, will Patreon and YouTube restore my accounts and pay damages? Will Zuckerberg get down on his knees and apologize? Will everybody who pushed the natural origins myth, including the whole mainstream media, be banned from Facebook and YouTube and Patreon and social media in general? I’m not holding my breath. More likely, the official line will become “we always knew it was a bioweapon” along the lines of “we have always been at war with Eastasia.” (Ironically, the Wuhan-lab-leak false flag limited hangout may be what takes us to war with Eastasia!)

Coincidentally, when I Googled around looking for a non-paywalled report on The Wall Street Journal’s exposé of the new Energy Department assessment, the top result sourced to ABC News. I experienced a sudden moment of deja vu: Hadn’t ABC News broken a similar blockbuster story a couple of years ago?

False FFal

That story, with all of its monumental implications, somehow got memory-holed. Ron Unz and I have been working since then to un-memory-hole it.

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If the full story of the fall 2019 neocon bio-attack on Wuhan and Qom ever emerges, ABC reporters’ April 2020 exposé of US intelligence foreknowledge of the COVID pandemic could become Pulitzer-worthy, not to mention mega-historic. So it seems unduly self-effacing, not to mention stupid, for ABC News to be reporting on the Energy Department’s assessment that COVID is a lab artifact without even mentioning that same network’s earlier work exposing who made and unleashed it.

As E. Michael Jones and I noted on FFWN, the “deliberate bio-attack on China and Iran” hypothesis is the elephant in the room. The answer to the COVID origins riddle turns out to be “as easy as ABC.


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  1. One last comment and if you want to laugh as I laugh.
    There was a video from February 2020 that described all that Carisio denied, and that later will be history.
    That video was deleted by order of Carisio, government spy and his protectors.
    Taken aback I tried to upload it to you tube and response was that it is banned.
    So I made transcript and Carisio and government associates know that.
    After three months I tried again and what was banned is now not I thanked you Tube and, nuntio vobis, that maybe the world is changing if what was banned is now not banned.
    If it changes it is because everything happens in Italy where I am falsely criminalized, even with Carisio’s contribution. Do you understand what a corporation has acknowledged to a little man like me?

  2. Dear kevin,
    there are two comments of mine in moderation with subject “Carisio and VT” for you and all of which Carisio has already had LOL censored.
    Mine are over and I ask do you and V.T. prefer Truth or Lie?
    Is it all while Carisio fans get to triple their comments laced with hot water?

  3. This is where it is all heading-
    Digital ID UK

    Data Protection and Digital Information (No. 2) Bill
    Government Bill
    Originated in the House of Commons, Session 2022-23

    Last updated: 8 March 2023 at 17:49

    Long title
    A Bill to Make provision for the regulation of the processing of information relating to identified or identifiable living individuals; to make provision about services consisting of the use of information to ascertain and verify facts about individuals; to make provision about access to customer data and business data; to make provision about privacy and electronic communications; to make provision about services for the provision of electronic signatures, electronic seals and other trust services; to make provision about the disclosure of information to improve public service delivery; to make provision for the implementation of agreements on sharing information for law enforcement purposes; to make provision about the keeping and maintenance of registers of births and deaths; to make provision about information standards for health and social care; to establish the Information Commission; to make provision about oversight of biometric data; and for connected purposes.
    Sponsoring department
    Department for Science, Innovation and Technology
    Michelle Donelan
    Conservative, Chippenham

  4. Carisio and V.T.
    This is what we will write to the protectors of Carisio.
    HereticDrummer writes Fabio’s name should be Fabrication instead. Typical Talmudic trash herein ( ).
    That the Covid was never stated to him was written (among the many times he and others of V.T.) here
    The last time it was written with the addition of what Tedros says in the briefing (not Beppe Pal!) that Covid 19 is not just a public health crisis, it is a crisis that will touch every sector – so every sector and every individual must be involved in the fight (and did it not touch cover-ups and forced vaccinations?) is written here https://www.veteranstoday com/2023/02/28/are-covid-vaccines-like-covid-itself-a-pentagon-project/#comments, is concurrence his response?
    Part I

  5. Sorry kevin,
    without prejudice to what Scaliger writes did I not write to you that there are primary sources, hearsay, or false sources? (It is the abc of the historian and, once, even the journalist).
    Primary is also who can declare the Pandemic and who can is WHO (not CIA, not NATO … etc).
    Here is the briefing and I repeat that brifieng is not the Pandemic declaration.—11-march-2020
    But how do you declare a pandemic? See here for swine fever and find the difference between being and seeming
    Why, however, has the whole world adopted Cover-ups? To validate a false Pandemic while hiding the military origin of a virus that so-called scientists have never isolated.
    The only agreeable thing about what you write, but already known, is that the military biological weapon was used against China and Iran (who defeated it). But the mRNA vaccine is also biological weapon used against the rest of the world. This will probably never become judicial truth but will be more and more historical truth.

  6. “The US Department of Energy, which oversees research on biological weapons as well as nuclear weapons, has assessed that COVID is man-made and probably emerged from a lab leak.”

    That means, the “US Department of Energy” is either incompetent or criminal – as Indian students were the first, who claimed ARTIFICIAL lab-origin I think in February of 2020!
    As THAT international study was retracted on “official” American pressure – famous AIDS-researcher LUC MONTAGNIER from FRANCE explained soon after, that AIDS & CORONA had been artificially assembled, which EXCLUDES any natural origins!

    All this has been explained at great length & depth & in all details with excellent PROOF in VETERANS TODAY by FABIO G.C. CARISIO!

    • part 2:
      The problem is – that since the CIA killed US president John F. Kennedy in 1963, as he wanted to put an end to the CIA, because DEMOCRACY & SECRECY do not work together – the CIA took over and ever since the famous “DEEP STATE” replaced the American DEMOCRACY. Also in VETERANS TODAY – this downfall of American supremacy ever since that infamous “inside-killing” of your beloved president is very well documented:

      That is WHY elections are rigged, endless wars are started everywhere, and now America has even ATTACKED it’s European “friends” Germany, France & the Netherlands by blowing up together with it’s old “Vietnam-war-ally” NORWAY the European

  7. Good conclusion: “neither ‘virus’ nor ‘exosome’ nor ‘disease’ nor ‘immune function-system’ ever existed.” However the argument is very difficult to follow. What about parasites and poisons?

  8. Quotes from Dr George Friedman, Founder and Chairman Geopolitical Futures, at The World Government Summit Dubai
    March 29, 2022
    The World in 2050: Characteristics of New Rising Powers.

    “The farther you look behind the farther you can see ahead” Dr George Friedman quoting Churchill.

    “Because it is a single road that goes right through…

    Technology developed not for you to use but because there were military problems that needed to be solved…

    A need by some organization with enough money to invent the solution and then the state has to be generous enough to let the private sector have it…

    The cellphone was developed by the US Army in the 1970s and deployed by them…
    The cellphone is a military tool…

    The microchip was commissioned by the the USAF to fly the F-14 and cruise missiles.

    GPS. You use it to find your way around so did the US Navy who commissioned the building of the GPS squadron so its submarines could know where they are.

    (Digital?)Camera developed for space satellites so pictures could be transmitted to earth in the form of data.

    Internet developed by DARPA.

    The real issue is ….what happens in space.

    A small nation can become a force in space because it doesn’t require a hundred thousand men in uniform but maybe 200 hundred to take the technologies that already exist and create something from it.”

    • “In the 1940s and 50s great powers had to be huge because the technology of warfare had huge requirements in people but now it does not need populations the size of the US or China it requires a skilled population to invent things to experiment to try things…” Dr Friedman.

      Nations, religions,
      To be
      “…biological robots whose utility is based only on their exploitability as a human resource and once no longer needed cast aside as an obsolete product….”

      “What we’re dealing with behind all of the fronts we have facing us is a very old religion – a singular religion that pre-existed all of the other religions that we know today.” Alan Watt.

      The Talpiot Programme- a tiny “Arc Processor” sitting within the Intel CPU with its own custom version of Linux (Minix) operating beyond the software level – completely transparent to the end user. It does not matter if you’re using Windows, Linux or Apple iOS…

  9. 1. “Viruses” comprise two passive (and even static molecules) mRNA and Capsid
    – thus cannot penetrate into anything at all.
    2. Capsid is like “QR-coded” biologically – thus cannot be mistakenly absorbed by “cells”.
    3. It is also impossible to get contrast photos of biological/carbon-based material
    under 200nm: See Prof. Harold Hilman RIP works on youtube and PDF on youtube.
    4. Nobody has ever found a molecules wharehouse in the body for an ‘immune memory’.
    5. It is impossible to conduct archive-based ranging of dynamic targets.
    6. In conclusion:
    neither ‘virus’ nor ‘exosome’ nor ‘disease’ nor ‘immune function-system’ ever existed.

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