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by Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Culture Wars editor E. Michael Jones has come out as a supporter of Gordon Duff’s argument that the “fertilizer explosion” cover story is a load of…well, fertilizer…and that the August 4, 2020 explosion in the port of Beirut was the result of an Israeli attack with a nuclear weapon.

Jones made the comment as we discussed the sniper murder of six Lebanese demonstrators against the Israeli nuking of their city (beginning around the 12:35 mark in the above YouTube).

E. Michael Jones:

“I think he (Duff) makes a plausible case that it was a nuclear weapon…clearly the Israelis are waging war on Lebanon because of Hezbollah. So the recent sniper attack (on ‘Israel nuked us’ demonstrators) is just a continuation of what looked like a nuclear attack. They can do anything they want with impunity because they get to control the narrative.”

While we’re on the topic of exposing outrageous Israeli attacks, check out Ron Unz’s new article on the USS Liberty incident. In it, Unz correctly notes that Peter Hounam’s book Operation Cyanide is the most important book on the subject…and wonders why it has garnered so little attention, especially given Hounam’s “explosive” thesis that the Liberty false flag was designed to trigger a US nuclear attack on Cairo that very nearly happened (US bombers with orders to nuke Cairo were called back less than ten minutes from their targets).

If you agree with E. Michael Jones that Gordon Duff is onto something with his analysis of the Beirut explosion, check out my new radio interview with Gordon.


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  1. Mr. Duff & Mr. Barrett,
    I am going to have to take exception to E. Michael Jones’ comment about 911 being a nuke as being less plausible. Unless I missed it and their data was proven bogus afterwards, the USGS did an analysis of the dust after 911. Two decay pathways resulting from splitting U235 with a Neutron are the Xenon and the Bromine pathways and these are unstable and decay rather quickly. Xenon will go to Barium and Bromine to Strontium. Barium and Strontium were found in extraordinarily high amounts in the dust samples and their ratio was darn near mathematically perfect. If not nuclear fission then what did this Mr. Jones? Had the building materials been this radioactive the workers who built the towers would have suffered radiation exposure related illnesses. They did not. Can this be said of those who were exposed to the dust after they went down? So burning jet fuel not only melts granite and steel but it produces radioactive elements usually only found after nuclear fission as well?

  2. Israel specializes in false-flag attacks, from the attack on the USS Liberty right up to the present day. “By way of deception thou shalt make war.” – Mossad motto

    • Tommy-
      There might be hope for America in fighting against the Israeli Colonization of America:
      ” In general, young Americans are far less sympathetic toward Israel than their older peers: A 2014 Gallup poll found that few of those aged 18 to 34 favored Israel in the Israel-Palestine conflict, “compared with 30 percent of 35- to 54-year-olds and 74 percent of those 55 and older.” Bernie Sanders, who was extremely popular among young people during the Democratic primary season, controversially criticized Israel, winning “applause and cheers” from the audience at one debate for saying, “If we pursue justice and peace, we are going to have to say that Netanyahu is not right all of the time.”
      Sanders has also said there must be accountability for all the Billions and Billions of Dollars US Taxpayers spend on Israel every year. (Free Health Care, Free Education,
      Free Social Programs, Free Programs for Israeli Youth,
      Israeli Senior Benefits.
      Special funding for “Holocaust” Survivors and all their relatives, HASBARA funding and of course free military aid and free military equipment !)
      Also: There is severe backlash against Israel by Younger Americans because of Hasbara Cyber Terrorism.
      They are asking questions like ” why should we pay for Israeli Health Care and Higher Education when Americans have to suffer?”
      I don’t think they like being a Colony of Israel and having to pay so much in TRIBUTE to our Israeli Masters.

    • EEK? 🤔
      You, E. Michael Jones and Michael Hoffman in roundtable discussion?
      Throw in Jack Heart, Jim Dean, Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer, I’ll pay $50.00 for two hours of that! 😃

    • Make it a five hour double header with a one hour break in the middle and you’ve got one for a gold medal and youtube’s all time greatest hits. 😂☺😏

    • Yeah Ferdinand, never gonna happen, but if Gordon was able to stand it, at least him and Michael Hoffman, maybe one more.
      It could be good.
      But we’ll probably just have to settle for what we get here.

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