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What Happened to Gordon Duff?

Gordon has been recovering from a motorcycle accident and mostly posting at TheIntelDrop.com.

Gordon Duff Debates Kevin Barrett on COVID Data & RFK Jr.’s...

In which Gordon Duff informs me that the CIA and right-wing Israeli-run think tanks are supposed to be paying me $50,000 a month.

E. Michael Jones: “Looks like Gordon Duff Is Right, Israel Nuked...

Six protestors against Israel's nuking of Beirut were gunned down by snipers. All in a day's work for the Zionist Dajjal.

NEO – Even Americans are afraid of America

What I am writing today I write inspired by the death of my good friend Andre Vltchek. He pushed all of us, we needed pushing. Now he is gone.

NEO – The strange case of Trump’s new ‘Socialist Republic of...

Gordon Duff - No one knows who is pulling the strings, or if Israel or Saudi Arabia or the United States still exist as nation state entities, though every sign indicates that government functions in each are non-existent.

Appointing an Irish Muslim to the Supreme Court is controversial?!

Religion and politics don't mix...except when they do.