Gordon Duff Debates Kevin Barrett on COVID Data & RFK Jr.’s Speech

Which one of us is putting out COVID misinformation? You decide!


Editor’s Note from Ian Greenhalgh:

It has been brought to my attention that Kevin Barrett has made the statement on his radio show that I am in agreement with him that the majority of deaths from Covid are of vaccinated people and the un-vaccinated are doing fine.

This is an outright lie and is in fact, the inverse of my position on the matter.

Anyone who looks at the facts and figures should be able to see that the overwhelming majority of hospitalisations and deaths caused by Covid are of people who have refused to be vaccinated.

I, myself, have been triple vaccinated, as have all of my family and the vast majority of people I know. I am extremely strongly in favour of vaccination against Covid and would urge any and all people to get themselves vaccinated.

Why Kevin Barrett chose to tell such a blatant lie about me is beyond my knowledge and to be perfectly frank, I don’t care because Kevin has proven to be a liar on a great many occasions and has consistently lied about Covid and vaccination for many months now, to the point where he lies with every breath and nothing he says can be trusted.

Whatever his motivation, be it financial, egotistical or anything else, is irrelevant, all that matters is to recognise that Kevin Barrett is a liar who cannot and should not be trusted in any way, shape or form.

Once again, I urge everyone to go and get vaccinated against Covid, the vaccines have proven to be effective and the incidence of side effects of any kind is very rare and when side effects do occur, they are very mild indeed – a sore arm for a few days, a day or too of feeling tired, nothing more.  Ian…

read this piece from the Atlantic on Kevin’s source…Alex Barensen:


and from Duff:

Kevin’s continual use of long disputed sources like Alex Barenson whose primary fame is from a book declaring marijuana as a major sources of mental illness…who began as a COVID denialist claiming death figures…now well over 900 thousands…are faked…

all backed by childishly poor science which is embraced by Tucker Carlson, right wing Zionists and…Kevin…

Watch the video

Read this at my Substack

Gordon Duff, senior editor at VT, argues that there is no such thing as Infection Fatality Rate (IFR); that nobody has ever died from a COVID vaccine; that the so-called antivax movement is the creation of the CIA and right-wing Israeli-run think tanks which pay its leaders $50,000 a month (where do I sign up?); and that Reuters and the public health services of the UK, Denmark, Israel, Australia, and other countries are all lying when they say the vast majority of current COVID deaths are among vaccinated people.

Transcribed using Sonix and lightly edited for clarity by Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

– – –

Kevin Barrett: Welcome to Truth Jihad audio-video. Kevin Barrett here, doing this show since 2006, asking hard questions, and talking with interesting, provocative people who think outside the box. One of them is Gordon Duff, senior editor at VT, who has outraged many of us in the so-called anti-vax community by, well, insulting us from the other side of the fence. But I’m willing to talk to him anyway. So hey, welcome Gordon. How are you doing?

Gordon Duff: Yeah. And on this, it’s the simplest thing. Steele came here to me before, Robert Steele, with tens of millions of financing. Now the issue was, it’s pretty simple. We spent three days going through this. The initial tranche to fund anti-vax and including—I would have to change, you know, I’d have to stop because Trump apparently was very, very upset with me. I find that scary.

Kevin Barrett: Well, I guess the feeling is mutual because you often sound pretty upset with Trump, too.

Gordon Duff: Well, I just live my life. I have limited expectations. We live in a country full of—whatever the hell it is. We don’t even need to go there. I can control where I am to an extent because I live in the middle of nowhere and am reasonably secure here, and I’m not financially dependent. Makes me very rare to that extent. Of all of you guys, I’m the only millionaire. Of all you guys. None of you guys are millionaires. I’m a millionaire. I don’t need anybody’s money. I didn’t need Steele’s money. He was offering a lot of money. Now the deal that hit me here is I was told that if I would jump in and back him on anti-vaxx with money, with either CIA or from right wing Israeli run think tanks or a combination of both…The issue is I was going to get $50,000 a month. He was going to get $300,000 upfront and then pay me fifty thousand out of it. And I have a list of emails from him dating back some time here where I’m saying…

Kevin Barrett: Well, maybe we should publish those just so you can back this up. Because number one, I’m not so sure if I trust what Steele says in the first place. I mean, I’ve talked to him and heard all kinds of crazy stories about money.

Gordon Duff: Why would I worry about backing anything up? I’m not an anti-vaxxer. Only anti-vaxxers—it’s a very simple fucking thing here, Kevin. Any child can understand it. I live in Ottawa County, Michigan, right now. I have other homes,  but this is where I am stuck in my summer home and I’ve got a crew upstairs taking the house apart. I have a Frank Lloyd Wright home, by the way, which is, you know, cool, other than the fact that it’s just a nightmare dealing with anything he ever built. But the primary issue I run into: I live in a Republican county. This is where Betsy DeVos lives. This is where so many of the big money Republicans live on the lake. As for my neighbors, I’m surrounded by right wing extremist billionaires. We’ve got a local congressman, Bill Huizenga. His dad is a friend of mine who’s been a friend for many years. American Litho. Cousin is waste management, for instance, owns a couple of sports teams. So I’ve known these people forever. Used to work with him when I was with Starwood. We won’t say what that is. But we have a local government, it’s totally in Republican control, they totally control our health department here locally. It’s, you know, tightly controlled by the most extreme version of the Republican Party. We are here ninety-six percent vaccinated Republicans, money Republicans. Ninety six percent. Our schools—kids in high school, we’re running ninety six percent in our high schools. Here, East Grand Rapids, Forest Hills, Cascade and Ada. These are the communities, Republican communities, the big money. And East Grand Rapids is the single biggest donating Republican zip code. Ninety six percent vaccination. Our hospitals are currently filling here with people from rural areas of redneck, 40 percent vaccinated red areas. The math is really very simple. We have no record of anybody reacting to a vaccine whatsoever.

Kevin Barrett: Oh, come on. The VAERS data is up to something like twenty five thousand. Yes. Twenty five thousand deaths and over a million vaccine injuries.1

Gordon Duff: Oh no. Zero. Bullshit. Total lie.

Kevin Barrett: So you’re denying—Ok, Gordon, stop. Let me just say that I’m going to be documenting every issue that we talk about in this. I’m going to have footnotes up the wazoo where people are going to be able to look at those footnotes and see who is right,

Gordon Duff: Footnotes from RFK Jr., who is, whose talk on the mall, I put up in an article here. It’s like—

Kevin Barrett: Let’s go over that talk.

Gordon Duff: I can I can certainly pull him up here and you can listen to him on video or just go to VT.

Kevin Barrett: All right. So RFK Jr.: The CIA hates him because he’s the one in the family that’s telling the truth about the murder of his uncle and his father. And so that’s a good place to start. He’s the guy who’s telling the truth about that. But you think that for some reason, he’s taking huge piles of money from the people that killed his father and his uncle to lie about vaccines? That’s so insane. I can’t believe that you’re even saying such a thing.

Gordon Duff: He’s a lunatic and fraud, having a father…and did you work for his dad? I did. Did you work for his father, RFK? I did. 1968. I worked for RFK.

Kevin Barrett: So is RFK wrong that Sirhan Sirhan is a patsy and that the CIA killed his father?

Gordon Duff: Most of us think that. Because he thinks what most of us think, that makes the crazy things he says that are scientifically insane—

Kevin Barrett: What do you mean, “most of us,” Gordon? Nobody in the mainstream is allowed to say that! He’s the only one in the mainstream putting a target on his back by saying it.

Gordon Duff: First of all, when you started depending on peddling books and then doing conspiracy theories, and as those conspiracy theories that became popular became right-wing neo-Zionist, you morphed over to right wing and neo-Zionist conspiracy theories. You know, we go back to where VT had our little issue in 2015 with Jade Helm. And when you were defending Fetzer, my issue with Fetzer—

Kevin Barrett: I wasn’t defending Jim Fetzer. I won a bet with Jim Fetzer on Jade Helm.

Gordon Duff: Here’s where you and I had a gentlemanly disagreement.

Kevin Barrett: About Jade Helm?! We did not! We (you and I) agreed about that.

Gordon Duff: Remember Campbell from the militias? We had Campbell, Stew, Webb, Preston James, and Fetzer on a on a podcast. At the time we were receiving pretty big numbers. And then we had Campbell come on with others.

Kevin Barrett: What does this have to do with RFK Jr?

Gordon Duff: Because it’s much the same thing.  It has to do with credibility. When it was decided on this podcast that Jade Helm was real, that the army had invaded Texas, that they had set up secret prisons in the basements of Wal-Marts, none of which have basements…And then the the other one which I enjoyed: This was the other conspiracy theory that was like the anti-vaxx at the time that in the deep woods—this is the one from Infowars—suddenly, in the deep woods of Kentucky, that’s a term they’re using, massive warehouses filled with coffins were built, and they were tied to the underground tunnels that led from the Wal-Mart basements, and hundreds of thousands of dead were going to be stored in these massive foreboding black lung warehouses placed all over Kentucky…

Kevin Barrett: Gordon, Jim Fetzer had to buy me lunch because I said, “If we’re locked up in Wal-Mart by September, I’ll buy you lunch. If we’re not locked up in Walmart, you buy me lunch.” He bought me lunch. So I will buy you lunch, Gordon, if you can show me where RFK Jr. ever supported the Jade Helm conspiracy theory. I don’t think so. I think he was on our side. You and I agree that Fetzer was out to lunch (on Jade Helm). And RFK Jr.—

Gordon Duff: You’re trying to deflect. And deflection is a common tool of the cheap fraud.

Kevin Barrett: No, that’s what YOU’RE doing here.

Gordon Duff: The idea here, of course, is in order to support, Oh God, who is that? The Governor? Abbott? Yeah, the guy in a wheelchair, the nutcase. Abbott was going to send the Texas guard. Do you know what the Texas guard is?

Kevin Barrett: No. But this has nothing whatsoever to do with RFK Jr. or vaccines.

Gordon Duff: Your point is that when these VT people who we removed pretty much immediately decided that loyal Americans needed to make chlorine gas bombs and start driving around the towns near air bases and look for our military bases and start throwing…And they explained how to make chlorine gas bombs. I’m not going to do it here.

Kevin Barrett: That was some kind of Stew Webb thing.

Gordon Duff: Throw them at military families shopping at stores. And that’s what they said. You saw it. You saw the video. That was why—

Kevin Barrett: This has nothing to do with RFK Jr.! Gordon, there are lots of bad conspiracy theories out there. I know that. So do you. So let’s forget about everything except for the facts, the facts about the vaccines, the facts about what RFK Jr. said.

Gordon Duff: That measles, the measles vaccine, causes autism. Yes.

Kevin Barrett: No, that was not in his speech. Let’s talk about RFK Jr.’s speech on the mall last weekand use that as a touchstone for our disagreements about COVID and vaccines.

Gordon Duff: Then what did he say on the mall? Did he make you say something about COVID vaccines?

Kevin Barrett: Let’s see what he said about the COVID vaccines. First, he said that there is a very strong age-stratified risk. People who are over 78 are a thousand times more at risk as a group than people who are under 78. He said that children have a statistically zero risk. I believe that’s essentially true. What do you think?

Gordon Duff: Of death. Of death. Death from what?

Kevin Barrett: From COVID alone.

Gordon Duff: Oh, and that’s based on…what? Did he pull that out of his ass?

Kevin Barrett: No. I will be documenting it when we post this video so people can go and see the studies that support that.

Gordon Duff: But Kevin, what is the significance of that statement?

Kevin Barrett: The significance is that as RFK Jr. said, most Americans were led to believe that they were at vastly greater risk from COVID than they really were.

Gordon Duff: Oh, well, let’s just look at this. So what’s happened here…

Kevin Barrett: And I will document that. But the poll actually showed that Democrats in particular had a ludicrously exaggerated idea of what the risk of COVID was.

Gordon Duff: Hey, here’s what I caught you doing. For months and months, you’ve been saying that the death rate of infected—these are people who test positive—was zero zero one two percent or less.

Kevin Barrett: Wrong.2 I was talking about the infection fatality rate (IFR). You kept trying to confuse everybody by slipping in that case fatality rate (CFR).

Gordon Duff: Kevin, you’re lying.

Kevin Barrett: You’re lying. Do you understand the difference between the IFR and the CFR? Either you don’t understand it or you’re pretending not to understand it.

Gordon Duff: The infection rate—here, let me let me pull up where it sits today here. I guess you have absolutely no background in science and less in statistics.

Kevin Barrett: An ad hominem. That doesn’t win your argument.

Gordon Duff: Yes, on world meters nine hundred seven thousand one hundred and ninety (907,190), which is just fine because it’s a low percentage. Seventy five million infected. Forty five million recovered. The death rate—let’s go on the graph and see where the death rate versus infected is. What do you think it is? Give it exactly.

Kevin Barrett: The IFR, the infection fatality rate, has been best estimated as less than one half of one percent or one in two hundred people.

Gordon Duff: OK, as of January 13 2022, the death rate for infected is 1.99 percent.

Kevin Barrett: Is that worldwide or US?

Gordon Duff: That’s United States. And it’s many times what you’re listing. You’re lying, Kevin.

Kevin Barrett: Wait a minute, Gordon. Are you sure you’re looking at the IFR, not the CFR?

Gordon Duff: What is a CFR?

Kevin Barrett: Case fatality rate. That’s when they actually test for COVID. The infection fatality rate includes people who were infected who never tested. Like me. I had COVID for sure once, probably twice.

Gordon Duff: You mean imaginary people who were never tested who think they might have had COVID? Are you kidding?

Kevin Barrett: The great majority of people who get COVID never get tested because they hardly even know they have it, and others like me know we have it, so why bother to get tested?

Gordon Duff: Using the figure that you entirely pulled out of your ass?

Kevin Barrett: No, I’m using a figure from all kinds of studies, which, again, I will be documenting. Gordon, I will document everything I say. I’m going to go through here with a bunch of footnotes.3 People will be able to check the footnotes and find out who’s telling the truth.

Gordon Duff: Tell me, how are you going to document people who are never tested who think they had COVID?

Kevin Barrett: Well, I’ll tell you how, Gordon. By going around and testing people for antibodies. (John) Ioannidis did that at Stanford University, and he found a very large number of people who had antibodies for COVID. Something like four times or more the number of actual (tested) cases.4 As you know, COVID is asymptomatic in a great many people who have it. So even if you don’t bother to test for antibodies—but I will cite the studies that did—you can still simply assume that a great number of people have COVID without even knowing it, and therefore they don’t get tested.

Gordon Duff: Now, what is the significance of having had COVID?

Kevin Barrett: What is the significance for what?

Gordon Duff: That would only be significant if having had a asymptomatic case of COVID would make you immune to getting COVID again. That would only be significant.

Kevin Barrett: No, no, no. Wait, wait, you’ve got to stop changing the subject. The subject is CFR versus IFR. Go back to CFR versus IFR. Do you admit that I am right that there’s a difference between the CFR and the IFR?

Gordon Duff: That’s a fake acronym. It doesn’t exist, it’s not accepted by medical personnel anywhere. It’s a totally subjective number made up by what, a one person Stanford study?

Kevin Barrett: No, lots of studies.

Gordon Duff: Show me the figure from the CDC or the World Health Organization. Show me a group of prominent virologists behind it that have peer review.

Kevin Barrett: I will. The difference between CFR and IFR is widely accepted by virologists with regard to all diseases, not just COVID.

Gordon Duff: Yet how can we have a million people dead?

Kevin Barrett: Because a heck of a lot of people caught COVID.

Gordon Duff: Oh, and they’re still dying, how many people died yesterday?

Kevin Barrett: OK, Gordon, if two hundred million people in America have caught COVID, which is probably an underestimate, then if the IFR is what I say it is, which is zero point five percent, therefore, one would expect one million deaths. That’s about what we’ve had.

Gordon Duff: We’ve had one million deaths. Those who have died were all tested and died of COVID. Now, on the other hand: Could it not be that we have lost hundreds of thousands of people who weren’t tested? Now, what would they have died of? You know, I lost it, I lost a child a few months ago, thirty seven years old.

Kevin Barrett: Oh, sorry, sorry to hear that.

Gordon Duff: Well, you knew that anyway. But related to blood clots in his pancreas that impacted his liver. And because I’m vaccinated—we were filling our hospitals at the time—it was impossible, even though I went to everybody I knew, including the Saudi royal family, to try to get to Cleveland Clinic to give him a liver transplant. And we had live donors, but they had stopped all of those procedures. They would walk me through a COVID ward, taking me up to the implant or the transplant center, which I didn’t like very much. It was weird. I mean, that’s just the Cleveland Clinic, by the way. It’s a nasty place. Don’t go there, but…

Kevin Barrett: I’ll try to avoid it.

Gordon Duff: Yeah. Well, where you live, you’re awfully close to, what’s that thing in Minnesota?

Kevin Barrett: The Mayo Clinic.

Gordon Duff: Yes, of course. They’re all vaxxed people. Well, this is the easiest thing to figure out. We lost two thousand three hundred and seven people yesterday. OK. Now, of the 2307 people, 90 percent of them were unvaccinated. Now, the reason I mentioned you and I had a go around—

Kevin Barrett: I don’t think that’s true, but I’ll accept that under advisement.

Gordon Duff: You know, we only have only unvaccinated people dying.

Kevin Barrett: Well, then I have a question for you, Gordon. Why is it that here in the United States, where we have lousy data, we have these claims that it’s 90 percent unvaccinated people dying, but then in all of the countries where they have good data, where they have national health services that collect all the data, you find quite the opposite, as (crosstalk). Just let me finish. Let me finish. As you and I and Ian (Greenhalgh) went over the other day, Ian, our friend Ian in in the U.K., believed falsely that something like 97% of the COVID deaths in the UK were unvaccinated people. And in fact, I proved to him to his and your satisfaction, based on a Reuters attempted debunking of Alex Berenson, that that was far from the case. The vast majority of people in not only the UK, but in the other countries where they collect good data, including Denmark and Israel, the vast majority is vaccinated people who are dying of COVID. And the cases too are at higher rates—

Gordon Duff: That’s not only a lie…

Kevin Barrett: I already pointed you guys to the Reuters article!

Gordon Duff: It’s a total and absolute lie.

Kevin Barrett: Reuters is lying?

Gordon Duff: Your sources are all bogus.

Kevin Barrett: Reuters? A Reuters attempted debunking of anti-vaxxers?

Gordon Duff: You’ve become a shameful serial fabricator,

Kevin Barrett: And I’m going to post the link to the studies, and post the link to the Reuters article “debunking” Alex Berenson. It admitted that the vast majority of COVID deaths in all of those countries—well actually in the UK. in that particular article—were vaccinated people.

Gordon Duff: That’s a total and absolutely lie.

Kevin Barrett: All right, we’ll find out. Viewers will find out who’s telling the truth. (Just click HERE. -KB)

Gordon Duff: This is where the Australian—did you read The Guardian article I sent you on this subject?

Kevin Barrett: Yeah, what nonsense. It didn’t cite statistics. It was vague, windy bullshit. (Retraction: I was thinking of another article—this one is factual but focuses on relative rates of hospitalization and death among vaxxed vs. unvaxxed rather than the raw numbers; it shows that while unvaxxed death/hospitalization rates are higher, the vast majority of deaths and hospitalizations occur among vaccinated people. But are the bad outcome rates higher entirely or in part because vaccinated people were a much healthier group already? That’s what Berenson suspects. See Meryl Nass’s discussion on my radio show. -KB)

Gordon Duff: What are you doing? You’re providing a platform here for you to tell shameful, ludicrous lies. And the only reason you’re doing this, Kevin, you became anti-vax because you have an audience…

Kevin Barrett: Gordon, Gordon, stop for a second and tell me precisely what’s wrong with what I said, what was inaccurate. I said that the Reuters article said that the vast majority of COVID deaths in the UK were vaccinated people. That’s what the Reuters article said. Is that true or is that not true? Yes or no?

Gordon Duff: No!

Kevin Barrett: Ok, we will find out whether the Reuters article said that because I will post the link.

Gordon Duff: You mean Reuters? Is that the organization that does the videos—

Kevin Barrett: Reuters is in on the conspiracy?!

Gordon Duff: Kevin, you’re a time wasting bullshitter. (hangs up)

– – –

1 Correction: It may not be quite that high yet, but was over 20,000 deaths and approaching one million adverse events on December 10th. VAERS data is underreported, possibly by a factor of 40,000% or more, which could put the actual vaccine death count into six figures. Personally I doubt it is that high, but check out Steve Kirsch for the maximalist argument.

2 I have never cited that number.

3 And links.

4 Which yielded a median IFR of .27%.


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  1. There is a quote linked with attempting any sort of fruitful and fair debate with a narcissist, like Hootie (and potentially the Blowfish). Source is unknown, but here it is: “NEVER get into a wrestling match with a pig. You get dirty. The pig likes it.” So, you just DON’T. It’s always a gaslighting trap. In this case, two unfairly tried to trap you with smears and gaslighting, but never facts. So, don’t get dirty. Don’t debate. But thank you for being a gentleman throughout.

  2. I’ll add my two cents. This is Hootie and the Blowfish v. Doctor Barrett. Gordon is Hootie. Ian is the Blowfish. One is a Grandiose Narcissist (former). The other one is just greasy and cruel. Hootie and the Blowfish ambushed Dr. Barrett. They did so mainly by gaslighting. Gordon immediately began with “shock and awe”, trying to impress the readers just how wealthy and powerful he was and how inferior Barrett was. There was no debate by Gordon-Hootie, just overt gaslighting of Dr. Barrett. Then, after losing the debate, with his machinations exposed, Gordon hung up the phone like a petulant 12-year-old schoolgirl. This behavior is his go-to. What narcissists can’t control, they DESTROY, Dr. Barrett. Hootie and the Blowfish will be coming for you next, trying to bump you off this site using every trick in the book. The Dark Triad will take foothold. Beware.

    • Is that why dopey Biden and his slugs in white coats say that the non-vaccinated will pay higher premiums? Yup, Biden really understood what the Obamacare shuffle was all about too. Money first, everything else follows. Always. Because we are living in the material world.

  3. Plenty of fine epidemiologists in the country and world. Check ’em out. You two both sound like illiterate assclowns. Get with it and contact people who know their field.

    • Physician, heal thyself. Many of the world famous in most fields of “medicine” can’t heal themselves or anyone else. But, it’s a job.

  4. Gordon Duff and Kevin Barrett, Two of the smartest people on the Planet!
    I learn so much from VT!
    This is why VT is my go-to first web site and apparently,
    I am not the only one, VT is one of the World’s fastest growing web sites!

    • Unfortunately, Sarge, I would speculate that over 99% of the US population have not heard of Gordon or Kevin. We are truly strangers in a strange land.

  5. I am waiting for the vaccin since the day 1 of pandemic…
    Thies “gene therapy” injections are NOT vaccins againest covid
    i do not want any of them !
    I speack ONLY for me !
    you decide for yourself…
    i will wait…

  6. From transcript: “Gordon Duff: Yes, on world meters nine hundred seven thousand one hundred and ninety (907,190)…” For anyone interested, that site is Worldometers.info/coronavirus which I have been using for ages, since long before our JD found it. I tend to use the 7-day moving average option, or even the 3-day, so much easier to see trends that way.

  7. I would trust Barrett over Greenhalgh any day of the week. Greenhalgh conveniently omits/overlooks the official data on mRNA experimental gene therapy adverse effects. The Eudravigilance and VAERS websites show more than 60,000 deaths in US and EU alone from Covid vaccines. It is fairly safe to say that the recorded deaths are only a fraction of actual vaccine deaths, as many deaths are attributed to the virus, or other comorbidity causes. Actual vaccine deaths are likely in the hundreds of thousands worldwide.

    • If the vaccine killed 200,000 and the virus killed 10 million, but the vaccine saved 150 million, would you take the vaccine ?

    • See, its one thing to not take the vaccine, and another to advise others not to do so, and another to advise to take it.
      The numbers are not even close, that taking the vaccine is more likely to save lives.

      I understand someone not taking it, but I do not understand advising others to not do so. That is the same as the guy who commits suicide and takes the wife and children with him. Dumb.

    • Wait a minute. You mean your 150 million who choose not to vaccinate would die? If you’re one of the 200,000 that do die, you would feel like you took one for the team?

  8. I had covid, it is a bizarre bug, that affects different people differently in different parts of the body and in many different levels of severity. The concept of , if it isn’t broken don’t fix it applies to asymptomatic or uninfected people and that is largely understandable. The death rates and who dies, is right on the cusp of {worry} {don’t worry}, for many. Science is highly competitive and adversarial. Our medicine is monetized for profit. The lobbying pharma has, is damaging. Trust is at an all time low. We have soiled our nest and hired children as leaders. War is constant. Clean the nest, stop war, and fix our medical system so it does not have to prioritize profits over people. If we cannot do this, then everybody is wrong, and we are just dumb psychotic carnivorous greedy squirrels. The anti-vax is doing what they accused others of, they are claiming vaccinations are the cause for anyone dying that has been vaxed. Most of this is generated by competing medical companies. Stop all patents and watch the beauty unfold. Nobody owns ideas or land. They are pre-existing.

  9. I am sorry to hear of your loss, Gordon. “Parents shouldn’t have to bury their kids. It’s supposed to work the other way around”, is what my mother said when my brother died an untimely death, from cancer. And I almost lost my only child too, to serious medical malpractice… I do not listen to VT podcasts, so I am glad I escaped the drama. Alex Berenson is a waste of time. if you want an expert, it won’t be some media guy… I don’t think it bodes well for VT that you guys are calling each other liars, though.

  10. Firstly, sorry for your loss Gordon. This must be the worst thing for a parent to experience. My 2 cents – maybe COVID-19 has had a disproportionate effect in the US due to the high levels of obesity and a killer diet of fast foods that creates co-morbidities. Affected people are therefore possibly more vulnerable to COVID or an adverse reaction to vaccination. I am unimpressed with the one-size-fits-all approach to all arguments and generation of the fear factor. Everyone needs to think, ask the right questions and have a plan. Nobody can sleep through shit like this.

  11. I keep going back to what Gordon told us in June of 2020, “We have multiple confirmations that a vaccine for COVID 19 not only exists but has existed for some time, since 2019, perhaps as early as 2017. We are also told that COVID 19, as VT reported in March, was deployed against China, then Italy, then France, then Iran and Spain and then the US as a ‘fund raiser.'”

    COVID-19 is a US bioweapon for Pete’ sake. The fiends that first deployed it UNSUCCESSFULLY in China must be slapping themselves on the back at its successful deployment in the USA. The bioweapon is killing Americans at far higher rates than people in other wealthy nations. And, a significant number of Americans, including Kevin, simply won’t be vaccinated. Let’s go Darwin!

    • Is the vaccine from 2017 or 2019 THE vaccine that is sold by Pfizer/Moderna? Why does the FDA not release the data upon which it authorised Comirnaty? Is the information about the DOD database touted by attorney Renz true? See renz-law.com

  12. Wow!!! Life remains inconclusive. Medicine and Faith/religion will never nail down the origin of the “spark”. Thank you Gordon and Kevin for airing this contentious Covid conundrum. When the virus takes you or your loved ones out it gets damn real. Opinions harden and this grey world becomes Black or White. From the outside looking in I pick up some understandable tunnel vision occurring here. BS needs to be rooted out and not tolerated to get the “greater good “ outcome. The dreaded “greater good “. Let the fact checking begin, no tolerance for lies: misinformation needs to be dealt with directly. I am of the opinion this is a man made virus with man made problems. Nature steps in, creating the inevitable unpredictable problems that only “life” can and always will provide

    • “man-made virus?”
      I believe life was created; but not by man.
      Although viruses are one step below true life forms, and are more of a genetic hack of living cells, I do not know of any case where anyone, but Almighty God has taken nothing but raw elements and contructed anything even as relatively simple as a virus.
      Man can only manipulate the life forms already created.
      If you’re not down with Creation, you’d better get with it.

    • Telluric forces. Integration and maintenance with those, strengthens the invisible part of any creature. The bi-pedal simians become sick and confused when they stop doing this.

    • Elvin, a virus is a life form. The “Creator” may turn out to be a set of vibrational wave forms with no distinct agenda or thought. The calcium supported water bags with different personalities search for their purpose as if it cannot exist in them. That is a sure sign of a lower life form. They like to make claims to feel special. Religion feeds on this, and that has nothing to do with the soul. When I mow the grass, I pretend to know its purpose.

    • Faith is the full arrest of development. I believe your guru said, Know thyself….and not ,… know thy god…maybe, its because the pursuit is the idea,..a nudge down the path,..without dictating where it leads.
      No “man of god” has demonstrated anything worth the pay they get. They arrest the development of others to comfort themselves. It is a crime.

  13. Oh come on, Ian Greenhalgh. Anyone who listens to Kevin Barrett for any length of time knows he is not a liar. Of course he gets some things wrong from time to time. But your saying “Kevin has proven to be a liar on a great many occasions and has consistently lied about Covid and vaccination for many months now, to the point where he lies with every breath and nothing he says can be trusted.” just makes you look silly.

    • In an email exchange, Ian said “97% of COVID deaths in the UK are unvaxxed people.” I sent him a link to the Reuters article proving the opposite is the case: the vast majority of COVID deaths in the UK are vaxxed people. Ian apologetically responded that he had just been repeating what he heard from his doctor. I took that as an admission that he understood that Reuters and the UK Health Service are right, and he and his doctor are wrong. Now he seems to be backtracking. Anyway… If he still believes what his misinformed doctor said, rather than what Reuters and the UK Health Service say, he needs psychiatric treatment.

  14. Please allow me to exted my condolences to the Duff family. I am sad to see you guys fighting. A lie is an untruth spoken deliberately to lead a listener to believe an untruth. I respect both of the interlocutors and trust they are of good character, so that neither is lying. We can all be led astray and believe in a wrong thing. The arena is full of data, and all of it is suspect. The Portuguese and the Italians have both revised their initial figures of about 170 000 dead to 2 000 and 320 000 to 3 500. That is from COVID-19 as opposed to with COVID-19. Sorry, I dont remember the exact figures. The Austrian Constitutiol Court has just asked their Health Ministry to provide the same, as they are to consider merit of the order for forced vaccinations.

    • VT has been telling s for years, that the US is under attack with radiation from an unknown source. The food there is conaminated by glyphosate and the obesity rate among the population is extreme. Does that mean that US people are more susceptible to die from COVID-19? Would that account for the disproportionate death rate in the US? The EU is setting up a fund to compensate vaccine victims. They evince more than a million cases, including deaths, so I suspect that the vaccines do harm some. The spike protein on the virus appears to cause blood clots. The spike protein is also the vaccine, so it appears not far fetched, that the vaccine also causes blood clots. Macro clots or micro clots. I dunno, but if I had the shot, I would get a d-dimer test just to be on the safe side – maybe we should all have anticoagulants.

  15. If the entire medical profession has allowed itself to be compromised into supporting a lie, then it doesn’t matter one way or aother about the “virus,” or the “vaccines.”

    And reasoning that “hopefully” it has not gotten that bad yet, I still believe that medical “science” does some good.

    • Not sure if we’re supposed to be able to watch the debate or not.
      So far haven’t been able to.
      But based on the transcript, I believe it would have been better, if moderated by Wolf Blitzer.

    • Go to the big red “watch the video” within the article below the editors comments, above the transcript.

  16. I appreciate VT and their willingness to explore conflicting narratives. And thanks to Mr Duff and Mr Barrett for expressing their thoughts.

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