Fighting with Prof. Anthony Hall (the new Fetzer?) on False Flag Weekly News!


Editor’s note: Professor Anthony Hall edits the American Herald Tribune, recently seized by Trump-n-Yahu’s Justice Department, then restored using a new server. 

By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

In December, 2015, Tony Hall took over from Jim Fetzer as False Flag Weekly News co-host. The reason: Jim got drunk on Trump Kool Aid and never sobered up. Jim also had a bad habit of believing every goofy unsubstantiated “conspiracy theory” he read on the internet, from “Jade Helm Will Lock Us All Up in Wal-Mart by Next Week at the Latest” to “George Harrison Confirms Paul McCartney Died and Was Replaced in 1967” to “DC Pizza Parlor Has Dungeon Full of Tortured Children in Basement.” (Disclaimer: The US government has indeed contingency-planned mass internment of dissidents, the CIA and Mossad do use pedophilia and satanic child abuse to blackmail powerful people, and there are probably even elements of truth in the Pizzagate theory…but the bogus theories discredit the true ones.)

Is Tony Hall becoming the new Jim Fetzer? In this week’s FFWN (watch it above) he supports Trump’s “Biden stole the election” line, suffers occasional outbursts of Fetzerian bellicosity, and even supports Jon Rappaport’s nonsensical rantings that “COVID has never been isolated, therefore it doesn’t exist!”

COVID skeptic Meryl Nass explains that COVID-19 has been isolated thousands of times in many different countries, and provides links to back it up:

COVID denialism, like flat-earthism, extreme Sandy Hook denialism (“there was no such school”), and other stupid theories, appeals to sloppy thinkers who always want to be the most radical “conspiracy theorist” in the room. These bogus theories are undoubtedly promoted by the Cass Sunsteins of the world as a form of “cognitive infiltration of conspiracy movements” designed to “disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories” by promoting “beneficial cognitive diversity.” It is certainly beneficial to Cass Sunstein and his friends when every conspiracy movement is full of cognitive diversity in the form of flat earthers, obscurantists, denialists, Paul McCartney replacement fanatics, and Jade Helm paranoids.

The COVID denialists, and the Sunsteins behind them, are doing a terrific job making sure that there is no mass movement demanding that the people who created COVID in a bioweapons laboratory, almost certainly right here in the USA, are tracked down and punished. Sunstein & Co. have succeeded in convincing the people who matter that COVID skeptics are a bunch of unhinged idiots. The fools who say “there is no COVID, it has never been isolated” are identified in the public mind with the sane people who never stop screaming from the rooftops, “COVID was made in a lab, let’s track down the perps and remove them from the game so they can’t hit us with Pandemic 2!” They’re all just “COVID conspiracy theorists” now. All equally crazy. All needing to be censored.

Trump, for his part, is a walking, talking advertisement for the proposition that “conspiracy theorists” are crazy, narcissistic, obnoxious, and stupid as all get-out. If the Trump movement wasn’t created by Netanyahu & Co. as a hostile takeover of 9/11 truth and allied conspiracy movements, it might as well have been. (The Mossad just pretty much admitted in their US house organ Newsweek that yes, Trump is our man, and his defeat is “terrible for the Jews.”)

Was there significant presidential election fraud this year? Quite likely, yes. The huge gap between the polls (which had already been massively tweaked to favor Republicans) and the “results” suggests that the Republicans, Netanyahu’s party, may have stolen more than ten million votes with their black box voting machines:

Jonathan Simon: 2020 Election Most Fraudulent Ever? Blue Tsunami Crushed by Red Shift, 10+ Million Votes Stolen?

Have Tony Hall and Jim Fetzer, both important figures in the 9/11 truth movement, gone over to the party of the 9/11 perps—the Party of Netanyahu? Stay tuned for further developments—and arguments—at False Flag Weekly News!



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  1. @Tommy Apeiron There is no “objective reality” because we all see reality through our filters of programming we got our life long. Try to declare the colour red to a red-green blind one and believe me, if I am in kidney pain I see a very different reality than under pain killer or even w no pain.So called reality is an opinion, correctness is the magic word. Listen to David Icke and you know what I mean.

    • Total BS. There is an objective reality out there that, yes indeed, is subject to interpretation. Science is the Enlightenment’s approach to this, not some religious dogma derived from some old book or scroll. That doesn’t make me an atheist, just an agnostic. String theory says that there are at least eleven dimensions out there, most of which we don’t have a clue about. We shouldn’t presume to know the absolute truth about anything, but we shouldn’t also presume that there is no absolute truth.

  2. You’re a comedian Barret. If Covid 19 was really concocted in a bio-weapons lab and then released, millions of people would really be dead and dying instead of the fake bullshit numbers paraded by the lying whores of mainstream media. That is the most asinine conspiracy theory I’ve ever heard.

    • Most bioweapons are not designed for high lethality. Instead, they are designed to cripple the enemy by making him commit maximum resources to countering the biological agent and treating the afflicted.

      There has never been a more perfect example of a classic biological warfare agent than COVID with its R0 of 3 (i.e. off-the-charts infectiousness) which, together with its low but significant lethality and hospitalization rates, brings nations to their knees. The only odd thing about the COVID bioweapon is that it targets 70-year-olds rather than 20-year-olds. For normal wartime purposes you would want to hit the 20 year olds in your adversary’s military. But the people who designed COVID presumably were deliberately targeting the costly and unproductive baby boomers who are such a huge drag on Western economies.

    • Sorry, HD, but why would targets of the mainstream media corporatists also be supporting the seriousness of COVID? For example, why is China treating it as a real threat while the “China virus” warmongering is going on? That would be like the attack on Pearl Harbor being a hoax but Japan insisting the attack was real.

  3. “extreme Sandy Hook denialism (“there was no such school”)” There WERE TWO 2 ‘Sandy Hook Schools’ and Kenyan Born Obama held a FALSE FEMA “Drill” so that the old asbestos contaminated School was closed for 8 years and nobody had the CASH to tear it down and build a newer school for High School.
    While site is GONE I still remain ALL the videos, the FBI align & re-align children for photo shoot while other people FILMING via cell phone video that same kids going around and around the Firehouse.
    I also still have Oboma video where he declares HIMSELF Kenyan Born and only in America could HE pull it off getting elected. NJ court STILL on web WH admits BOTH short and long form were FAKES !!!
    Dominion voting machines OWNED by husbands of Democracks. I even have video of software guys showing HOW electronic voting cheating was done testifying tell FLAT FACTS rather than jail.
    Does everyone need Pregogen today? I bought ONE bottle at $40 bucks more than 1$ / pill, vaccine needed in to use 2 doses @ -75 degrees? Talk about “cold shoulders” Also check on who owns ‘patents’ in USA on Vaccine and you’ll find the ‘cure’ has side effects lining pockets of those who CREATED the thing taking a Sars & Hiv virus and CIA grabbing BATS from WhuHaun to blame China.

  4. Do you want different opinios or do you simply want people who sing the same song as you do ? It´s your choice as always in life. Differnet opinions gives a broader picture of what is really going on.

    • Opinions are one thing. Objective reality is something else. One can’t go around claiming that the Sun goes around the Earth, which was created 6000 years ago, and that Trump is the “chosen one” who will bring on the Apocalypse and not be challenged. That’s what Christian Zionists are trying to force on the USA. Problem is, Pompeo is one of them and so are the dominionist generals in the US military. May Heaven help us all.

    • Heaven thanks for that, it is this why I love to listen to your channel also even disagreeing with some of your views. If we all have to think the same way the world would be a boring one and I would commit suicide. Look at mainstream TV and see the 100th repition of the same shit over and over again waiting for another ending of the movies. Sheer madness.

  5. The biggest conspiracy of this century of course was 9/11. It’s also the litmus test for what makes a website a limited hangout or not. If a site flatly refuses to challenge the “official” narrative or post anything that does, that’s the signal for me to vacate the premises. VT passes this test with flying colors. I keep track of MSM sites knowing that they are controlled by the Zionists. They are the gatekeepers who are charged with keeping Israel’s involvement in 9/11 out of the public discourse. It must be difficult for them, like trying to explain the motions of the planets without mentioning that they all revolve around the Sun.

  6. Kevin,
    Is there something that Irish Islamism does to your colleagues, or is Tony suffering from Stockholm Syndrome after Trumps Executive Department’s shutdown of American Herald Tribune?
    That is the question.


  7. Kevin, for the next time I may suggest implement something similar to The Purge movie but to settle an election, for 12 hours each four year all crime, including murder is legal during the period and, at the end, party with less voters casualties wins the presidency. 🙂

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