What Happened to Gordon Duff?

And False Flag Weekly News?


Gordon Duff’s prolific output at his VT rubric suddenly went dark. What happened? Short answer: He has been recovering from a motorcycle accident and mostly posting at TheIntelDrop.com.

Watch the above video—recorded yesterday, July 30—for details.

As for what happened to False Flag Weekly News… we are fell so far behind on our Fundrazers that I am taking a two-week vacation from FFWN after last week’s show with E. Michael Jones.

I am hoping the Fundrazrs will get caught up to our $200 minimum weekly goal so I can resume broadcasting on Saturday, August 13. If you haven’t donated before this would be a great time to start —even small amounts are helpful!

Sat. Aug. 13 show when I hope to return: https://fundrazr.com/6234m5


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  1. Mr. Duff (I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice), kindly consider having someone, like an osteopath or a chiropractor (recommend osteopath), take a quick x-ray of your upper cervicals (neck vertebrae) and analyze to make sure that your top two (Atlas and Axis aka C1 and C2) are in proper position post your accident. Consider these to be sort of like the wiring harness to your car or truck. If they were pushed out of position even by a smidgen due to the violence of your accident, there can be all sorts of issues including poor communication with the brain and bouts of vertigo (and potentially dozens of other symptoms, some aggravating, some very serious). Just have the cervical positions (and perhaps all of the rest of the vertebrae) analyzed post the accident and go from there. You don’t have to have any intervention. Just get the pictures.

  2. Having said that I am sorry for the accident and wish him a full recovery, in addition to that Dr. Barret also wrote the following, which went unnoticed
    “Gordon Duff’s prolific output at his VT rubric suddenly went dark. What happened? Short answer: He has been recovering from a motorcycle accident and mostly posting at TheIntelDrop.com.”.
    why not on VT? Who else is on TheIntelDrop.com?

  3. Glad to hear you are back on the road to recovery. Your guardian angel helped you. May thanks be sent to it, for its mission is to continue to provide us with truth and clarity and verifiable facts, in this PSYOP-WAR and Masonic trade war against and living beings, man and woman, to enable the awakening that we are being lied to and deceived purely in private commercial for selfish Nimrodian motives, here. Your life’s work is far from being fulfilled. That is why you continue to be among us. That is good and right, thanks to God, your God, your soul and High Spirit.
    All the best, stay faithful to us… greetings from Canada

  4. The good news seems to be the Connie-14 is repairable.

    Last crash I had was a ~60-mph high side fall, and my first question to the track marshals was “Is my bike OK?”.

  5. Gordon,
    Sorry to hear you came off your Bike. As a fellow Motorcyclist (I have two) I understand completely. Get well soon and take it easy.

  6. Hope you recover sooner,,,,,, we need some “Gordon”s on the Iranian media, too,,,,,,, good to see one in VT!

  7. Unfortunately, in current packed road conditions, it seems that most motorcycle collisions result in serious injury to the driver or passengers. Gordon, you are very fortunate. Some good karma I expect! PS: don’t watch the opening scene from movie Lawrence of Arabia before bedtime. Be well!

  8. Gordon, there are six hundred “Gender Affirming” Clinics operating in America, providing dangerous drugs and surgery to children and adolescents. They are cutting of the breasts of adolescent girls and preventing boys from going through puberty. Take a more serious look. See Matt Walsh’s movie “What is a Woman”?

    • There has always been ambiguous sex newborn babies. Some cultures have allowed them to be shaman. We live in ‘technicolor Mike.’

  9. Give your brain plenty of rest and nutrition and good air. There is an excellent group in Provo Ut -Cognative Fx. they do a functional MRI on the brain and link it with their program and test. The brain can heal My son and daughter’s boyfriend are into Xgames and Big Mountain sports they and their friends have been helped tremendously with this program. Neroplasticity is the key, rewiring and refiring is their ‘religion’. I think hyperbarics can be useful as well. Your brain needs plenty of rest and nourishment Take it very easy.
    I found Russian Percussive massage designed to stimulate nerve growth a miracle in helping me become un-paralyzed from a neck injury post 2 level fussion after another bike injury that also involved a serious TBI and sub-dural hematoma. If you haven’t had an MRI for your spine I would recommend you have an MRI of your neck and back.injuries do not rely on x-rays or CT’s alone. They will miss soft tissue injury such as discs that are poorly visualized. My neuropathy came after my injury from to much lifting and my paralysis came after that from a chiropractic adjustment that was done based on negative x-ray and CT.
    Heal well Mr Duff 🙏

  10. Welcome back to the corporal experience Gordon and Carol. I was beginning to believe the Jinns had prevailed. There became a great void in my worldview. Thanks for bringing Gordon out in the’flesh’ Kevin. An incredible feat by the Phoenix GD!!

    • I had a bike accident in November mild TBI, broken ribs, torn rotator cuff, knee sprain and recovered 100%. Back to work after 6 weeks- in a sling. They do not send you home with an Ice machine like they do with knees. I have one at home If you need it I can send it. If you have one a great trick is to put 4 frozen water bottles into the cooler with water to the line and keep 4 other bottles in your freezer to trade out. I swear by the ice. only took the Oxy pain pills at night to sleep the first few nights.

    • Relating the injuries:

      66 stitches to the head…TBI

      crush injury to rt leg…

      crush injury to left arm

      Massive tear/rotator cuff (their term)

      neck injury

      left elbow smashed

      both knees injured

      massive edema lower torso…(more than “massive”)…hit by handle bars

      lower back injury…

      it will take a bit longer….the head injury is the thing….am exhausted…and find myself falling down

  11. My feeling wash, that their wash someting wrong, the site wash a wasout, lukkely he is back the hart an brains of V.T. greetings from France !

  12. – Appreciate the video Kevin, broad topics, Duff and Carol good you’re ok, except injuries. Wondered what happened. Missed both Duff and also Carol’s pieces. Some personal fixes, magnesium, Coq10, good healing bone and skin. Too much was made of calcium when get enough from dairy, mag as important, found glycinate form best. Also probios yogurt etc, and otherwise agree with vit c note from comment below. Best to both, keep healing.

  13. Gordon,

    If you are reading this, know we love you and wish you a speedy recovery. Your help for PEACE in SYRIA has impacted 109,000 to 1,000,000 lives or more and your actions directly impacted peace. Additionally, the information you provided, the potential false flags and every other bit of incredible reporting allowed other groups to process that information and help the peace initiative in a more indirect way. Thank you again for all you have done for PEACE IN SYRIA!!!

  14. I didn’t know about the accident but I’m happy see Gordon in good health and recovering.

  15. Thanks Kevin l clung to every word Gordon said.
    He seems to be doing pretty good considering…

    This from Evel Knievel famous motorcycle stunt driver (Gordon just stopped all his stunts!)

    ” The only difference between a good bone and a broken one is six weeks”

    Evel had managed to break every bone in his body by the end of his career.

    Also this is what that I like to tell my dentist for a laugh which came from captured American Indian warriors who would never shed a tear during torture:

    “Pain is temporary,
    disgrace is permanent”

    Gordon still seems very fluent and very intelligent as always seems like he wanted to.keep talking!

    Ice is your best friend in this stage of healing also body only heals itself while one is asleep so the doctors say, so I hope he can catch some really good zzzzzs

    He is looking quite good!
    Can you imagine

    • I have a wonderful little Frigidaire in my bedroom…red…with a tiny freezer which keeps my ice packs

      which i use constantly

      my issue is the head injury. went out yesterday to help a neighbor find a lost dog…walked maybe a mile plus…then collapsed

      for hours…very unpleasant


  16. Thank you Kevin for the update and the interview. Always good to hear from Gordon. Stay safe.

  17. There is NO VT without gd & jd. I knew o_ the accident , but it took time. Return back, please, guys. The new cite is unfriendly..

  18. Gordon, thankfully you and Jim will be back on top of things again at VT. You both have been sorely missed. VT is one of the only alternative news sites that allow 9/11 Truth and free expression of often conflicting views. As of late I was beginning to wonder if that was still the case.

  19. For pain and injury, DMSO. Dimethyl sulfoxide. This stuff is miraculous at relieving pain and mending injured tendons, ligaments and bones. I have seen it with my own eyes and use it personally for years now.

    For anti-aging, infections and lots else I use ozone infused water or oils. I attach the Chinese university study proving ozone kills MRSA. Intravenous ozone has the biggest punch.

    For flu or similar I use sodium ascorbate vitamin C. Not ascorbic acid. I have cured heroin addicts with vitamin C. It will detox your body quickly. Even overdose patients can be cured with vitamin C. I attach 1977 Hong Kong study proving that it will rid heroin addicts of the horrendous withdrawal symptoms in 24 hours. They simply disappear. They can defecate, have sex, get hungry and eat within 3 to 5 days.

    So DMSO is what you should be using to relieve pain and mend whatever’s torn. This is applied pure (100% concentration) with clean hands and affected areas. This is a solvent extracted from wood. It is the stuff used to freeze and unfreeze organs which need to be flown to a waiting transplant patient.

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