Anti-Jewish Party or Anti-Oligarch Party? E. Michael Jones vs. Kevin Barrett — Cast Your Vote!


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And since YouTube missed the opening man-bites-dog story, here it is: “This week we’ll begin with local news. A Russian immigrant named Yuri Lee Pismiov has been sentenced to anger management classes after he bit a police dog. The dog, who is undergoing a round of rabies shots, is expected to fully recover.”

By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

On today’s False Flag Weekly News, E. Michael Jones asked: “Since America once had an anti-Masonic Party, why not start an Anti-Jewish Party?” I responded by nominating “E-Mike” as its first presidential candidate. He said if nominated he would accept, and if elected he would serve.

So if E. Michael Jones becomes America’s third Catholic president, and its first officially Anti-Jewish president, it will be all my fault.

I quickly pointed out that I’m actually not too thrilled about the “Anti-Jewish” concept. I agree with the wag who said Jews are just like everybody else only more so. What’s the point of an “Anti-Everybody-Else-Only-More-So” party?

Our real problem is psychopathic oligarchs. Only around half of America’s psychopathic oligarchs are Jewish. The other half is just as bad. What we need, I said, is an Anti-Oligarch Party.

So E. Mike nominated me to run for president on the Anti-Oligarch Party ticket. I’ll need to draft a strong platform to have a chance of beating Dr. Jones and his Anti-Jewish Party!

E. Michael Jones has a big following, especially among young Catholics. He’s a very sharp, erudite guy with a…well, I was going to say a “nose for politics” but actually it’s the other party, the Pro-Jewish-Party (Democrats, Republicans, and all the others) that has that.

He’ll be a tough opponent. And his platform has deeply-rooted appeal. Very large numbers of people have been annoyed by Jews for centuries if not millennia…whereas according to a scientific survey I just conducted in the nearest Wal-Mart, seven out of eight Americans don’t even know what the word “oligarch” means.

We have our educational work cut out for us. It’s going to be a tough race. It will undoubtedly go down to the wire. Whether America’s next president is E. Michael Jones or yours truly will be decided by the thinnest possible tranche, probably the neurotic voters in swing states with Facebook accounts, the people who allegedly elected Trump in 2016 and Biden in 2020.

Maybe I can turn the movement to send Bezos into outer space—permanently—into a political ad touting “a final solution to the oligarch problem.” The soundtrack will borrow from David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”:

Ground control to Major Jeff, Ground control to Major Jeff, we don’t want you back so go and eff yourself! Ground control to Major Jeff. There he goes floating in a tin can, far beyond the moon. Planet earth is blue, and it’s better without you…

Meanwhile, I guess I’d better start surveying the electorate. Which party would YOU rather see in power—the Anti-Jewish Party or the Anti-Oligarch Party—and why?



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  1. Race DOES affect you biology and how you think.
    When the white power was kicked out of south africa to be replaced with Mandella and his gangsters the ANC. We can now see South Africa has gone backwards under Black rule…..and so is the whole of the South african continent.

    When asked about 30 years ago to a white south african woman as to why the whites rule.
    SHe replied:-
    “Because you can’t take the bush out of a black”………how right she was.

    Reminds me of Ross Kemp doing the tours of prisons aorund the world. When in south africa asked a black inmate why he raped a woman. He replied he had not seen a woman in 3 months so just threw to the ground the first wowan he found and raped her…….I will never forget that as long as I live.
    He said it like that is totally normal and he could understand why he is in goal for it..

    So please never again talk the lies race/biology is not a indictaor of behaviour.


  2. My first time listening to you guys.
    To the Catholic guy – as a Catholic my self; I can’t belive you can recoil at Jewish power and are so blind to not see the Catholic Church is probbaly the worlds biggest organised crime out fit ever seen.

  3. I have to diasgree with you on white being a State Of Mind.
    Race and colour is an indicator (though not an absoloute) to human behaviour.

    Let me give you example. If I see a USA news report with a car being chased by police, and the car is racing through busy blind intersections with cars crossing – my 40 years wathcing this proves that in 95% of the incidents it is BLACK man. But as soon as the driver puts the brakes on near the intersection to at least miitigate some of the risk it is WHITE man.

    In AUstralia in SYdney, we see endless shootings at houses in the night.
    99% of them are Arabs in drug wars – once again see the race to behaviour relationship.
    If a store is robbed in broad day light in Australia by a “group of youth” they are always Black South africans – usually Sudanese.

    Etc etc etc….to many more to list

  4. Of course it would have to be “anti-Oligarch Party.” Even though big Jews are at the top of the Oligarch pyramid, you don’t want to mention that. Just get rid of the Oligarchs! (But first define it for everyone.) And if any Jews complain, the answer is, “We’re not against Jews, Jews are great, we’re only against evil thieving Oligarchs.” If any Jews are also Oligarchs, they would be wise to get out while they can and join the good fight against the Oligarchs. If they don’t, well, they’ll just be unfortunate collateral damage in the popular fight against the evil, oppressive Oligarchs.

    • Mine will!

      From my inbox:

      “The BEST Holocaust joke wasn’t the ashtray, that’s vulgar, was Northern Truth Seeker from Manitoba, he says the running joke in Europe, after Communist fell, Auschwitz lowered death totals, and he said ‘what does 6 Million minus three million, equal? It equals 5 years in jail.'”

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