Anatomy of a Global Psyop


E. Michael Jones and I dissected the multi-faceted ongoing global psy-op in today’s False Flag Weekly News (watch it above, click HERE for the list of stories we covered). Coincidentally, Esther Watcher just sent me her new article “Anatomy of a Global Psy-op.” Check it out.  -Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Anatomy of a Global Psyop

by Esther Watcher

In an article entitled Why lockdowns aren’t the best way forward for the Global South, the Davos billionaires are advocating lockdowns for the West, but “health” policies for the Global South.  Their front-facing organization, the World Economic Forum, asserts that “. . . the tools and measures deployed by high-income countries against the virus are most probably not ideal in a low- and middle-income country (LMIC) context.” As if there are not millions of low- and middle-income people in high-income countries.

Contrary to WEF spin, the real reason lockdowns are not the “best way forward” for developing countries is that unlike the West, the Global South does not have comparable substantial economies to destroy. Relatively speaking, their economies can be toppled over like a wall of matchsticks.  So instead the game plan for the Global South is to go straight for the jugular — attacking people’s actual bodies through “healthcare” policies such as “. . . access to vaccines, sexual and reproductive health as well as mental health.”

The less developed a country, the less need for a lockdown and the greater focus on “health” solutions, especially vaccines weaponized for sterilization, genetic mutations, debilitation, and death. Third World peoples likewise serve as guinea pigs for vaxx delivery systems destined for the West.

If the goal of the pandemic is simply the culling of bodies — be it from this feeble Covid virus or via a truly fierce Pandemic II with which Bill Gates et al are threatening us — how hard would it be to wipe out large swaths of humanity with a super potent virus?

Truth be told, this “pandemic” is actually a cover for the 10-year, Agenda 21-Agenda 30, long-planned, global coup d’etat.  More to the point, a massive PSYOP is being perpetrated on humanity.  To accomplish this worldwide gaslighting operation, the globalists must first occupy the hearts and minds of the most analytical, critical thinking sector of humanity:  First Worlders.

Such a takedown entails not only jettisoning pesky democracy, but also eviscerating the unique values outlined in Kevin MacDonald’s latest book, Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition.

I speculate that the reason New Zealand and Australia are so over-the-top fascist in their response to Covid is because those countries have been earmarked as test cases for how to take down a people acculturated with a Western liberal mindset. Both countries are relatively homogeneous and are logistically isolated on islands, making a good test ground to practice a war on terror against an educated, independent-minded citizenry.

Before the powers that be can go full-force invasive on Western bodies, unlike in developing countries, the developed world’s economies must first be wrecked. Which is another way of saying the globalists must destroy our free agency and ability to defy Big Brother. But First World economies aren’t like matchsticks. It takes weeks and weeks of lockdowns to destroy large, middle-size, and small businesses.

While our overlords may be astonished by how quickly the masses succumbed to the scamdemic, the West’s substantial infrastructure is not necessarily that easy to wipe out.  It takes a while, and actually serves an additional purpose.  A stretch of time gives Big Pharma the opportunity to cook up corona vaccines which will in turn reap them grandiose boondoggle profits. Yet, curiously, a corona vaccine probably already exists.

The Israeli Science and Technology Minister said as much in February 2020 when he announced Israel could have a vaccine ready in 3 weeks. That news flash sure disappeared fast. The Israelis probably got shut down by corporatist pushback to the tune of “Back off. It’s bad enough you prematurely jumpstarted Agenda 21 by hijacking the Wuhan hit-cum-pandemic. No way will we allow you to be first-to-market to monopolize a corona vaccine.”

I project we have about one year left before the globalists 1) fully wreck First World economies and 2) are positioned with multiple vaccines to exert full spectrum dominance over our bodies.

The many naifs who say “once all this is over. . .” truly have no clue. The plandemic is nothing less than the opening salvo to the most massive dystopian transformation of humanity the world has ever encountered.  To accomplish that, our overlords are marshalling forth a social engineering agenda that would make George Orwell gasp.

Focusing primarily on a populace who have actually read Orwell and thereby have a clue as to the globalists’ modus operandi is why first and foremost a simultaneous economic takedown and mind control operation on the West is mission critical. Only then can they aim their vast, vaxx crosshairs on the Western body politic.

The Global South may be tricked into going along with early immunizations and minimization of Covid’s most devastating measure — the lockdowns — but as goes the West, so goes the Global South.  It is bittersweet irony that a traditional Western liberal society is force-marching the world into a 1984 Brave New World Order the likes of which would impress even the arch totalitarian regime of China from whom, surprise surprise, it is taking its cues.


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  1. Having made an appointment for a COVID-19 test I found the queue enormous and slow moving so I went home. Some days later I received an official letter stating my test was positive and self-isolation for 14 days was required. Speaking to some aquaintences in a similar scenario perhaps everyone on the appointment list or a large percentage are falsely labelled COVID-19 positive.

  2. This follows the diversion, ‘Smoke Screen’, of the US Congress Investigations, into the ‘Phone calls to the Ukraine/Impeachment Hoax’ that was started to give excuse, for the TRAITORS, not to get down to a serious investigation into, by who, and how, the WTC Towers #1,#2, #7 was, ‘PULLED DOWN”, by ‘Controlled Demolition Explosives’?? For all we know, the murder of some 3 thousand innocent Collateral Victims, on 9/11/2001, has the fingerprints of our OWN GOVERNMENT, all over IT!! INSIDE JOB!! Just think? If our Government could, DID!, cover up this What is going to stop them??

  3. You really do not see how not having “another way to pay” is purely because the banksters manipulated and/or murdered people away from other ways…? President Jefferson wrote about this in 1815, around when the 2nd Bank of the US, one of the Federal Reserve’s predecessors, was chartered: “The treasury, lacking confidence in the country, delivered itself bound hand and foot to bold and bankrupt adventurers and bankers pretending to have money, whom it could have crushed at any moment… These jugglers were at the feet of government. For it was not, any confidence in their frothy bubbles, but the lack of all other money, which induced… people to take their paper.”

    You know where the “lacking confidence” to use the government’s money instead of the banksters’ came from, Adrian? The War of 1812. The Banksters of England just got thousands of Americans killed and burned down the White House. However, if all the banksters’ gangsters were weak or sick, why would anyone “need” to use their debt slave money…?

  4. The Trumpsters who comment on VT keep forgetting that COVID-19 is a bioweapon that was directed first at China and Iran, and now at the USA. According to Gordon, Trump and his inner circle were vaccinated for it back in November. They warned Israel about it and they warned Trump’s Likudnik bankster pals about it, too.

    You’re part of the latest “culling of the herd” as you run around without masks and hit the bars and beaches, just like what happened to the Plains Indians when they were given smallpox-infested blankets back in the 19th Century. The Powers That Be have always had it in for useless eaters, Trumpsters. Sadly, that includes you.

  5. Wait, if the banker gangsters crash their controlled countries’ economies and make them sick from the virus and/or vaccines, who is actually going to force anything on anyone? People don’t use the banksters’ debt money just because they say so; it’s because they blackmail, bully, bomb, etc. people into using it.

    Whatever the banksters do, their militaries and military-industrial complexes need to stay intact, or even improve since the proxy wars are failing.

  6. I don’t think New Zealand “over the top Fascist” in response to covid 19, they were just very smart about it and had a good president l(she is not a fascist but a respected leader, rare these days!) and everyone was on “same page” in response and actions.

    • New Zealand is still a “former” Bank of England colony and a Five Eyes surveillance state. How far from the banksters’ policies do you really think it can be compared to the other Five Eyes…?

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