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To Denazify Ukraine, Russia (and Americans) Must Denazify USA

Russia’s real problem is not so much the nazified Ukraine as the nazified USA.

Will Vaxx Wars “Go Nuclear” in 2022?

If the nukes, the COVID, and the vaccines don't kill us in 2022, the psycho squirrels will.

Semitic Supremacists Cancel Hundreds of “Anti-Semitism Deniers”

The UK Labor Party has expelled all of its sane and uncorrupted members.

Spirited COVID Debate! Free speech in action!

It's almost as if the censors WANT to give the goofy theories credibility (while hiding the true theories) by pissing everybody off with their mindless, treasonous censorship...

Is COVID being spread by black ops spray teams? (with John...

John Hankey thinks COVID is so much worse in the West because black ops spray teams are dosing people...

Israel Linked to Myanmar Coup, Genocide, Child Sex Slavery

The Myanmar military apparently knows how to run a real coup...with the assistance of the usual suspects.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Wishes Trump a Happy and Carefree Retirement

The Iranian rahbar tweeted an image of an Iranian "shadow drone" casting a mercifully cooling shade over the poor orange-skinned sweaty ex-president...

Anatomy of a Global Psyop

Truth be told, this "pandemic" is actually a cover for the 10-year, Agenda 21-Agenda 30, long-planned, global coup d'etat. 

MASK DEBATE! Ed Corrigan Says “Wear It!” Kevin Barrett’s Not Convinced

Ed Corrigan says: Be nice and wear your mask! (How Canadian.)

Mandatory Mask? Vaccine?! Microchip?!! You Gotta Draw the Line Somewhere!

As even Harvey Weinstein might agree, you have to draw the line somewhere. But where? That's the million dollar question.

FFWN: You Can Observe a Lot Just By Watching!

Will economic collapse, COVID, and off-the-charts corruption finish off what's left of the Republic this year,

FFWN: Got Coronafascism Yet?

Is Wal-Mart justified in posting blackshirts at the door to enforce CoronaMask compliance, or should they have used brownshirts instead?

Will Trump Blame “Protesters, Anarchists, Agitators, Looters & Lowlifes” for Tulsa...

Toilet plumes exposed! Drake Equation solved! Trump & Albert Pike crash & burn!

FFWN: The Beast Whose Number Is HR-6666

J. Michael Springmann stars, sporting a Palestinian keffiyah in honor of Nakba Day (last Friday) and Quds Day (this Friday).

FFWN: Econopocalypse Now!

Coronavirus = economic controlled demolition.

2019: The Year Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

The biggest happenings of 2019 were what DIDN'T happen: Epstein killing himself, people believing the official story...

Corbyn Won’t Apologize to Israel? Or Won’t STOP Apologizing?

Each time Jeremy Corbyn apologizes, they insist that it wasn't good enough—he needs to grovel even more shamefully in humiliating self-abasement!

FFWN: No One Here Gets Out Alive! 5-G — 9/11 —...

Will Canadian City Build Ice Wall and Make the Polar Bears Pay for It? 

FFWN: Gordon Duff on “The Scramble of October 2019, a New...

New research shows why monkeys are smarter than mainstream media brainwashed humans at  understanding "conspiracy theories."

FFWN: SAUDI ARAMCO UP IN FLAMES! with guest commentator Barrie Zwicker

Leading Canadian media critic Barrie Zwicker takes on 9/11 and other taboo topics.

FFWN: Bolton Fired on Eve of 9/11 Anniversary (With Guest Commentator...

Jones, far from being a racist, is in fact E. Michael Jones critiques racist ideologies, including both Jewish supremacism and white nationalism.

Gordon Duff “Outs” Epstein (and Trump) on False Flag Weekly News

Are those two notorious over-the-top sexaholic maniacs, Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump, really closeted gays?

FFWN: Did Iran spare 30+ US lives to avert war?

Is Israel's occupation and looting of the US the root of the problem?

FFWN: Expose False Flags, Stop War on Iran!

Will moustachioed villain John Bolton get his war on Iran?

Alan Sabrosky on this week’s censorship avalanche

Last week the West got buried beneath an avalanche of censorship.   Can you guess who was behind it?

FFWN: Sri Lanka/Notre Dame/Al-Aqsa: Gasoline on clash-of-civilizations fire?

Alternative journalist Helen Buyniski returns to FFWN to comment on the biggest stories of the week, including the escalating terror war against houses of worship.

FFWN: Trump vs. Ilhan Omar on 9/11; Notre Dame blaze benefits...

Prof. Anthony Hall returns to break down a big week of news—and push back against the propaganda

Today’s False Flag Weekly News banned from YouTube!

Censors' kangaroo courts are really hopping! And we're hopping mad.

FFWN: Jim Dean on 9/11 coverup, anti-Semitism panic, suspected false flags...

This week's FFWN covers a long list of suspected false flags. We also look at the "anti-Semitism" scare, as well as other Israeli propaganda tools.

FFWN: Endless war! Don’t like it? You must be a “conspiracy...

Prof. Tony Hall returns to this week's False Flag Weekly News!