Is COVID being spread by black ops spray teams? (with John Hankey on FFWN)


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By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

John Hankey (not the illustrious VT Col., the other one, the Kennedy/COVID conspiracy filmmaker)  joined me on FFWN this weekend to argue that biowar black ops guys are spreading COVID in the US and Europe. That would explain why it’s hitting the West so hard, while most of the Global South hardly notices there’s a pandemic. John says they’re trying to kill off the old folks and solve the looming inverted-age-pyramid problem: too few working-age people to support the retirees. And they are targeting poor people and minorities, “useless eaters,” as a bonus. John emailed me:

“There is a remark from Fauci that keeps gnawing at me. Someone asked him what was the strangest thing about the pandemic, and he said the unpredictability of who gets sick and who doesn’t. This applies to Africa, India and Europe. It applies to Los Angeles, where the numbers are crashing at the moment, and anywhere where they are going up. It applies to young Latinos with no health issues who die in large numbers (5 of my brother-in-law’s close friends); and rich whites in LA who never never never die at all. Poor neighborhoods get totally whacked.  Rich neighborhoods are virtually untouched. But the poor people work in the rich people’s houses.

“How is that possible?

“It just becomes clearer every day, that a young healthy person who gets a huge dose right in the face is going to die. And any normal person who gets a normally (ie naturally) available dose, especially if they are wearing a mask, does not get ferociously ill. So that you can almost never generalize about any situation, in the US or Europe. Those are hugely unnatural and distorted environments. Where nothing makes sense.”

Speaking of final solutions….John doesn’t like even a whiff of anti-Semitism, even if it emanates from the mainstream Jewish magazine Tablet:

John comments:

“And who is ‘the Jews’? It’s funny.  I grew up in East L.A.  There was a large, completely integrated Jewish community.  Lots of Germans as well.  And Mexicans.  Who’d been living there for 150 years.  The three most well-off families I knew were Mexican, and good friends. The hacienda of the last Mexican governor of California was right over the hill.  But everyone in harmony, as far as I knew.  Two sisters had best friends who were Jewish.  They had nothing in common with Lord Balfour.”

Regarding civil libertarian John Whitehead’s opposition to mandatory masking among other COVID-1984 measures, John wrote:

“I’m not crazy about this, either.  I’m very much against mandatory vaccination.  Requiring masks in public places, I feel, is another matter altogether. It’s like laws against spitting on the sidewalk.  When I was a kid, I thought such laws were a joke, an excuse to arrest targeted populations. Not in 1920. Nor now.”

John also thinks that Biden, despite his flaws, is a big improvement over Trump, most obviously on environmental issues:

Los Angeles says it can go 100% green in 14 years. Biden says ‘that’s what we want.’ And the tech gets better all the time. There’s been a huge breakthrough on solar panels.”

Much of the FFWN audience disagrees with at least some of these positions—check out the comments on my YouTube channel…and go ahead and leave some of your own!



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  1. Modern chemical warfare for domestic social engineering, social darwinism, is not what most would think. Irrigation type systems built into landscapes, house roof drains, set into trees, reservoir from car trunks are norm. Smells are imitated, it numbs sense of smell goes thru the lungs and skin contact transforming the mind and body. Attacking the female reproductive system when spread around family life, and takes down the whole family. Rumor mongers’ rise in rank, seeking top dog status to be ranking member in the death cults. Zionist 911 software, deep pocket trusts and access or ownership of chemical manufacturing plants, recon teams, fusion center front infiltration for repeat supply chains allow plain sight daytime mercenaries a margin of safety. So bold is their operation, the credibility a whistle blower to organize any investigation, much less prosecution being nil.

  2. paid coms, don’t think people at vt have bucks for that, only occasional articles. Don’t know for sure, think people sacrifice to keep site going, or if share writing like kevin maybe bit subscriber support. Don’t know just supposing. Other note, mike mention foil, nothing wrong with foil hat, personally wear cap with foil liner. poke few needle holes at top for bit of air. Just something I do, can’t see it anyway.

    – appreciate article Kevin.

  3. Back in June of last year, Gordon told us, “We are also told that COVID 19, as VT reported in March, was deployed against China, then Italy, then France, then Iran and Spain and then the US as a “fund raiser.” That fund raiser, of course, was the $6.13 trillion bailout of the big banks and corporations that had been “gambling” in the derivatives market that totally collapsed in March.

    Gordon also told us, “John Hankey reports that Trump and his inner circle were vaccinated in November 2019, only days after the virus was deployed against China.” John, is that still your assessment of Trump? Has he been lying to us ever since about the “China” virus?

  4. Those of us who believe it either escaped the Wuhan lab or was deliberately spread by the arthritic army athletic team cannot but accept it is being deliberately spread. Why else develop it? To put it in a bottle and admire it on a shelf? That Fauci helped move the operation from the States to China and then assume government control over the outbreak back in America is more than a tad curious. Big Pharma makes out whatever happens. Vaccines undermine metabolism and weaken immune systems both of which inevitably require medication – so voila! However, the political control exerted by a virus at their disposal allows the Machiavellian manipulators wreak a worse sickness and oppression on society. It remains to be seen in the months ahead what the actual effect of vaccination does in the face of people being further exposed to the virus and the mutant strains popping up all over the place. Animal tests did well on receiving the vaccine but once exposed to the virus in the wild – they all died. mRNA is entirely experimental on the human population but attributing adverse effects to the virus will prove all but impossible over time without the necessary government oversight. And with Big Pharma calling the shots while at the same time boosting inordinate government control to excess nothing is about to change for the better.

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