To Denazify Ukraine, Russia (and Americans) Must Denazify USA


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By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

One of the most important stories we covered on this week’s False Flag Weekly News was Scott Ritter’s postmortem on phase one of Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine. As Ritter writes, and the mainstream media admits, Russia is close to achieving its first aim, the complete liberation of the Donbas.

The next phase, “denazification and demilitarization,” will be more difficult. Ritter:

Denazification…has an important political component that, at the moment, is not being addressed by Russia’s military operation, namely the continued existence of Ukraine’s far-right and neo-Nazi political parties at a time when all other political activity has been shut down under martial law.

If anything, the “Nazification” of Ukrainian political life has expanded exponentially since Russia’s invasion, with Ukraine more under the influence of the ideology of Stepan Bandera, the Ukrainian nationalist whose followers killed hundreds of thousands of Jews, Gypsies, Poles, and Russians while fighting alongside Nazi Germany in World War Two…

True denazification, in my view, would require Russia to remove the Zelensky government from power and replace it with new political leadership that will aggressively sustain the Russian objective of eradicating neo-Nazi ideology in Ukraine. So far there is no indication that that is a Russian objective.

Ritter’s point is well taken. But I would argue that Russia’s real problem is not so much the Nazified Ukraine as the Nazified USA. It was, after all, the US secret services that rescued Ukrainian and other nazis after World War II and weaponized them against Russia. And it was the US government that sponsored the 2014 Maidan coup that installed US-trained neo-nazis as the real power behind Ukraine’s sham democracy.

Many readers will no doubt object that Ukraine’s various ultra-nationalist Russophobic sects are not carbon copies of the Hitler-era German Nazi party; and that the USA, far from being Nazified, is dominated by ethnic Jews and by a fanatical anti-Nazi ideology that demonizes Hitler and worships the Holocaust. For these readers, Putin’s calls to denazify Ukraine are dubious, and my call to denazify America must sound ridiculous.

So let’s define our terms. I am obviously not asserting that more than 10% of Ukrainians, or more than 1% of Americans, are in love with Adolf Hitler. I’m using the word nazi with a small n (as distinguished from the German big-N Nazis under Hitler) to denote a certain family resemblance, not an absolute identity.

In Ukraine, that family resemblance is obvious. Many Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups, including the West’s beloved Azov Brigade, do lionize Hitler, brandish swastikas, and goose step around as if they were auditioning for minor roles in a remake of The Producers. Additionally, a considerable portion of the 55% of Ukrainians whose mother tongue is Ukrainian (and perhaps even a few among the 45% who speak Russian) have caught the ultra-nationalist Russophobic bug from the Azov nazis. These people now hate all things Russian with what one might call naziesque fanaticism.

But the US government, which basically manufactured the entire Ukrainian neo-nazi phenomenon (in the same way it manufactured “Islamic extremism,” by spending enormous amounts of money and effort using people’s genuine grievances and traditional hatreds as a lever to incite them to lunacy) does not look nazi. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Anthony Blinken, the Kagan family, and other shapers of US Ukraine policy don’t goose-step around waving swastikas.

In the USA, unlike in Ukraine, the nazi element is well-hidden. To locate it, we need to unpack the political philosophy of neoconservatism, which is, in fact, a predominantly Jewish brand of neo-nazism.

Anyone who says Jews can’t be nazis (as is often said of Zelensky) must not have heard of Leo Strauss, the founder of neoconservatism. Strauss, as his most able explicator Shadia Drury explains, was the top student of the leading German Nazi philosopher, Carl Schmitt, who taught that politics is the science of enmity, consisting of uniting people in hatred of an internal or external foe. Schmitt taught that politicians should whip up hatreds of real, fabricated, or imaginary enemies while using crises as excuses to suspend civil liberties and take drastic measures that people would otherwise never accept.

As I wrote in Questioning the War on Terror:

The neoconservatives are cult followers of Leo Strauss, the University of Chicago philosophy professor who died in 1973. Strauss, a German Jew, was the top student of leading Nazi philosopher Carl Schmitt. Schmitt argued that leaders (like Hitler, and later Bush) are above the law; that all politics is based on scapegoating enemies; that “domestic enemies” (Jews in Germany, Arab/Muslims in America) are legitimate targets; that killing enemies is a very good thing and that moral considerations don’t apply, so the mass killing of “enemies” can be engaged in guilt-free. And enemies are so indispensable that if they don’t exist, a suitable one must be manufactured.

Strauss was even more extremist than Schmitt. He glorified killing and enmity even more than Schmitt had, then added the doctrine of the “noble lie.” Strauss borrowed this idea from Plato, who had argued that a lie that strengthens the nation, and expresses a deeper truth, is a good, noble thing; and from Nietzsche, who claimed that there is no truth, so the truth is darkness—the destruction of illusions—rather than light. “Instead of descending into the cave with knowledge of the sunny truth, (Strauss) believes that the role of the philosopher is to manipulate the images in the cave. He teaches that philosophers must fabricate lies for the many while embracing the darkness for themselves. Unwittingly, Strauss cultivates an unprincipled elite whose lies are intended for others and not for themselves.”

Strauss was so fanatical in his insistence that the power elite must lie to the people that he turned the story of Socrates upside-down. For Strauss, Socrates is a villain, not a hero. Strauss taught that Socrates deserved to die because he had committed the one unpardonable crime: he told the truth in public. Strauss actually applauds the murder of Socrates! According to leading neocon critic Shadia Drury, Strauss believed the strong should tyrannize the rest: “Those who are fit to rule are those who realize there is no morality and that there is only one natural right, the right of the superior to rule over the inferior.”

Neocon Straussians not only advocate the Noble Lie, but they also support what might be called the Noble Big Lie. The Big Lie was famously described by Hitler:

“They followed the very correct principle, that in the greatness of the lie there is always a certain potency of believability because the broad masses of people are sooner corrupted in their inmost hearts than they are consciously or intentionally bad; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their nature, they more easily fall victims to the big lie than the small one, since they themselves sometimes tell little fibs, but would be too ashamed to tell great lies. Such falsehoods do not even occur to them, so they cannot believe others capable of the colossal impudence of these most scandalous distortions. Even when faced with the facts in such a case, they will still linger in doubt and waver and continue to suppose that there must be some truth to it.”

For the neocons, the bigger the lie, the nobler. “After all, a great lie, one that is believed, gives form to the void, imposes order on chaos, and creates the world ex nihilo.”

9/11, of course, was the ultimate neocon big lie. The neocons blew up the World Trade Center, inflicted trauma-based mind-control on the American people, and created a “state of exception” that overthrew the Constitution in favor of permanent war against an abstract noun. They attempted to unite the West with Israel in hatred of Islam and Muslims, and to a significant extent, they succeeded.

Today, the same neocons, give or take a few, are responsible for the war in Ukraine, which began with the 2014 Maidan coup d’état—the Ukrainian 9/11-Reichstag Fire. The neocon operators spent billions of dollars overthrowing a democratic government and brainwashing Ukrainians to unite in hatred of both an external enemy (Russia) and an internal enemy (the 45% of Ukrainians who speak Russian).

Now the neocons are trying to unite not just Ukraine but the entire West in hatred of Russia. They are shamelessly brandishing big lies, with the legends of the Ghost of Kiev and the Foul-Mouthed Martyrs of Snake Island being the two best-known concrete examples, while the talking points “Russia is losing” and “Russia is deliberately committing large-scale war crimes” also qualifying. And they are squeezing Europe dry in service to their plan to destroy Russia, then move on to finish off China. The tsunamis of lies and hatred unleashed by the neocons will be difficult to stop before they wash away what passes for modern civilization.

Since the neocons are the real nazis, Russia’s goal of “denazifying Ukraine” is too limited. The nazis the Russians are really fighting are in Washington, DC, and other big American metropolises. And getting rid of them shouldn’t be Russia’s job. The American people need to overthrow the neocons and denazify their own country—before the Russians are left with no choice but to do it with nuclear warheads.


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  1. That’s a hellofa dose of truth. Too bad people who need to “get it” won’t. Too late for this planet. We’ve tumbled over the event horizon and that black hole is sucking-up whatever’s left. See you on the other side.

  2. It almost boggles the mind that so many people supposedly very learned in history and who reject most of the lies that pass for “official history,” will still cling to the lie that German National Socialism was evil and was responsible for horrendous evils, when in fact it was the Allies, the Anglo-American-Soviet Axis of Evil serving the (((international financial powers))) that was responsible for all the death and destruction. Read David Irving’s books, listen to his talks, read The Bad War, read or watch Hellstorm, and Other Losses for what the “good guys” did to the Germans after WWII. And don’t be afraid to ridicule “the song that never ends about the event that never happened,” unless you’re in one of the 20 odd countries where questioning the only historical dogma in existence is a criminal offense.

  3. Ah, the Big Lie. It’s amazing but not surprising that the lower 75 percentile of citizen intellect is easily coerced by deep seated emotional hatred and prejudice. No matter how absurd the basis of the Lie. But, what do you do with upper 25 percentile who can cause all kind of problems? Mass murder? Too messy. It’s easier to find a Big Lie that everyone will buy and still achieve complete control over the population. Of course! Something “scientific”. And, Kevin, that most effective Big Lie that keeps on giving is Covid 19. We haven’t seen the end of it, and I suspect many of us won’t be around for that.

  4. There is a herding of humankind into Smart Mega Cities occurring,
    to be used as digital units of production for the mathematical programmers of the Great Reset. Fascism/Bolshevism are two ends of the same wand being waved by the MoneyMajick machinery of the WEF.

    “In 2015, over a billion people migrated: 244 million went abroad and 763 million moved within their home country.
    Some boarded planes to start a new job in another country. Some risked their lives in overcrowded boats, fleeing war or famine. And others left the countryside in search of jobs and a better quality of life.
    What the vast majority have in common is that they ended up moving to a city”.
    From the WEF website.

    Like clockwork.

    The formation of an abstract clock-time infrastructure occurs with the process of the Enclosure Act of the English agricultural landscape during the 16th century when large numbers of peasants were forced from the land into cities to become labour-time commodities of the Markets.
    Greenwich Meantime (GMT) was established in 1675, when the Royal Observatory was built, as an aid to determine longitude at sea by mariners. The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries followed the disintegration of the feudal economy, the development of merchant capital, of international maritime relations and of heavy (mining and metallurgical) industry (for war).

    • Ukraine has been described as a Medieval Warzone.

      “On the one hand, pre-capitalist labouring practices were not emptied of social interaction, of what is called today ‘leisure-time’, with concrete contents of community, family and friendly interactions and activities including napping, resting, drinking, story telling, and so on. On the other hand, and relatedly, the labour process itself was not controlled by the appropriators.
      Having access to their means of production, the peasants of medieval Europe were not exploited by purely ‘economic’ means, but rather by an apparatus of military, political, legal or religious means”.
      Extract from Time, Capitalism and Alienation- A Socio-Historical Inquiry into the Making of Modern Time By Jonathan Martineau.

    • Ultimately, kinetic warheads only come in two basic types: flat or pointy. A kinetic warhead is a missile or torpedo warhead designed to actually impact the target, and which relies on the impact momentum of its incredibly high velocity to do damage. Just thought you’d like to know since Mr. EOD failed to explain.

  5. Don’t you forget denazify on 10th Downing Street and Vauxhall Cross also, both are the main nazi hideout.

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