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Internet Censorship and the Tyranny of Woke Intentions

Mainstream media won’t repost the “hateful tweet,” which makes it hard for readers to understand what got banned and why.

To Denazify Ukraine, Russia (and Americans) Must Denazify USA

Russia’s real problem is not so much the nazified Ukraine as the nazified USA.

DHS Disinformation Squad: “Do NOT Watch False Flag Weekly News!” (with...

"What is the use of Twitter paying Censor-in-Chief Vijaya Gadde $17 million per year if she isn’t going to boot people like me off the platform?"

Roger Stone Is Wrong: It Isn’t Just Kushner Who Needs A...

Roger Stone is wrong. Beating and threatening Jared Kushner wouldn't solve anything.

From Silence to Slander: The Media’s War on the Freedom Convoy,...

The Freedom Convoy and RFK Jr.'s book should have been huge stories from day one.

Will Vaxx Wars “Go Nuclear” in 2022?

If the nukes, the COVID, and the vaccines don't kill us in 2022, the psycho squirrels will.

OMG! Omicron!!! (with Cat McGuire)

A STUDY BY Dr Steven Gundry, a renowned American cardiac surgeon, now medical director of the International Heart and Lung Institute at Palm Springs, California, SHOWS THAT PULS TEST SCORES MORE THAN DOUBLE AFTER VACCINATION...

FFWN: Pushing Back Against Draconian Mandates (with Cat McGuire)

Cat McGuire is the greatest PR "nurse" since Nayirah!

Orange Alert! Al-Qaeda plot to just sit back and enjoy collapse...

Unfortunately, it might not be Constitutional for the government to impose a nationwide white suicide mandate—but the private sector could create a system of incentives...

Final Solution to Israel’s Jewish Problem

Reflecting on my hypothetical Jewish ancestry, and eligibility for aliyah, I suddenly hit upon the final solution to Israel's Jewish problem.

Papers, please!

Fortunately, the obscenely Orwellian notion that you will have to show a vaccine card to fly commercial airlines, attend schools, enter shops and restaurants, and otherwise live like an Israeli rather than a Palestinian is a crazy conspiracy theory...

Israel Linked to Myanmar Coup, Genocide, Child Sex Slavery

The Myanmar military apparently knows how to run a real coup...with the assistance of the usual suspects.