Roger Stone Is Wrong: It Isn’t Just Kushner Who Needs A Beating and a Death Threat


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By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor, for Dissociated Press

Roger Stone isn’t wrong about everything. He’s right that Israeli asset LBJ killed JFK…though he’s too cowardly to mention the Israel angle.

But Stone is wrong about many things. Take Jared Kushner…please. Roger Stone says Kushner needs a beating and a death threat.

Roger Stone should be ashamed of himself for saying a thing like that. Singling out Jared “the world’s most punchable face” Kushner, when there are so many others out there who also need beatings and death threats, is not just unfair—it’s downright anti-Semitic!

Just watch this week’s False Flag Weekly News and you’ll encounter a veritable rogues’ gallery of arrogant cretins who need beatings and death threats just as much as Kushner does.

Let’s start with six members of the US Supreme Court. They just voted to send Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the obviously innocent Boston bombing false flag patsy, to the gas chamber.

Then there are those two even nastier scumbags, both reputed pedophile perverts, Lindsey Graham and Sean Hannity. They ought to get exactly what they wished on Putin. And then some.

And don’t even get me started with Zelensky. A beating and a death threat would hardly be sufficient punishment for his atrocious gay dance video.

And then there is MBS, AKA Mr. Bone Saw, AKA “Bin Shaitan.” That bastard needs a whole lot worse than a beating and a death threat. He needs to meet the business end of a bone saw. What he’s done to Yemen (with full US backing, meaning the whole US policymaking elite also needs to meet bone saws) is one of the most sickening and disgusting war crimes in human history.

And while we’re setting up beatings and death threats, let’s not forget the editors and fake news journalists at the New York Times who are responsible for the nauseating smear job on RFK Jr. among other propaganda crimes.

And how about the Zionist oligarchs responsible for the plague of Holocaust museums? The Canadian lawmakers considering a bill to establish a pre-crime bureau targeting people who might be harboring intent to commit hate speech? The people pushing gender pronoun training on the US Army? The Pfizer execs who tried to hide their data on vaccine side effects? And above all, the biowar cretins who created the scourge of COVID in a lab and unleashed it in a US bio-attack on China and Iran?

So Roger Stone, as usual, is barking up the wrong tree. Slapping Kushner around and threatening his life would hardly be an adequate response to the scumbaggery at large in today’s world.


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  1. The lengths that the cabal will go to create a complete fabrication of world events is quite astounding. Every thing from patriotism, to religion, to morality is on the table to be used in clandestine operations in creating a meme. The absolute power needed to do this is apparent when one expresses him or her self. Every iteration of alphabet media is in lock-step, which to any logical mind should be a red flag. But today in the minds of those whose only daily helping of ‘news’ is from the TV, there is no conflict…because they are all on the same page. How people do not see this is amazing. An excellent example are Trumpets (but they are by no means alone) who frequented Fox, who were incensed by Fox’s Arizona declaration, suddenly found that Fox had become liars. The fact that they intentionally bought into everything Fox ever said previously is totally non-sequitur as far as they are concerned, because they agreed with their meme at the time. Unfortunately, the very same can be said for the vast majority of Americans. We are gaslighted so often on a regular basis, it’s a wonder that we even know the time…or our own names for that matter. The one true indicator is when these MSM (as well as ‘alt’) start piling on in unison, you know the fix is in and whatever they are pushing bears scrutiny.

    • Very well said. I never thought that I knew so many people whose brains have become addled in recent years until they start talking “current events”. Time to pull a Jeremiah Johnson.

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