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Oath Keeper’s text messages are the treasure that keeps on giving

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes and top allies like Florida Oath Keeper Kelly Meggs discussed plans to provide security for figures like Roger Stone, Alex Jones, Ali Alexander and Michael Flynn.

Roger Stone Is Wrong: It Isn’t Just Kushner Who Needs A...

Roger Stone is wrong. Beating and threatening Jared Kushner wouldn't solve anything.

Steve Bannon’s Ridiculous Court Performance Exposed

Jim W. Dean - My read is that the judge was signaling to Bannon and his attorney that the he was not going to play the organ grinder monkey in this affair.

Here’s how the KGB knew you’d be a Traitor: an Exclusive...

Gordon - For me it was being asked to run death squads across Latin America based on crap intel.

CNN: Roger Stone’ lie network making millions on fake COVID cures...

The 'health products' came with fine-print disclaimers stating that they are not "intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or treat any disease."

MAGA leaders call for the troops to keep Trump in office

An 1807 law invoked only in the most violent circumstances is now a rallying cry for the MAGA-ites most committed to the fantasy that Donald Trump will never leave office. This growing call to invoke the Insurrection Act shows how hard-edged MAGA ideology has become in the wake of Trump’s election loss.

Roger Stone gets 3 years, Judge Jackson not intimidated by Trump

Judge Jackson... "there was nothing unfair, phony, or disgraceful about the investigation or the prosecution."