FFWN: Pushing Back Against Draconian Mandates (with Cat McGuire)


Watch the YouTube version above, or the full uncensored show (plus links) HERE

By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

The worse the vaccines fail, the more hysterical their rabid proponents become—and the more draconian the mandates, the bigger and angrier the pushback. Is this a case of the irresistible force meeting the immovable object? Will something have to give? And if so, when?

Are we entering full COVID fascism?

These are some of the questions we entertained, entertainingly (we hope), on the new False Flag Weekly News.

The first and best story of the week:

“Watch NYC Woman Dressed As Nurse Cackle, Mock COVID-19 Vaccine At Halloween Parade”

The cackling nurse was actually Cat McGuire, doing the best over-the-top imitation of a nurse since the Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter launched the Gulf War by playing “Nurse Nayirah” for the Hill & Knowlton PR firm.

Hardly anyone finds out about such hoaxes at all. The few who do, usually find out too late.

That’s why you need to watch False Flag Weekly News every week!





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  1. I believe the photo of troops in winter gear posted 15-16 minutes into the show is NOT of Soviet or Russian forces — based on the appearance of their gas masks, and that the photo must be rather old — also based on their gas masks. But may be Finns or Norwegians.

  2. Kevin, contact me about Jewish women targeting goy men to have babies, then discarding the man, leaving 2 Jewish children to carry on her isReal activism. Jew women are marrying, having children then divorcing the goy man.

    • Why bother with all that? Plus the risk that offspring may have issues with their Jewishishness. Remember Portnoy’s Complaint. Or Goodbye Columbus.

  3. I know COVID-19 is a US bioweapon. As for the vaccines, they were developed simultaneously with the disease by more or less the same people. If you want to wage biowar, you also need to be able to vaccinate—and to convince your population to take biowar vaccines. Based on the latest data, it looks like the vaccines may end up doing more damage than the disease, just like the Gulf War vaccines did to the troops they “protected.” This may be a typical SNAFU or it may be by design. In any case…We need a mass rebellion against the biowar criminals and the rest of the power structure, ultimately a revolution. Meekly submitting to mandates, censorship, propaganda etc. just encourages the bad guys. See my new article on COVID Fascism: https://kevinbarrett.substack.com/p/covid-19-fascism-state-power-plus

  4. Kevin, COVID-19 is a US bioweapon! It’s SUPPOSED to do this, for Pete’s sake. Gordon reports that it was first deployed in China, then Iran and Europe, and finally in the USA. We were the least prepared for this of any other industrialized nation. Not only do we have the most expensive health care on the planet, but we have a brainwashed population who thinks that collectively taking care of each other is COMMUNISM! Millions of Americans are grasping at straws when it comes to healthcare and that last straw is often some charlatan evangelical pastor who doesn’t believe in science telling them that Jesus is the cure for COVID-19.

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